Hi all.

I have been mulling over something for a while and I can't figure out if it is a mistake or not in the Twilight book. It takes place near the end of the story.

When James starts to hunt Bella. She escapes to the Cullen house with Edward that night. She lets Charlie believe she is leaving Forks for good in her TRUCK. That truck is left in the Cullen Garage as Bella, Alice and Jasper takes off toward Phoenex in Carlisle's car. As we all know Bella gets a few bruises and ends up in a hospital bed... The tricky part is then, what do they explain to Charlie about Bella's truck not being in Phoenix, when she supposedly would have driven it there. Charlie is a cop and he is going to wonder about that... wouldn't he?

I can't find a suggestion to what Charlie would believe or what he would have been told... Perhaps only Stephenie could answer that one... or do I have it all wrong? Is it a mistake in context of the story?

I hope you can help clear that up for me.





First of all thank you so much for all your answers and theories.

Okay based on all your great replys... I have sort of come up with a theory. I personally think there is no way on earth they would have driven the truck from Forks to Phoenix. It is a senior and seriously slow.

What I think is; that they fabricated some kind of theory/story that Alice or Jasper already headed home to Forks driving the truck, because Bella will be unable to based on her injuries. I think Charlie would have asked questions regarding the truck, but probably not Renée.

That is my answer and thw is what I am sticking with.


Thanks again :-)


Love Nelly, who just saw the Eclipse trailer and is seriously psyked!!!

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i think that he didnt look for the truck just wanted to check on his daughter since he is suposed to be looking at the hospital for her.
thats wat i said. how can u explain that? its weird they probably thought it wuz a birth miss place ent or somethin

Rachel Fordham said:
Here's what I've never understood. Doesn't the hospital notice that she has a big ole BITE mark on her arm???
wow... idk....
what a nice question!!I ve got so many like this...like for example...Ill save it to my page so ...drop by!
Huh. What an interesting thing to notice. I never really thought about that one. But, I've watched Twilight in slow-mo several times and I've noticed numerous mistakes. I mean...to the point of carelessness. Twilight is INCREDIBLE and I hate to say this...but in comparison to New Moon and Eclipse...it was quite poorly made. I guess that's just because they really had no idea what they were dealing with. That's completely understandable. I'm not trying to be critical at all..I'm just being modest about this. Now, they have that all under control because they understand that half the world has their eyes on the phenomenon.

But yes...what an interesting one. I never caught that! It looks like something you might wanna submit to Alison Genet so that way she might be able to ask Stephenie Meyer when she meets her on June 18. Or maybe Catherine Hardwicke could answer that one. Meanwhile...you have me thinking about this!!!
Yeah that should have been brought to Stephenies attention or Alison Genet... but to late now :-(
Yeah that should have been brought to Stephenies attention or Alison Genet... but to late now :-(

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