Heres the second chapter please reply :)
Hope you enjoy
Link to first chapter if you have not read yet :

Chapter Two- Out of Focus

Bella POV

Thomas was begging me to take him to the toilet, I knew he didn’t really need it, he was just craving for some long over due attention.

I gave in after the third “pweety please!”

He was ecstatic, bouncing up the aisle dragging me behind him. He searched every row, desperately trying to catch the eye of someone who would respond to him.

He finally achieved his goal, when the blonde goddess shrieked in excitement at the sight of him. She moved to his side, faster than I thought humanely possible and was pulling at his ‘little chubby cheeks’ in an instant.

He hid behind my legs, feigning shyness only I knew his cunning plan to act all sweet and innocent; making them fall in love instantly.

It worked.

No sooner had he spoken, than a circle of people appeared around him, squealing and giggling with love for this mischievous little boy.

He’d done it again, my little brother ladies and gentleman.

So cute, nobody could escape his allure.

He silently pointed at me and shot me a devilish grin; I quickly looked down to hide the blood rushing to my face. I hated being centre of attention; luckily Tommie didn’t like it either and was quick to reclaim it.

Once I was sure that my blush had diminished, I finally looked up to catch the bronze haired angel glaring at me. The burning in my cheeks was back, why did he of all people have to see me like this?

I was left standing awkwardly next to the row in which my brother played happily and recited the song “barney is a dinosaur from my imagination” They were hooked, big mistake.

Every now and again I would see my angel looking at me, and every time my heartbeat would go into a fluttering rage. He was too perfect, if that were even possible!

After I while I was becoming more comfortable here, I don’t know how but somewhere between the first half an hour a gust of confidence and calming notions came over me.

I peered up to look at him unable to help myself, and noticed he was sat rigid in his chair.

Head pressed against the back of the seat, eyelids welded tightly shut, and a frown line cutting deep into his forehead. Something was evidently bothering him.

Just as I was about to voice my question, a jolt in the plane movement caused me to lose my train of thought.

The plane was rattling and throwing us about surely this couldn’t be turbulence, it was too violent!

I grabbed Thomas’ arm, gripping him into a tight embrace. He may be a pain in the ass sometimes, but I wasn’t abandoning my baby brother any day.

I heard my mom and dad calling; I desperately tried to reach them but was delayed by frantic bodies barging past.

“Bella, Tommie! Where are you?”

“Kids get back here this instance!” bellowed Charlie every syllable dripped with authority.

They were frantic, I needed to reassure them we we’re fine, we we’re both here and both fine!

My pleas for help were interrupted by the rumbling voice of the Captain, I knew what he was saying was important but I couldn’t concentrate long enough to hear much of it.

The only words that registered were those that determined our downfall, “we’re going down”

The plane became a raging flight of hysterics; I looked down into the eyes of my six year old brother.

His nose dripped with snot, and salty tears stained every corner of his face, “We will survive this, I promise you, I will not let you die, not today not ever.”

My heart clenched, as I knew that the reality of this promise would be broken. My baby brother was going to die, and however hard I tried I would not be able to save him.

The plane rocketed down to the ferocious seas below; whilst the ocean opened its jaws preparing to swallow hundreds of souls whole.

With all hope lost, I clutched Tommie close to me, burying my face is his coconut scented hair.

I closed my eyes, impatient for death; waiting for the last blow that would secure the end of our lives.

I was hit with a sudden force, but not the one I had expected.

I was trapped in a steel-cage.

* * *





My eyelids whipped open in an instant causing sharp pain due to my reaction to the bright light. Closing them was my instinctive reaction.

After a moment, I decided to fight against my lids in order to discover the cause of my continuous aching.

Still drowsy, and out of focus I searched for my parents.

“Mom?” I croaked out.

“Shush now baby, rest you’ve had a terrible accident” Soothed an unfamiliar voice.
“Mom” I whined.

“Your parents aren’t here, we will discuss that later, you need to rest now Bella. Tell her Carlisle!” Whispered the desperate voice.

