Chapter 1: 11 years ago

            I live in a world not like any other world. This world is filled with werewolves, wolf-fox demons, and vampires. My name is Alexidria Marie Rahne and this is my story.

         “No Dimitri I will not allow my daughter to go to school, if she really wants to go I will teach her myself but it is too dangerous for her.” My mother told my father. I am a vampire just like the rest of my family. There are two different types of vampires. There are the vampires that are born that way and there are vampires that become vampires after they marry a vampire. The vampires in so many books are always made vampires in my world there’s nothing like that. All vampires either are born vampires or as soon as they marry a vampire they begin the change.

            My mother was pacing around our living room while my older brother Apollo was typing 1,000 words a minute on his laptop. “Mama why is it so dangerous for me to go to school Apollo goes everyday why can’t I.”I finally said. My brother looked up from his laptop and gave me stupid look. “Are you that stupid Alex?” Apollo said. I looked at my brother and said. “NO I’m not stupid you are so just stupid already.” My brother is only 10 but he’s the worst older sibling and I hate how he treats me like a 3 year old I’m 6 for crying out loud and I’m not stupid.

            “Alexandria stop being rude, your brother is trying to look out for you and this is how you repay him, with disrespect and rudeness.” My mother said. “I’m sorry mama but all Apollo does is be mean to me, all I’m trying to do is make him stop, but he just keeps doing mean things to me.” I replied back. If I talk back to my mom she’ll yell at me and lecture me on my disrespect and how talking back is rude and how I’m being a bad girl. After my mom was done lecturing me I ran to my room and threw myself on my bed and cried for hours. My mom and dad walked in my room and woke me up. “Waa what you want I’m trying to sleep” I said in a tired voice. My mom looked at my dad and the said,” Alex honey were going out and Apollo is going to watch you okay you’ll be good right?” “I’ll be good mama don’t worry about me” I said. With that they left and I never got to see them after that.   

            I heard footsteps and then voices, “Jimmy get the job done and let’s go.” I got really scared and ran into my closet and hid in there until the men left my house. I ran out into the living room and saw my parents and brother lying on the floor. I dropped to my knees next to my mother, I knew she wasn’t dead yet but she was close. She looked at me and said in a hoarse voice “Alexandria I’m so sorry I yelled at you about your brother I understand now how he gets under your skin, can you ever forgive me?” I began to cry and I nodded my head in agreement. “Mama I love you and I’m so sorry,” I said between tears. “Don’t cry child your brother is not dead he’s very much alive he was just playing dead so they didn’t kill him, and so he can get you to safety,” my mother replied wiping away my tears. Apollo jumped up and came next to my mother and me. “Apollo in my bedroom is a basket with things for you and Alex, get that and take Alex to Annabel’s so she’s safe from those men, they want her dead because of what she is,” my mom said. After she said that she just stopped talking and I could swear she was dead, I threw myself in my brother’s arms and cried some more.



Chapter 2: Now                                    

I was standing in my living room with my step mom and step sister. “Alex what is this about why are you leaving?” My step mom Annabel said. I had been visited by my older brother Apollo who I haven’t seen in 11 years and he said if I wanted to keep my family safe then we had to leave this world and go to our home world Immortal. Jessica just smiles and says “Alex I think you should tell mother what happen with you and Apollo,” I just looked at her and frowned. “Jessica why do you have to be such a f****** b****, I’m sorry mother but she is and it’s not cool I’m done with putting up with her crap, you are one spoiled little slut that is only nice to be when my brother is around and I’m f****** tired of your two-face bitchy self I’m f****** happy I’m getting out of here today…” I said looking pissed off. “Alexidria Marie Rahne watch your language young lady, do not talk like that to your sister…” my step mother said. What the hell she’s taking a two face snotty little bitch’s side than the daughter that has done doing but be nice and put up with the crap i went through when I was six I thought to my self. I started to walk out the front door when someone grabbed my arm and turned me around. It was my brother and I hugged him so tight I swear he couldn’t breathe. He pulled away and looked into my eyes and something passed through us that never happened before. “Alex what the hell are you trying to accomplish by being a b**** to Jessica?” I looked at my brother dumbfounded. “So now you’re taking your ugly ass girlfriend’s side other than your little sister who has never ever hurt you, who has always been the shoulder you have cried on and will always be there to talk to you.” I started to cry and I couldn’t stand up anymore. Apollo caught me before I fell and hit my head. “Alex please don’t cry, I’m not taking Jessica’s side… yeah she is my girlfriend but your sister and I’ll always take your side…” Apollo said holding out his hand for me to grab.

