38.you stapled his report card to his head !







Bella's POV

Jane, Jane, Jane, Jane, JANE! That's all we heard on the way back to the damn house. Jane can tie a cherry stem in a knot with her tongue, Jane can say the alphabet backwards. Jane can do this, Jane can do that. Well do you know what!? Jane can go get her head stuck up an elephants ass for all I care! Never in my whole life have I met someone so annoying...Like this one time, she got the hiccups and they lasted for 10 whole minutes! Yeah...Ok, so that's not really a good excuse to be annoyed with her, but I am a hormonal pregnant woman who is allowed to have these rants from time to time. Anything can be classified as 'Annoying' to me in my current state! I hate her, I hate her, I HATE HER! Her with her stupid blonde hair and perfect blue eyes. Her flawless skin and legs that went on forever. Like I needed any of those things. I have good qualities too...like I don't have bad breath in the morning! Ha, beat that Jane...You know what!? I bet those hips of hers are fake! I don't even know if that's possible, but I'll look into it!

I couldn't help but glare out my window on the journey back to the Cullen house, Edward still prattling on about Jane. Ugh! Why does he not know when to shut up!? I mean come on! Even Emmett knows that talking about your ex-girlfriend in front of your current girlfriend is a big no no! They only dated for 2 months for crying out loud! You see, Edward and Jane met when they were fifteen...you know the age where you believe that those butterflies in your stomach is love, when really it's just the tuna surprise you had at lunch coming back up to say 'hello'. You can probably tell it was 'serious' too. I mean, they must have held hands and stuff. At that age that practically makes you married! I literately jumped for joy the day she announced that Edward and her had broken up. Something about him not being able to commit. Ha! Bet seeing the two of us together had been a shock to her. The break up was soon followed by even more great news however, because only three weeks later she gave me an early Christmas present by telling us that her and her family were moving to Italy! Life had never felt so good, even though I personally felt like Australia would be too close...maybe even Pluto...

Now, the question that you're all probably wondering is why on earth do I hate Jane so much. Well let me tell You! And it's not just the fact that she's stupid, spoiled, stupid, clingy, stupid, down right mean to people and stupid...But she got to make out with Edward first...and she stole my last raspberry and white chocolate chip cookie...What!? It was the biggest one! And I don't care what people say, but the fact that her car 'mysteriously' went missing that day had nothing to do with me. C'mon, it's not like I could break in and move it. At the age of fifteen I couldn't even break into a can of tuna flakes without Edward's help...Rosalie on the other hand...

"Hey..." Edward managed to spit out between fits of laughter "Do you remember the time when Jane shaved Mr. Wallace's head while he was sleeping."

Oh...My...Gosh! If it wasn't for the fact that I'm carrying his child, and the fact that I love him too damn much, then Edward would be in serious danger of holding his own testicles right about now.

"That was you Edward." Alice answered in a bored tone, picking at her nails "And let me tell you something. If you don't stop going on about Jane, I'm going to shave your head."

Now as much as I love Edward's hair, that does sound tempting round about now...But as tempting as it doessound we can't let that happen, can we? Edward's hair. I mean, c'mon. It's practically the boys trademark! It would be like Michael Jackson without his glove...Elvis Presley without his quiff...Adam Sandler without his egg shaped head. I was just thankful that my little pixie friend was on the same page as me however. I knew that she didn't care to much for the blonde bimbo either. Let's just say it wasn't just my man that Jane had taken an...intrest in.

"Oh, sorry." Edward replied, silence finally filling the car "...I just can't believe she's back!" So much for silence "Bells, isn't it great!?"

"Amazing!" I gushed, forcing what I assumed to be a realistic smile "I've really missed her." Like toothache "How longs it been? A year...a year and a half since we last saw her?"

"It's been three." Edward said, not really believing it himself.

"Oh...well it seems shorter." A lot shorter "Do you think she'll be...leaving any time soon?"

Please, please, please, please, please...