Her words were meant to calm me, but my whole body shook with a feeling of alarm. Where were my parents?

The last thing I remembered was desperation, and holding on to Thomas for dear life.

“THOMAS!” I screeched.

“Thomas is fine, this little man couldn’t be harmed by anything” bellowed a deep voice.

A familiar giggle reassured me, he was here my Tommie was alive. Thank God.

“Now listen here Bella, I’m Doctor Carlisle Cullen. You were in a plane crash and have suffered multiple injuries…”

I looked around; the dizzy haze was beginning to lift, and I was remembering snippets from the accident. I recognized these people; they were the angels that were on my flight! My heart raced as I swallowed the information.

“…And finally you have a slight concussion, nothing to worry about. I will give you some painkillers to reduce the pain, other than that it is all about the healing process.”

I felt guilty for blanking out after him being so kind, I would have to ask the nurse later for more details about my injuries.

“Bella” a velvet voice interrupted my string of thoughts.

“Yes?” I murmured his presence was startling; he was the bronze haired boy from the plane.

“My name is Edward Cullen”

So that was my Angels name, a smile graced my lips.

“I have something unfortunate news to tell you regarding your parents.”

My heart began race, my breathing was rapid and I could feel my eyes welling up. It was bad news I could tell.

“The plane lost an engine and we were plummeting down to Earth, there was nothing anybody could do”

I knew that, I remembered the frantic frenzy as families desperately clutched to each other. Tommie and I couldn’t reach our mom and dad; so I was comforting him on my own.

“When we hit the water it was ice cold, many people had jumped before the impact. You were one of them people.”

Wait! That didn’t happen, someone grabbed me. Someone hard and cold had held on to us; I hadn’t jumped anywhere.

I was cowardly and afraid, and had just accepted death. I hadn’t jumped anywhere!

“You fought the ice cold water, you swam to the surface with Thomas clutched at your waist”

NO! This didn’t happen, I was drowning!

I remember staring through the murky depths of the ocean knowing my legs couldn’t carry us anywhere; my leg was bleeding and it was hurting!

“Rescue boats and helicopters arrived shortly after.”

No, no, no, no, “NO!”

“Yes Bella, I’m sorry. When they arrived on scene, they only found nine survivors”

I shook my head in disbelief; glancing round the room I saw those nine survivors, his perfect family and my Thomas.

“I’m so sorry; your parents didn’t make it.” My beautiful Angel whispered.

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I might be putting him in to it but it wont be a big role he will just be a friend :)
And that Miss Roanna :) is why I love ya! =0)

Roanna :) said:
I might be putting him in to it but it wont be a big role he will just be a friend :)
This is really great !!! :D,, your writing is really amazing !! x
Hope chapter 3 comes soon , im sure it will be just as GREAT !! xx
Roanna :) said:
sorry, i have been really busy doing coursework but there will be a few new chapters over the weekend :) <3 x x
Over the weekend is not good enough we want them NOW!!!!!!
haha ya well jacob a kid he like all boys =]

Angelina Salisbury said:
Very true I agree with you on that point! Don't get me wrong I love that Jacob is there to protect her too. I just don't like when he is forcing her around in kissing and stuff. First kiss was forced and the second one well he tricked her into that one. Twilight would not be Twilight without him. I just personally don't like when he does that. =0)

Ashley Castaneda said:
Whats twilight without jacob she needs someone to talk to about her not having her parents and hes like family to her thtas why he should be in it

Angelina Salisbury said:
Oh please no Jacob! I am tired of Jacob. I like that Breaking Dawn closed the possibility of a Bella and Jacob romantic relationship lets just leave it closed like that. PLEASE! Ok it's your fanfiction and it is not my work of art so you add Jacob if he is already in there. I just don't get the Bella/Jacob thing. There is just nothing but a brother sister relationship for me there. Just my opinion, becasue I know there are others that feel differently!

Ashley Castaneda said:
wow i love the point of veiw thing does jacob get into the picture 2??
sad but good got me cryin

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