Hi all.

I have been mulling over something for a while and I can't figure out if it is a mistake or not in the Twilight book. It takes place near the end of the story.

When James starts to hunt Bella. She escapes to the Cullen house with Edward that night. She lets Charlie believe she is leaving Forks for good in her TRUCK. That truck is left in the Cullen Garage as Bella, Alice and Jasper takes off toward Phoenex in Carlisle's car. As we all know Bella gets a few bruises and ends up in a hospital bed... The tricky part is then, what do they explain to Charlie about Bella's truck not being in Phoenix, when she supposedly would have driven it there. Charlie is a cop and he is going to wonder about that... wouldn't he?

I can't find a suggestion to what Charlie would believe or what he would have been told... Perhaps only Stephenie could answer that one... or do I have it all wrong? Is it a mistake in context of the story?

I hope you can help clear that up for me.





First of all thank you so much for all your answers and theories.

Okay based on all your great replys... I have sort of come up with a theory. I personally think there is no way on earth they would have driven the truck from Forks to Phoenix. It is a senior and seriously slow.

What I think is; that they fabricated some kind of theory/story that Alice or Jasper already headed home to Forks driving the truck, because Bella will be unable to based on her injuries. I think Charlie would have asked questions regarding the truck, but probably not Renée.

That is my answer and thw is what I am sticking with.


Thanks again :-)


Love Nelly, who just saw the Eclipse trailer and is seriously psyked!!!

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Well in the story Rose and Esme take Bella's truck to lead Victoira away from the others.What happens to the truck after I don't know.I never really thought about it.You make a good point though.I guess one of the Cullens could have drove it up there, and made it look like it took the right amount of time to get to Phoenix.Of course who ever did drive it up there must have been really board about have to take a long time to get to Phoenix,because we all know how fast they like to drive.
Looks like a Stephenie question. It's never really addressed where the truck is or how Bella supposedly got to Phoenix. I'm sure there was a made up explanation for renne & Charlie, but it just wasn't mentioned in print.
I don't know if I ever really thought about it too much, the book gives you so much information, the movie on the other hand show's things entirely different...I guess the important part for me is Edward and Bella, I never thought about the truck, Stephenie never made charlie to perceptive about what Bella was doing, look how many times Edward was in the bedroom, or when they went to his house and he was carrying her on his back, especially the in New Moon with the whole Voting chapter, I guess he just snored a lot lol...
Good point there ;)
Never notice about that before. But I guess you know about our favorite vampires in the world always know what to say or how to make any excuses for any weird things. haha
I never thought about it actually. Probably the Cullens made up an excuse to Charlie.
i remember that to and do u remember when edward told bella on the phone that esme and roslie went back to make sure that charle was ok i think thats problem when they did it i think .need help on that one to now i have it my head to
good question!!! hahaha never thought about it!!
i dont think its a mistake. please dont take this wrong way, i dont think you're stupid or anything because i've actually thought about this too lol. but remember when edward said to bella in the hospital "alice had a little too much fun fabricating evidence." i know he was talking about smashing windows etc. but i think that they would have driven the car up or something. maybe stephenie thought it wasn't really that important to mention
That's a very good observation! I've never thought about that, but it's true! Charlie would investigate in this incredible incident that occured to Bella... But maybe Stevie Rar is right, Rosalie was driving the truck to the hospital!
The cullens made sure that there was evidence to the lie they fed charlie. Edward told Bella in the Hospital hat they took care of everything. I would assume that they took care of the care just like they broke the window and left the blood reminents.
hmm.,.I've never thought about that!It's maybe another mistake from the books!
Maybe Charlie was socked by the fact that Bella left he and probably he did't thought to go after her and stuff.But Charlie didn't noticed anything !I'm agree with @Kimberley Cullen and @Stevie Rae Johnson
Well when ever jasper, alice, and emmet toke bella to phoenix Rose, edward, esme, carslile toke the truke to trike james.

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