"Nope." Damn "No need to worry there Bells. She's back for good."; Oh...Goodie! "You know, you guys should meet up and get to know each other again. You know, do all that girly s***."

...Get. The. Razor...

Edward's POV

When we finally arrived back to the house I all but jumped out of the car, running round to Bella's side to open the door for her. Taking her hand, I helped her out flashing her an excited smile as I practically dragged her up the walk way, Alice quickly following us. I just couldn't wrap my mind around how amazing this day had actually been...It was kinda strange actually. It's well into the afternoon and I haven't put my life at risk once! Wow...maybe I'm finally starting to grow up...Yeah right. I tried saying that without laughing, but c'mon. This is me we're talking about. I can literally get into trouble by just standing still. Now that's what I call talent.

I practically kicked down the door, Bella laughing a little at my eagerness as I led her into the living room to find my parents, Charlie, Em, Jazz and Rose all standing with grins that looked like they could easily rip their faces in two. Glancing at Bella, my grip on her hand tightening, I smiled urging her to deliver the long awaited news to everyone. Rolling her eyes a little but leaning into my side, resting her head against my arm, she sighed, closing her eyes for a moment before the big announcement. Man, I know what we're having and still the suspense is killing me.

"Well everyone..." She began, opening her eyes to see everyone lean forward a little in anticipation "You guys better be buying a lot of...pink."

"I knew it!" Cried my Dad, causing me to jump a little "Pay up Esme!"

"Damn it." Mumbled my Mom, handing my Dad $50.

All I can say Dad is that that money better be going towards my little girl...Hmm...my little girl. I love the sound of that. There were loud cheers, claps and whoops as everyone engulfed Bella and I in a group hug. I was immediately tackled by Emmett and Jasper, Emmett flinging me over his shoulder and spinning me round while cheering. Gee Em, if this is what you're like with my kid remind me to wear a helmet, knee pads...and maybe even a cup when you're expecting yours. You know...Just to be on the safe side.

"Aw Bells." Cried Rosalie, wiping tears from her eyes as she hugged Bella "I knew it was a girl."

"Yeah, well Alice is still choosing to live in denial." Bella chuckled, pulling the tiny girl over to join in on the celebration, draping her arm over her shoulder as Rosalie hugged her once more.

"I swear! It's a boy!" She exclaimed, crossing her arms over her chest "Umbilical cord my ass. Like that technician knows what she's talking about."

"Yeah, I mean she only trained in the field." I said sarcastically, stumbling a little once Emmett sat me down.

"Well, I'm happy." Bella smiled, quickly changing the subject "In just four months time, I'll be holding my beautiful little girl and everything will be great."

We were pulled into another large hug, Charlie and my Dad hugging while bawling like babies at the fact that they were going to have a gran daughter. Gotta say, seeing two grown men cry, one being Chief of Police and the other Chief of Medicine was a little...strange. And people worry about my sanity!

The rest of the day passed by rather slowly. After breaking the news to everyone (and when my Mom finally got Charlie and my Dad to stop crying), Bella, Alice and Rose decided that it would be a great idea to go to Port Angeles and celebrate. A girls day really. Not that I was bothered. I was in some desperate need of some 'guy time'. I mean, c'mon! I just spent the whole afternoon with Alice and survived! I deserve some guy time. Another minute with her and I'd probably be painting my nails and discussing how 'hot' that dude in that vampire movie is...Wow...no wonder people spend so much time wondering if I'm gay.

"Man!" Emmett boomed, his gaze never leaving the TV where he was currently destroying Jasper at the 'video game of the week' "I just can't believe Bells is having a little girl, Dude! I mean, I seriously thought it would be a boy."

"I know!" I exclaimed, grabbing a controller and joining the game "I mean, today has just been amazing. Not only did we find out about the baby, but guess who's back in town and just happened to run into me when we were coming out of the hospital?"

"...Santa?" Emmett questioned in excitement.

