Well...I have a ton, but for obvious reasons *naughty grin* this one is at the tippity top for me! *naughty thought overload* ;)

Please share your favorite moments! Thanks!:)

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I agree with you on that

Becca said:

they are all so super cute in this one i love it so much!!!!


For me I think that I would have to be on the GG train because there are a lot of songs that PFA are doing that they shouldn't be because they were Jackson's songs and only Jackson can sing them 

Becca said:

being a dreamer is the story of my life...nothing new there...hmmmm...dunno which train i would "jump on" though......
Laurie Cullen Whitlock said:

I think that you might be a bit of a dreamer, sorry to say. From what I hear there were problems with the manager Lani, not sure all of the details though but from what I could gather there were things that she was doing that pissed off Jackson. Of course she pissed off a lot of fans when she called out Jackson for taking the name of the band with him when he left.  I think that you are better off either jumping on the Pink Fuzzy Animals train or The Gentle Giants train. 

Becca said:

lol....yea....he's seen me in action, man....i can't hide nothin from him! XD you're not the only one...i was super depressed when that news broke....i thought they would go on for years and years! maybe they'll get back together....or am i being too much of a dreamer???

ooo...a link....i'm all excited now!!!!

i definitely agree with you there!

hey...not that it matters cause we are definitely holdin it down...but are we the only people on here? i mean, i see 2 other fans are in the group, but do they still post???




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