After Apollo helped me up I looked at Jessica and said, “Jessica I’m sorry for hurting your feelings…” Jessica looked at me and gave me a smart ass look. “ Alex your so f****** stupid… all your brother sees when he looks at you is this little innocent girl that has done nothing wrong but I see through your f****** games and I’m really tired of your crap and attitude and I’m happy your leaving today so bye-buy hope to see your never again.” Jessica’s best friend Jennifer said. I gave hugged Apollo because I was going to miss him. My step mom Annabel hugged me and gave me a kiss on the cheek. Then I said bye to Jessica and Jennifer and all the little kids and set out to go find my best friend Athena and her little brother Andrew.

It was hours until I hit the next rest stop in this cute little town called Ash town there were lots of little shops and a small inn that was very beautiful and had so many lights I felt like I was in a movie. I was walking when I bumped into someone very tall and very muscular. “I’m so sorry sir I didn’t see-” I looked up at him and stopped as soon as I recognized him. He was the little boy I remember from the hall the day my parents died and I had just moved in with Annabel, Jessica, Jennifer, Lucas, Markus, Dennis, Adrian, Precious, and David. The only thing I don’t remember was his name if he even told me it. “Are you going to stand there all day staring at me or do you want to get a room and we can talk…? Aren’t you that girl from the hall eleven years ago?” He asked me. “Yes I am thank you for making me remember that horrible day… And yes I would like to get a room and talk because I have so many f****** questions for you.” I replied back. We started to walk into the little inn but inside it wasn’t so little it was huge wit a lot of open space. The man/boy/guy/person was standing behind me and looking around but said nothing. We got our room, it was a two bedroom. We sat down and started talking. "Okay start with your name" I said. "Ok my name is Nickolas and yes I'm a vampire if you were wondering and yes I'm seventeen and NO I won't try to f*** you because I just barely met you." He said. "That answer your questions?” He said again. I just nodded but said nothing.

Nick looked at me and said “Go take a shower I’m going to get something to eat for both of us and bring it back up here do you want anything while I’m out?” I looked at him shocked because even though we just met he is acting like we’ve known each other longer than this. “Oh um no I don’t want anything just don’t get crappy food please cause I’ll kill you if it’s crappy.” I said. After he left I walked into the bathroom and holy crap was it pretty and very big you could fit a pool and still have room to move around. I was about to take me shirt off when a knock at the door made me jump. I opened it half way and stuck my head out. It wasn’t Nick it was someone else. “Who are you?” I asked. "Well I guess you wouldn't remember me the last time you saw me I was a little boy..." Okay this is creepy I've just met one more boy from when I was little but I don't remember him. "Can you just wait out here I'm going to take a shower and get dressed and then my roommate is coming back with some food maybe you want to go get some before he comes back..."I said. He looked at me and said "Did you just say he like you mean your roommate is a guy aren't you afraid he'll rape you or what not?" I just stared at him and then shut the door and turned the water on. The door opened to the bathroom and Nick walked “Alexidria are you okay” Nick said. “No I’m not okay your in here while I’m trying to take a shower” I said. He left the bathroom and I finished my shower. Nick was sitting on the bed and the other boy was sitting in a random chair. I walked into the living room basically and sat on my bed. The two boys looked at me with wondering eyes and Nick said “Hey Alex you feel better.” I nodded and laid down on the pillows and I fell asleep

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I love it!! Can I be in it!!
Alex: thx u ill try to put yall in i need ur names or names u wanna to them to be
wow love it can i also be in it and name tanya make up a last name and i wont to be a vamp
Alex: sure I can do tht

Yeah sure

Hayley-rose Call ;3 xo said:

Hey, it's Hayley.
Could I be in chuur story ?
Hayley Fleer.
Whatever age chuu are P:
and could I be like a wolf-fox demon.?
Can they change back tew human ? If so that please ! :D ( imma nice person I promise )
I need names that u want plz
I'll just be Nicole!! Can I be with Edward!!

Alex and The Crew said:
I need names that u want plz
My name is Rachel and I would greatly appreciate being with the one and only....EDWARD CULLEN!

Alex and The Crew said:
Alex: thx u ill try to put yall in i need ur names or names u wanna to them to be
Awwww I wanted to be with Edward!!! :(

Rikki Cullen said:
My name is Rachel and I would greatly appreciate being with the one and only....EDWARD CULLEN!

Alex and The Crew said:
Alex: thx u ill try to put yall in i need ur names or names u wanna to them to be

 im sunil

like urstory

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