"...Yes Emmett..." I replied, nodding a little "Yeah, he was dropping the Easter Bunny off to get his annual rabies injection...Die, die, DIE!" I cried, shooting at Jasper.

"Aw dude!" He whined, throwing his controller down "That's it, I hate you guys. You never let me win."

"Jazz..." Emmett began "We were trying to let you win that time and you still lost."

"Try harder." He huffed, crossing his arms over his chest.

I couldn't help but roll my eyes at the bickering duo. Though nothing could really get me down today.

"So who did you meet?" Jasper finally asked, looking up at me from where he was sitting on the floor.

"Jane!" I exclaimed, not even trying to hide the excitement in my voice "You remember? My ex."

Ok, so calling Jane my ex probably isn't the best way to describe her. I mean, we did only 'date' for a couple of months, and nothing really went past hand holding and a few kisses. It wasn't as if we were deeply in love or anything. If I think back now, we were just really good friends. But Bella, nothing could top my friendship with her. I guess even when I was younger I had an unknown crush on her. Now I can't imagine my life as just being her friend. She's everything to me...Sorry, I got a little sappy there.

"Jane!?" Emmett boomed "Jane!? You bumped into Jane!?"

"You don't even know who Jane is, do you Em?" Jasper asked, his gaze never leaving the TV.

"Not a clue." Emmett replied, calming down instantly.

That didn't surprise me.

"Remember..." Jasper continued "Blonde. Blue eyes. Big boobs...Intelligence of a banana."

Wasn't going to deny that. She was like Emmett with boobs.

"Hot Girl!?" Emmett cried, his eyes wide as he threw down the controller and shot up, grabbing me by the shoulders and shaking me "Hot Girl's back!? Why didn't you tell me Hot Girl was back!?"

"Emmett..." I began, prying myself out of his grip "Calm down. Yes she's back in town. Her Dad must be working at the hospital again."

"So what did you say to her?" Jasper asked, looking just as worked up as Emmett "Was she happy to see you? Did she recognize you? Does she know that you got Bella pregnant!"

"Whoa!" I cried "Now You need to calm down. Yes, she recognized me. We hugged, she seemed happy enough to see me and Bella, and yes she obviously knows about the baby. I mean, c'mon....Bells can't exactly hide the fact anymore. Man, you guys seem more worked up than I do!"

There was silence. Probably a first from these two. They just stood there, staring back at me in disbelief. I actually began to think that maybe I had imagined everything I had just said...that was until I was slapped up the back of the head from not only Jasper, but Emmett too! You can tell that our friendship really means a lot to them.

"Ow and ow!" I cried, rubbing each side of my head "What the hell was that for!?"

"Are you insane!" Jasper cried "You don't hug your ex-girlfriend in front of you current girlfriend. What's the matter with you!?"

"And people say I'm the stupid one!" Emmett scoffed "After that, you're the stupid one! S.T.O.O...O...pid! Stupid! Can you imagine how Bella felt!?"

"What?" I asked in confusion "Don't be silly. Bella's fine. You know I bet her, Rose and Alice are away planning a welcome back surprise for her as we speak."

Bella's POV

"Ooh!" I cried in excitement "We could TP her house!"

This had been me for the past 2 hours. Once breaking the news to everyone that Edward and I were going to have a baby girl, I quickly grabbed Rose and Alice and dragged them out the house. Jane was back in town and I was in some serious need of ranting...not that I hadn't been ranting since I left the hospital, but I don't really think it counts when it's only me who can hear it. After grabbing a quick lunch with the girls, we quickly returned to Rosalie's house, locking ourselves in her bedroom to try and sort this...thing out! Jane being back in town was bad news. I just knew it!

"Yeah!" Rose agreed, coming to sit next to me on the large pink bed as her smile practically blinded me "Nothing says 'Welcome back b****' better than toilet paper. I love it!"

Yeah...Rose didn't really like her either.

