10.Counting To 10

Bella’s POV

He left me! That a****** that I call a ‘friend’ left me sitting at the table with Alice and Rosalie, to discuss the matter that I was hoping to put behind me! Oh I hate Edward right now! I really really hate him. He is going to pay! Alice and Rosalie were leaning right over the table, huge grins on their faces. I couldn’t believe it. I had basically sat at the table for a second and Alice blurts out (In front of everyone I might add) ‘You had sex!’. Grr...Stupid psychic pixie b****! I sat back a little, hoping that the blush that had been covering my cheeks had disappeared.

“Spill.” Alice said, a little too excitedly.

“No...” I said, crossing my arms over my chest “I didn’t do anything.”

It wasn’t really a lie...Ok, it was, but I couldn’t remember doing anything...much.

“Bella.” Rosalie began “We have all been very good friends for years, and as very good friends, we are obligated to fill each other in on these sort of details.”

“Why!?” I almost shouted “You guys didn’t tell me when you lost your virginity. I had to walk in on you and find out for myself...”

I shuddered at the thought. I still couldn’t get the mental image of Emmett’s ass out of my head.

“HA!” Alice cried, pointing at me “So you did have sex.”

I was never getting out of this.

“Fine...if you must know...yes, I did. But it was a stupid drunken mistake, no it will not be happening again, and hell no you cannot know who it was with.”

“Aw Bella!” They whined like a couple of two year olds “Please.”

“Nope.” I said, popping the ‘p’ “Now if you will excuse me I have to get to biology.”

I stood up as the bell rang, heading for biology. Oh Edward was going to get it!


Edward’s POV

The bell rang as Emmett, Jasper and I stood up. They had sat making a fool of me for a while, saying that I was falling in love with Bella (although I had already fallen) and were making stupid kissy faces, receiving some strange looks from fellow students passing by.

“Now you can’t tell anyone.” I said a little panicked “Seriously, if anyone finds out, Bella will rip my nuts off and force feed me them.”

“Dude.” Jasper began “Don’t worry. We won’t tell...but we suggest that you tell Bella that we know.”

“Yeah.” Emmett Piped in “For your own safety Dude.”

I nodded, thanked my friends and headed for Biology. I was happy; Bella was in my class, so it gave me time to talk to her...I just had to figure out what to say first. I entered the class room, surprisingly on time for once, and took my usual seat next to Bella...only to be slapped up the side of the head.

“Ow!” I cried, rubbing the sore part “What the hell was that for!?”

“That was for leaving me to deal with Alice and Rosalie by myself!” She snapped.

“I thought you didn’t want them to know about us...wouldn’t it look strange if I began to defend you?”

She was silent for a minute, and I could tell that she was trying to think of a comeback. I couldn’t help but smirk. Bella was the ‘even if I’m wrong, I’m right’ type of person. But that was just another thing I loved about her. She rolled her eyes at my smile, but then I remembered. Two people already knew, and it was my job to tell her. I just had to make sure all sharp objects were out the way before I did.

I opened my mouth to speak, but just as I did our teacher walked through, a girl following behind him. She was sorta pretty. Long strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes...but to me, Bella would always be on the top of ‘Most Stunning Girls in the World’ list. She was the most beautiful girl in the world...Man, I really am starting to sound like a girl.

“Good morning class.” Mr Banner began, waking up a lot of us with his loud voice “We have a new student today. This is Tanya Denali, I expect you all to treat her nicely and help her out.”

She looked at me, giving a small smile and a little wink.

“Mr Cullen.” Mr Banner said “Please move next to Mr Newton, and Miss Denali you can take a seat next to Miss Swan.”

WHAT!? No, no I am not sitting next to Newton! No way in hell am I sitting next to him!

“Mr Cullen!” My prick of a teacher said sternly “Move. Now!”

Grumbling, I grabbed my books, gaining a ‘good luck’ from Bella before I reluctantly went to sit next to the love of my life’s stalker.

“Cullen.” Mike Sneered.

“Newton.” I replied in the same tone “You don’t talk to me, I won’t talk to you and I’m sure we’ll get on just fine.”


Bella’s POV

Tanya came and sat next to me, giving me a small smile. She seemed nice enough, but I didn’t want her sitting next to me. I wanted Edward next to me. She looked stunning of course, making me look even plainer than I already was. Great. Something new to look forward to when I come to this class. I just gave her a small smile in return. I might as well try and be nice. After we began our work, Tanya began to talk to me. Even her voice was perfect, something else to feel uncomfortable about.

“So...Bella...” She began, looking at the front of my jotter for my first name “Who was the cute guy who was sitting next to you?”

“Oh him?” I asked, glancing over at Edward, who was currently in a ‘heated’ conversation with Mike “That’s Edward Cullen.”

“He’s so hot.” She said in a dreamy voice “Is he single? Please tell me he’s single!”

Oh I hate her already! I just want to rip every perfect strand of hair from her head! Stop looking at him as if he’s a piece of meat!

“No.” I said

Wait...What!? Edward is single. What the hell am I doing!?

“Who’s the girl I’m going to have to fight for him then?” Ugh. She’s acting like he’s a toy!

“Me.” I said sternly

Ok! Now I was losing it. What the hell possessed me to tell the new girl that I’m Edward’s girlfriend!?

“Really?” She asked, in confusion “You don’t really seem like the type of person someone like him would go for.”

B****! I just scoffed a little and got on with my work...and that’s when I heard it. A loud smack and then a crash coming from the other side of the room. Turning round, I saw Mike on the ground, Edward towering over him with his fist clenched. Mike was groaning in pain, clutching the side of his face. Did Edward enjoy punching people? I swear, it was like it was turning into his favourite past time. First Jamie, and now Mike. Who’s next?...Tanya I hope. I don’t even know the girl and already she’s getting on my nerves.

