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Chapter Four- Turning Point

Edward POV

Oopps, I should have known they would see me wanting to ask Carlisle about the possibility...

What? Esme wants this? Well I suppose it would be the smart thing to do, we all care for them deeply…

Right on, I can’t wait to see that little dude grow up!

This. Is. Exactly. What I wanted! Yes! UH-HU-GO ESME- I love my mom!

Oh, hmm this will be… a good thing. Defiantly not gonna kill them, you can do it Jasper your strong a military man you can easily control yourself…

I LOVE seeing the future! Bella will need a new wardrobe, she suits blue, I smell shopping…

“STOP! We need to discuss how this will work, is it even a possibility? We need to have a vote.”

* * *

It was decided then, seven votes yes.

They were going to be part of the family.

A family of blood drinking vampires, and fragile blood pumping humans.

Great idea!

Of course I could have said no, but that would entail letting them go and allowing them to be separated.

It was not a possibility.

Now all that was left, was to see if they would join us?

Bella POV

I was…

Gob smacked.




They wanted us, they wanted me.

I’d already come to terms with the fact that I’d lose my brother, but now there was a strong possibility that we could stay together forever.

The tears escaped from my eyes and I swept them away with the back of my hand, how embarrassing!

“Oh Bella, please don’t cry! I’m sorry we should never have suggested it, I take it back!” Hushed Edward

“No it’s not that, it’s just- you want me too!”

“Of course we do!” they exclaimed at the same time.

Carlisle took the lead, “Dearest Bella, we would love nothing more than to welcome you, both of you into our family. You may not know but me and Esme adopted all of our children as we cannot conceive, however we love them as if they were our own. But its up to you, we will leave you to discuss it for a moment, come now kids.”

And with that they were gone.

I sat staring into space, thousands of questions spinning through my mind.

I suddenly remembered the small boy sat motionless on my knee, he was being un-characteristically quiet.

“Well, what do you think Tommie? You wanna be a Cullen?” I joked.

He bit down on his bottom lip, staring directly at me with a mischievous grin.

“I do, I do, I really do! Pweez Bella I waan-naa be a Cullen!” He screeched launching himself on me, how could I deny him? He had even separated the word into two syllables!

I heard a stifled giggle from the corridor, or maybe I was just going crazy, but what the heck!

“Well guess what? I wanna be a Cullen too!”

“You do?” He gawped

“I do, I do, I really do!” Flinging him over my shoulder, I laughed.

Surprise rippled through my body, I had laughed. For many days I had thought I would never laugh again, with that notion I laughed again.

My laughter was extremely significant; it marked the beginning of the end of my sorrow.

Of course I would still grieve the loss of my parents, but I would be able to smile again.

It was a turning point.

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wow i lovee it more please
you are very talented!i read before other writings but i wasn't so impressed but this...this is really good and i like it very much!!keep going because i really want to read more:D
Impressive! I like how the story is progressing. Keep it up girl.

Your #1 Fanfic Fan
Thanks for the comments !
you are all great.
I will get the next chapter up as soon as possible
<3 x x
nice, very nice...pls write soon i'm very curious ........
This is also AMAZING !! iI love your chapters, next one pleassee, ASAP ! :D xx
it's very,very nice and I love it !!!! pls write more sooooon....
Sorry i havent been updating in a long time.had a lot of college work and been busy with christmas! :D
i love it already!!! more!!!!!
I can't wait to read next chapter....

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