"No." Alice quickly chimed in, pacing a little "It's too easy. We need to be smart....quick...cunning..." Suddenly she stopped, snapping round to face us with excitement in her eyes "Let's steal her shoes!"

Oh my goodness! It's happened! I mean, I thought it would one day...just never this soon...Alice, Rose and I were turning into...THE GUYS...Ah, who the hell cares? It could be worse. Right?

"Seriously Alice..." Rosalie sounded "Steal her shoes? Just because You went all psycho loony pixie b**** on Edward when he stole yours, does not mean that we will have the same reaction from Jane."

"I did not go all 'psycho loony pixie b****' on him!" Cried my friend in defense.

Yeah right! And Emmett doesn't collect Cabbage Patch Kids...Ooh...Secretly collect Cabbage Patch Kids.

"You stapled his report card to his forehead!" I cried.

"Hey!" Alice exclaimed "He was proud of that C+ for Biology! I was just letting him share it with the world...stupid messy haired high heel stealing prick. What the hell did he need Gucci sandles for anyway!?"

"Emmett wanted them for his snowman." Rosalie stated as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

I rolled my eyes, laughing a little as Alice slumped down into the bean bag chair, cursing my boyfriend and snowmen.

"Think happy thoughts Alice." I giggled as my phone began to ring, smiling at the Caller ID when I saw who it was "Hi Babe..."

"Bells!" Edward bellowed down the phone "I just got a phone call and you'll never guess who it was from!" I could practically hear the smile in his voice

"Hmm...Santa?" I joked, leaning back a little.

"Why is everyone saying that today?" He murmured, which seemed to be more to himself than to me "You see Bells, I think that Santa would find it increasingly difficult to come visit us due to his busy work schedule, and the fact that he's not real."

"Ugh!" I cried in mock hurt "Thank's Edward! This is just like the time when you told me Bambi's Mom died!"

"Bambi's Mom died!?" Alice shrieked, snapping round to face a worried looking Rosalie "You told me she went to play poker with the rabbits!"

Edward chuckled a little, causing a laugh to escape from my own lips.

"Ok..." I said through my laughter Who's this wonderful person that called you?"


Say what!? Jane!? Jane called him!? I knew it! I knew this was bad! Didn't I say this was bad!? She was back in town less than two minutes, and already she's trying to swoop in a steal my boyfriend. Well not if I can help it! That little blonde barbie isn't even going to get close enough to breathe on Edward let alone steal him away. Ugh! This is so typical of her. She always wants things that she can't have! Stupid...stupid head...Note to self, come up with better insults.

"Bells..." Edward's musical voice broke me out of my inner rant "You still there?"

"Here!" I called, feigning excitement "What was she wanting?"

"She was just inviting me over for dinner, so I'm going to head over to her place in a few minutes." He answered "Is that ok with you?"

"Yeah, of course." I replied, trying increasingly hard to keep my voice light and cheery, when really it should probably sound something that belonged in 'The Excorsist' "You have a nice time, and just call me when you're heading home. Ok?"

"Ok." He replied, the smile back in his voice "I'll see you later. I love you. Bye Beautiful."

"I love you too." I smiled, almost forgetting what our conversation had been about "Bye."

Hanging up, I sighed a little, a dreamy smile gracing my face. Hehe...Edward called me beautiful...Ha! Suck on that Jane!

"Ok guys." I announced, quickly coming back to reality "Things just got serious!

"What do you mean?" Rosalie asked, panicked slightly.

"She's invited him for dinner!" I cried.

"Well what are you gonna do?" Alice asked.

"Oh, I have something in mind..." I replied "But I'll need you guys to help."

This b**** is going down...Right after I pee.

Edward's POV

"Were you born this big of an idiot or did it develop through time?" Jasper asked as I looked in the mirror, fixing my hair a little "I mean, your ex-girlfriend is back in town a whole 2 seconds, and already she's inviting you round for dinner, knowing fine well that you're in a committed relationship with Bella and expecting a baby with her...Is it just me who sees this going horribly wrong!? Do you really expect Bella to be 'fine' with this?"