“Cullen! Are you f****** crazy!?” I heard my stalker cry with a lisp, sitting up a little from his position on the floor “I think I bit my tongue!”

“Wow.” I heard Tanya say with a smile “He’s the bad boy type too...me like.”

I think I’m going to be sick if she carries on like this.

“MR CULLEN!” Mr Banner cried “Principles office! Now!”

I watched as Edward didn’t even put up a fight. All he did was grab his books and storm out the class, slamming the door behind him as he went. I wonder what had caused him to get so angry that he punched someone in school. Raising my hand, I caught my teacher’s attention.

“What is it Miss Swan?” He said sounding rather pissed off as he helped Mike to his feet.

“Can I go to the bathroom?” I asked.

“Immediately after Mr Cullen leaves.” He stated “Nice try. No.”

“That’s fine.” I said “Then can you point me in the direction where I can throw up?”

“Eww.” Tanya said, scooting further away “Please, just let her go already.”

Rolling his eyes and sighing, Mr Banner excused me. I got up and immediately started running. Once I was out the class room I saw Edward trudging down the halls.


Edward’s POV

That was it! Mike had pushed me too far. I had done what Mr. Banner had asked, and went and sat next to him. All I wanted was for the blonde idiot to stay quiet...but no! He leaned in, giving a big whiff of his coffee breath. Nice huh? I was hoping and praying that he wouldn’t talk to me, but again my wish hadn’t come true.

“Dude...” He began, suddenly acting like we were lifelong friends “You still dating Bella?”

“Why?” I asked, remembering the little show we had put on for Mike.

“Cause if you’re not, I’m going to ask her out.”

Might have guessed.

“Mike.” I said, turning to face him and talking quietly “Talk to her, and I’ll kill you...look at her, and I’ll kill you...Hell! Breathe on her and I’ll kill you.”

“Cullen...” Mike began with a sly smirk “Admit it...if you were in my position, you would do the exact same thing when it came to someone like Bella.”

You know, they say counting to ten helps someone when their angry...I wonder if it works.

“What...with her lovely brown hair...” Mike continued


“Big beautiful eyes...”


“And a sweet, tight ass.”

F*** counting to ten! I stood up and punched him, sending him soaring to the floor. Now that helped. No one was going to talk about my friend like that. Perverted prick!

So here I was, trudging down the halls a slow as possible towards the principal’s office, wishing I had done more than that to Newton. I was just about to turn a corner to head downstairs, but stopped when I heard my name being called from behind. Turning a saw Bella running towards me, and just as she was coming to a halt, she tripped on her batman laces, and went flying, thankfully straight into my arms. I gave her a crooked smile as she blushed and stood up straight.

“What happened back there?” She asked me as we began to walk down the stairs.

“Newton was...” Should I tell her what he said? “He was being a bit of an a******.”

She wasn’t stupid though...she probably knew that it had something to do with her.

“You feeling better now?” She asked with a small smile.

“A little” I said, returning the smile. “So what’s your new lab partner like then?”

At this, I saw anger flash in Bella’s eyes.

“She’s a complete b****.” She said, crossing her arms over her chest “Oh...and a word of warning, she is already ‘in love’ with you. Just thought you should know.”

“Yeah well I’m not interested.” I said, causing her to look up at me.

“Really? Why?” She seemed really surprised for some reason.

“Because...she’s not my type...I prefer brunettes.”

What the hell is wrong with me!? I’m practically confessing I like her...well not quite, but she’s smart! She’ll read between the lines! But she never said anything. I just glanced down at her to see her staring straight ahead, a small smile playing at the corners of her lips and a slight blush on her cheek...Had I had an effect on her!? We came to a stop outside the Principal’s office, and I was very reluctant to go in, knowing that I was in deep trouble. Let’s just say that this wasn’t the worst thing I had done in school.

“I’ll wait for you out here.” Bella said sweetly.

“OK...I’ll try not be too long.”

I walked into the large office, only for Fork High Schools tiny principal, Mrs. Gables to look up at me from her computer. She took her glasses off, sighing and motioning for me to sit down. That seat had probably met my ass more times than any other student.

“Mr Cullen.” She said “What happened this time?”

“Punched Mike Newton.” I snorted, lowering myself in my seat.

“You and that boy never get on.” She mumbled, but I think she was talking more to herself than to me “Edward...I’m sorry, but this is the last straw. I’m going to have to suspend you.”

“WHAT!?” I cried, standing up “Mrs. Gables, you can’t! All I did was punch him because he was talking bad about my friend!”

“Yes, I know, but on top of the food fight you started, the vandalism to the schools mini bus and the fire you started in the maths department, I think it is time I took some action. I have practically let you away with murder so far.”

“To be fair to me though, I did not mean to start that fire...and I still maintain that the mini bus rolled down that hill on its own.”

She just gave me a sad smile.

“I’ll call your parents to come pick you up.” She said, ignoring everything that I said “You can come back in a week.”

I gave a small groan, and got up. Bella was waiting outside like she had promised, and was surprised to see that I was out so quickly.

“So...” She said with a smirk “What’s the damage. Detention? Lunch room duty?”

“Suspension.” I said, her eyes going wide “Looks like you’ll be stuck with Tanya by yourself this week.”

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Love it! Keep going I want moremore PLEASE!
yikes i'd hate to be stuck with THIS tanya for a week. and how could the cute get suspended? i swear, there should be a law: no one above an eight on the hottness scale of one to ten should be allowed to be punished.hang in threre bella. great writing, btw, your seriously SERIOUSLY TALENTED!!!
I like this story keep writing!
I bet Edward gets Bella pregnant, Its is called 'my best friends KID'
Anyways your a really good writer,

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