More BD pics from Rio - I'm sorry I just couldn't get enough!!

I could die & go to heaven now



For some reason, doesn't she look upset?  "Who was that fan, YOU know her?!?"


Holding her hand & I know they are not filming yet, right?? 



There is nobody better then Rob - he's such a HOTTIE!


What do you think of their doubles?

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love him the double looks nothing like him look at robs butt on the 3rd pic madd sexy ohh love his ass love him all over love the first pic soo sexy and hot no one can beathim love him so much love u rob kristen does look madd i wonder why she madd thats funny i agree with you there on pic #3 kristens doulbe isnt even wearing the same clothes as her did any one notice
Also don't you think they messed up, they have the double's hair longer then Rob's hair & isn't it almost reddish? I just love the first picture - if he were standing infront of me staring at me like that OMG I think I would probably just melt to the ground - how can he be so perfect?
OMG! SO great pics! Keep them coming! :DDDDD ROB is best! Love him forever! :) I don't like those doubles!! You can not find nobody else like Rob, he is unique! :D LOVE YOU ROB! :D And that Rob's double's hair thing look amusing!! *lol*

Love the first picture! Oh my, Rob's eyes! My heart just melt away......

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