"Jasper!" I finally bellowed, turning to face my friend with a slight chuckle "I've already called Bells, and yes she is happy for me to go. Why are you so damn worried?"

"Gee, I don't know Edward." He replied "Maybe because when her first boyfriend, Gary looked at another girl, she sat on him and pulled his leg hair out with tweezers! And might I remind you, she wasn't pregnant at that time." With worried eyes, Jasper leaned in a little and whispered "Just imagine where she'll pull the hair out from you."

Oh hell, that hurt even just thinking about it! But I wasn't going to let Jasper's worry affect me. Yes, I'll admit I was...terrified of Bells, but I was happy that Jane had called. Even with our past she was still a good friend of mine. What was the big deal about having dinner with her?

"Jasper's right man." Emmett decided to chime in "Bella's nuts. Do you really want to take the risk. She'll make you eat your own foot!"

Sighing and rolling my eyes a little, I chuckled. When did my friends start acting like worried mothers?

"Bella is not nuts...she's hormonal..." I defended, turning towards the door "Now, if you'll kindly shut the hell up and excuse me, I'm late for dinner."

"Oh my gosh!" Jasper shrieked, clutching at his hair as I walked out the room "It's like talking to a fridge!"


Ok...Just stay calm Edward. Stay calm. Remember. Bella did say that she was happy enough for you to go an see Jane. She wouldn't lie to you...although she did manage to convince you that you were a girl for the first four years of your life...No! She was only a kid then. Emmett and Jasper were just trying to scare me. That was all...but damn, I'd be lying if I said it wasn't working. Some friends! I've got one telling me I'm 'stoopid', and the other telling me that hair from certain 'areas' in my body will be removed by force...I want my Mommy. Least she won't call me stupid...to my face.

The drive to Jane's house had been surprisingly quick. Although I missed my Volvo, I had to admit...the General was growing on me. Plus...the Dixie Horn kicked ass! I was actually going to miss the piece of junk. Just don't tell Bella I said that.

"Holy s***." I mumbled, getting out of the car and looking up at the house...The big house "Does Oprah live with them or something!?"

"Edward!" Came the cry from Jane, who was standing at the front door waving "You made it!"

"Hey." I smiled, walking up the path way to immediately be enveloped in a hug.

"I'm so glad you're here." Jane beamed "Dinner should be ready in about half an hour. C'mon in."

I walked into the house, looking around in awe. Yup. Definately Oprah type s*** here.

Bella's POV

Ok, I think round about now it's safe to say that I have completely and utterly lost it. But the plan was brilliant. The plan was perfect...only one little problem though...the plan was probably illegal in all 50 states of America. Alice and Rose hadn't stopped telling me that since we left the house. They hadn't quite grasped the idea of it yet.

"Oh my gosh!" Rosalie whispered, shaking her head in disbelief as I peered from my hiding spot "You were being serious. This!? This is your 'amazing' plan!?"

"We're going to jail for this. We are so going to jail for this." Alice joined in, whining a little "When did you become your boyfriend!?"

"Oh guys, calm down." I turned round to scold, rolling my eyes a little "It's not that bad."

"Bella!" Alice cried, grabbing my shoulder's and shaking me a little "You dragged us out into the pouring rain on a Saturday night so you could break into your boyfriends ex-girlfriends house!"

"...Well when you say it like that..." I exclaimed "And technically we're not breaking in. We're simply...visiting...without permission."

Ok...so maybe it did sound a little...idiotic, but I bet you guys would do the exact same if you were in my position. Rosalie and Alice simply grumbled, rolling their eyes as the slide down the side of Jane's house, our little hiding place. I couldn't help but smile a little as I turned back round to peer once again over the bush that was currently hiding us. Yup, that's right. We're hiding in a flower bed. Very original, I know.

"He's here!" I whispered urgently as I saw the General pull up, snapping me out of my thoughts.

