Chapter Four: Visitor

I turned around -surprised to listen to his voice- but I feigned happiness and placed a genuine looking smile on my face.


"Nahuel!" I said with fake excitement. "Oh my! I can't believe you're here!"


"Of course I'd be here Nessie, I could not miss your eighteenth birthday."


"Oh! Thanks so much for remembering Nahuel. I really appreciate that you remembered my birth date after so long."


"No problem sweetie. There was no way in Heaven or hell that I was going to miss your eighteenth birthday. So... Umm... Would you like to open another present?" He asked me. Oh great, another present, I mean, I don't want to fake enthusiasm if I didn't like the present. Great! Now I sound as a snob.


"Yes!" I said with as much excitement as I could. "Thank you so much for this too Nahuel, you shouldn't have bothered in buying me a present. Your sole presence is enough." I said.


I heard a muffled laugh and turned to glare at Uncle Emmett, who was barely holding on his laughter. Yeah, he was such a moral support...


Nahuel extended his arm and placed a small, black velvet square box in my hand. I internally freaked out; for a second I thought he was going down on one knee and propose.


"Happy Birthday Renesmee." Nahuel said as I opened the box and prayed that he didn't go down to his knee. "I hope you like it. I chose it myself."


I opened the box, and thankfully it was not an engagement ring, but there was a bracelet inside. Actually it was really pretty. It had a little heart-shaped charm that was really stunning, but what did freak me out was what was written on it. It's silver, smooth surface was engraved with the words: "My heart is forever yours." Oh crap.


"Don't you like it Nessie?" Nahuel asked with true concern. Gosh I could only imagine my face. Shocked. Horrified. Frightened.


"Yes, I like it Nahuel, it is really pretty. Again, thank you so much for thinking in me." I said honestly.


"It's nothing Nessie. You deserve all what's beautiful and good in this world." Nahuel said sincerely.


Oh no, now I had to deal with this. I had to hope and pray that he left before Friday. Jake would certainly not enjoy Nahuel's presence here. He was slightly too protective of me, sometimes it was cute, but it could drive me nuts.


I heard my dad clearing his throat, making sure Nahuel's attention was directed to someone else and it gave me a chance to escape into my mother's arms.


I thanked my dad with my thoughts and excused myself to my bedroom saying I had to get ready for school.


I ran full speed to my room and threw myself on my bed. Oh crap how was I supposed to tell Nahuel I had no interest in him! Suddenly I heard my doorknob turning. My heart stopped and I prayed that neither my father nor Nahuel, had decided to check on me.


"Honey, are you okay?" My mother's voice asked me.


Oh thank goodness it was Mom. At least I could freak out on her and not be embarrassed about it. I mean she sort of went through the same problem right? Two boys after one girl? Well at least she had liked Jacob as a friend, but I could not even tolerate Nahuel. He was stubborn, over-protective, jealous and really possessive. I wasn't even his girlfriend and he was jealous! Heck! I wasn't even his friend!


"Yes mom, I'm just worried. If Jake finds Nahuel here on Friday, there's going to be a fight. A really bad one." I said as my eyes started to tear up. Damn why tears always gave me away?


"Oh Nessie don't worry. Your dad will make sure he's not here by the time Jacob arrives... Although with Nahuel's stubbornness he'll want to find out why." She said trying to soothe me, but her last words were a little bit unsettling.


"Mom, but he's just obsessed with me! The charm on the bracelet he gave me said "My heart is forever yours." Don't you think that insinuates something? He has liked me since the very day he met us mom! It's unnerving knowing he's there thinking I'll someday be walking down the aisle for him. I just hate it." I said as my panic attack was on full gear now, tears and everything.


I could not take this pressure. It was my birthday! It was supposed to be a good day, but now I was simply stressed.


"Renesmee Carlie Cullen! Stop that now. You don't know if he wants you to be his bride. And even if he did want you to marry him, the decision is entirely yours, so why would you freak out? And Jacob, well honey he's your best friend! He's going to understand the problem with Nahuel, and I'm sure that if you asked it, he would get a hold on himself and not behead Nahuel. Please sweetheart, relax. It's your birthday, you're supposed to be enjoying this day! Stop worrying and get ready for school honey. I'm sure Sophie and Daniela are waiting for you." Mom said trying to stop my panic attack.


I took two deep breaths before getting up from my bed and I went to hug mom.


"Thank you mommy. You're the best you know... I'd be a wreck without you." I said sincerely.


She hugged me back for a second and then said: "Well you'll be a wreck if you're not ready in ten minutes because Alice wants to get you to school as soon as humanely -well vapirely- possible."


"Tell her I'll be downstairs in five okay?"


"Sure honey, and relax, enjoy your birthday."


I went to my closet and searched for the birthday outfit Aunt Alice had prepared for me. It was a beautiful purple knee-lenght dress. It had a modest V-neckline and a small ivory, silky bow at the waist. Aunt Alice had tried to get me into heels, but I was not going to wear those 6-inch monsters for school, so I went for matching ivory ballerina flats. I let my hair fall down freely in waves and placed an -yes, ivory- headband that had a beautiful creamy rose on it.


As soon I as I was ready I went down to meet my aunt, but when I opened my door, it wasn't Aunt Alice waiting for me. Actually, there was a REALLY angry Jacob blocking my way.


Author note: Ha! you didn't expect that one now did you? Please comment :) 

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amazing!!!!! keep goin!
Keep writing !!!!! PLEASE !!! XD
what will jake say ???
hurry and keep writtingg !!!!
Thank you so much :) chapter 5 is up now, I really hope you like it :)

Edwards Wifey <3 said:
amazing!!!!! keep goin!
haha :) I kept writing don't worry ;) ch. 5 is up already Thank you for reading :)

Nikki said:
hurry and keep writtingg !!!!
Ch. 5 is up :) currently working in ch. 6 thanks for reading!

NatalieCullen4VR!!! said:
Keep writing !!!!! PLEASE !!! XD
Read ch. 5 and find out ;) thank you for reading and leaving a comment:)

NatalieCullen4VR!!! said:
what will jake say ???
Thank you so much! I really means a lot to me that you take time to read and leave a comment :) ok I'll check that out! I began your book, let me tell you, It's wonderful! Your writing style is amazing! :)

Ronnie Martinez "twihard4ever" said:
This is awesome!!!!!!!!! I love it!!! And love chapter 5 too!!!! But it doesn't let me reply... Hey, if u want, u could check my book, and see if u like it...
Thank you!! Sure, I go and read it :) Thank you for your support!

Lizzie Cullen-Clearwater said:
Lol I loved 5!!!!! Loved it!!!! Check my fanfic sunrise!
In the story as a character? check you inbox :)

Lizzie Cullen-Clearwater said:
Can I be in it???
Love it!!!

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