Part 4!!


I froze in shock. I just stared at him. Aro stood up an shook my arm,


"Rosie, Rosie say something."

"I think she gone into shock master." Jo said.

" Go get some cold water to put on her face."


As Aro said that i fainted all i could her is them talking trying to wake me up.


"Rosie wake up, please Rosie." i heard Ana saying

"master i really need to go ."

"why nicole?"

"cause she still half human and i dont know how long i can control my self, i need to hunt."

"ok child,  Maddie will be back with the food any moment now so jane take Rosie to her room so she can rest."

i felt cold arms around me.

"um master may i take her, i dont need to eat, ill stay with her and make sure ok when he wakes up."

" Jo i think you've done enough damage."

"please master, i dont trust Jane that much, she never happy when someone takes her place."

 i heard something hiss

"Jane child calm down. fine Jo take care of her. no funny business."

"thanks master."

i felt a different pair of cold hands around me, all i heard after that was screaming.




I couldn't let Jand take her, i know how Jane gets. now that rosie here aro dont care about her , she gets jealous easy and when she gets jealous she get evil, nobody wants to be around her then.


i lay Rosie down on her bed, she looked so scared, i put a cold cloth on her head, her face was so red. sat next to here, the door slowly open, i turned to see who it was, molly walked in.


"Molly what are you doing here?"

"I came to see Rosie but it looks like someone opened there big mouth and told her too much."

i looked down.

" smile moody, she fine, you too will be really close, just like me and her will."

i looked at her.

" what do you mean close? you dont know that."

she pointed to her head

"i know these things and i can also read her mind. she like you alot and you like her, its obvious, i've said too much."

she sat by roise, i looked at her in shocked, she looked back.

"forget what i said, it come clear in time."

Rosie's head started to move. molly stood behind me. rosie eyes open slowly, she looked at me and smiled. i couldnt help but smile back. she sat up slow and looked at molly scared.

molly went to her and sat next to her.


"rosie this is molly, she my best friend and is really nice but she doesnt live here with us."

she looked at molly,

"u hi, nice to meet you."

" hi dont be scared ok, we wont hurt you, with your powers nobody will dare to hurt you."

"what do you mean powers?"

"Dont worry about that now, I'll show you later, first we need to get you change and then your gonna go back out there and show them whos boss, All you need to know is they listen to you, they cant hurt you and dont trust any of them but jo, me and nicole."

"ok well i dont have any clothes.

"me and jo wet shopping for you, your dress your gonna wear is in there."

she pointed to the bathroom. rosie went in and after awhile came out, she looked so beautiful. she smiled and sorted her hair out.


"thanks its lush."

"it looks great on you." molly said.

i didnt know what to say. she looked at me and giggled. molly poked me in my side.

"jo take her back down to the room, rosie ill be here when you get back."

"where are you going?"

"i got places to go and people to see, dont worry, you'll be fine."


rosie nod her head and molly went, i hold out my hand for rosie, she giggled and took it. we walked down the hall ways and we stopped, we looked at each other, she took a deep breathe, i kissed her cheek and wished her goodluck, she blushed, pushed opened the doors and walked in with her head held hight, no fear, just confidence, i smiled when everyone looked at her like she was a different person. she walked up to aro and started telling him what she wanted to do and what she wanted to know,


hope you like <3

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Thanks both <3


Anyone else ? 
I love it(:
I love it!!!!
Thanks both <3 

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