Quickly, Rosalie and Alice got up, coming to stand on either side of me to watch Edward get out the car. Oh...I feel bad spying on him. Great, now your concionce kicks in! But it wasn't Edward that I didn't trust. It was Jane. And speaking of the blonde airhead, look who's just appeared at the front door...And she's hugging him!

"I'll kill her." I stated in a raspy voice, Alice and Rosalie holding me back from sitting on her "I swear, I'm going to sit on her so long that even her cleaning crew won't be able to dig her out of the ground."

"Bella, just stay calm." Alice said in a soothing voice "Like you said to me earlier. Think happy thought...Rain drops on roses and whiskers on kittens....uhh...Something and something and something with mittens...Uhh...Snow bells and strudel and string and...bumble bees?"

"Thank you Alice, I'm calm." I quickly replied as Jane led Edward into the large house, closing the door "Follow me..."

Making sure to keep low and well hidden, I led Alice and Rosalie round the back of the house where I was happy to see a window open. I couldn't stop the smile that was forming.

"Bella...No." Rosalie panicked "Let's just go home. We can kick over her garden gnomes before we go if it'll make you feel any better, but let's go."

"Rose..." I began, turning to face my friend "Imagine that that was Emmett in there who Jane was trying to get her grubby paws on. Imagine that she was cooking him dinner...hugging him...flirting with him..." I leaned in a little and whispered "Playing video games with him."

"Oh hell no." Rose exclaimed "That b**** can stay away from my teddy bear."

Rose all but jumped through that window.

Once we all managed to get through the window which believe me, was really difficult, the three of us looked around the dark room, soon realizing that it was Jane's bedroom.

"Hey...when we're here..." Alice whispered "We should really have a warning word...like help, or danger, or...ooh I know, spoons!"

"Ok." I whispered "As of now, our warning word is spoons."

"Why spoons?" Rosalie questioned.

"Because they're awesome and you can eat anything with them." Alice smiled, crossing her arms over her chest.

"You can't eat pork chops with them." I stated, a little confused.

"Nope, you can." Rose replied "Emmett managed it."

"I thought Emmett hated pork." I said.

"He doesn't if he thinks it's lamb." My blonde friend smirked.

I couldn't help but chuckle a little.

"Ok, let's go!"

We walked out of the room, peering round the door just in time to see Jane lead Edward into the kitchen. Good. Quietly, I began to tip toe down the hall, Rose and Alice following close behind. Looking over my shoulder, I motioned for them to follow me upstairs. We'd be able to see everything from the landing up there. We slowly crept up the stairs, trying hard to avoid all the creaks, but soon we were at the top. God must be on my side tonight, because just as we sunk to the floor to watch from between the bars on the banister, Jane and Edward came back out and took a seat on the sofa.

"I can't see properly..." I whispered, trying to look between the spaces "Oh, I know..."

Quietly, I pushed my head in between the bars, giving me a perfect view of my boyfriend and the bimbo.

"Bella, be careful." Rose whispered in a panic.

"Don't worry." I giggled quietly, trying to pull my head out from between the bars...only I couldn't do it "I'm stuck!"

"What!?" Alice and Rose said in unison.

"I'm stuck!" I whispered again, trying harder and harder to pull my head out "Quick, grab me and pull."

This...cannot be good.

Edward's POV

After a quick tour round the house, which I had to admit was really nice, Jane led me back to the sofa, taking a seat and motioning me to join her. Smiling I sat down. It was quiet, something I really wasn't used to. The only sound was the rain beating heavily against the windows.

"Oh my gosh..." She said, bringing me out of my thoughts "I just can't believe you and Bella are finally together. You make such a gorgeous couple."

See, isn't she nice? I had to admit, Jane had changed a lot over the past few years. For starters, she was no longer stupid, but incredibly smart. Guess Europe does that to you.

"Thanks." I blushed.

"And a baby on the way!?" She smiled in excitement "I can just see it now. You with your little girl. I guess I was wrong about you not being able to commit all those years ago...You're going to make a wonderful father Edward."

"That means a lot Jane." I smiled "I guess you just need the right person to commit to."

Ugh, what the hell is happening to me!? Did that sound as cheesey to you guys as it did to me?

"How's the pregnancy going then?" Jane asked, leaning her head on her hand.

"Oh great." I replied "Apart from Bella peeing like Seabiscuit every five seconds, everything's great...She's already adapting to motherhood...but I guess she's had a lot of practise with me." I chuckled a little "She's just...amazing, and I can tell that she's really looking forward to the baby coming. She's going to be a great Mom."

Jane smiled, her eyes glistening as I poured my heart out about my girlfriend...and that's when I saw it. Something that I never thought I would every see in the history of the world! Bella, sitting on the upstairs landing with her head stuck in between the bars of the banister, Rose and Alice trying to pull her free from behind. Oh good lord! Not good! NOT GOOD AT ALL! My eyes went wide, Jane's words drowning out as I caught Bella's panicked eyes. I didn't know what the hell I was going to do when she mouthed the words 'help me!'. Ok, think Edward...think...you're great at improvising. I couldn't help but panic when Jane stood up. Crap! She was going to see her!

"JANE!" I cried, throwing my self at the petite blonde and enveloping her in a bone crushing hug, never taking my eyes off of Bella "I've missed you!"

"Uh..." She chuckled slightly "I've missed you too Edward...I need to go check on the food."

Pulling out of my hug, Jane turned once again, Bella still trying to get her head out from the stairs. What do I do, what do I do!?

"What's that?" I cried suddenly, pointing behind me.

Following the direction I was pointing in, Jane gave me a strange look.

"...That's a light, Edward." She replied.

"Oh...it's pretty."

It's pretty!? What are you, a five year old girl!? Giving me a worried smile, Jane was about to turn round once again. Crap, I'm really starting to run out of ideas here. You know, getting your head unstuck right about now Bella would be really helpful.

"Uh...Uh..." I looked around, trying to find something to distract her with...then it hit me "Jane! I love you!"

"You what!?" She cried in alarm.

"YOU WHAT!?" I heard Bella cry from the stairs.

Ok...not really going according to plan. Turning in fright, Jane was shocked to see my girlfriend with her head between the bars on her stairs.

"Bella!" She exclaimed.

"Spoons, spoons, spoons, spoons, spoons..." Was all she could mumble



By the time we got home, and by the time the fire department had managed to cut Bella free from the stairs, I drove us home Bella immediately going into the backyard and lying down on the old trampoline that sat in the corner of the garden. Smiling a little, I followed her, climbing onto the old toy too and lying down beside her.

Quick Edward...break the silence...

"...Can you imagine having sex on this thing?" I asked, bouncing slightly "It would be like, thrust - bounce, thrust - bounce..."

She remained silent, staring up at the now cloudless sky.

"...Bells..." I began, more serious "You know you can talk to me. I'm not going anywhere."

"...I'm just really sorry about tonight." She finally sighed "I wasn't there spying on you I just...Jane and I...we never really got on in the past, and I just thought that...maybe she was trying to steal you away from me."

I smiled a little again, taking her hand in mine. Sorry guys, but I'm about to get a little mushy here, so be warned.

"Bella..." I began "I don't want Jane."

"You don't?" She turned to face me.

"No." I replied with a smile "I want the amazing girl that I wake next to every morning. The one who makes me laugh even when I'm sad. The one who isn't afraid to be herself...I want you Bella...Always...I love you...I love you more than you know."

Smiling, she scooted closer to me, wrapping her arm around my chest as she snuggled in.

"I love you too." She replied "Always."

Smiling, I kissed the top of her head.

"But you have to promise me one thing though..." I began, causing her to sit up and look at me.


"You have to promise me that one day...we are definitely going to try sex on this thing."

I bounced again slightly, Bella laughing. Hey, what can I say? When have you known me to stay serious for long?

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