I pretty much had a daily routine. I woke up and dry heaved because I didn't eat for a long while. Then I tried sneaking food. I was lucky to even get a slice of bread and a few drops of water each week. My hunger went away as I slowly went numb from the pain. My birthday was in three days. November 22nd. I was turning 14. I probably wasn't going to get anything. All I had was a birthday hat and two candles. One with the number 1 on it. The other with a 4. Then I got and idea. I was going to make two presents. One for me and one for them. I took my camera that was able to film under water if needed. Rain poured down my window. I put the camera on my piano and began playing the beginning of "mad world".

"All around me are familiar faces," I sang.

Then I cracked the door open just enough to film the Cullens playing with Bella and Renesmee.

"Worn out places, worn out faces,"

Then I filmed me getting up out of my bed like in the morning.

"Bright and early for the daily races,"

Then I walked upstairs and filmed all the Cullens telling me to go away.

 I put my camera on the coffee table and filmed me sad standing at the door.

"Going nowhere, going nowhere,"

I grabbed the camera and put on my glasses that I never wore. I thought of my pain and tears rolled down my cheeks. I stood emotionless.

"My tears filling up my glasses. No emotion, no emotion,"

Then I filled my bathtub with water. I put the camera on the table next to the bath looking like I was about to shove my head underwater.

"Hide my head I want to drown my sorrow,"

I pressed standby like usual and put the camera underwater so I could look down at it with my head under water.

"No tomorrow, no tomorrow," I sang as bubbles flew with every word.

I then sat on a bench. I put the camera on the tripod to make it look like it was filming my face.

"I find it kinda funny, I find it kinda sad. The dreams I have of dying are the best I've ever had,"

I put the camera in a spot where it can film me running in circles.

"When people run in circles it's a very very,"

I sat down.

"Mad world. Mad world,"

Then I broke open my piggy bank and grabbed my only money and bought a small 6" cake. I shoved the candles in. I lit them up. I put the camera in the air. As I sang I slowly lowered the camera revealing the cake.

"Children waiting for their daily feel good. Happy birthday, happy birthday,"

I put out nine chairs and put them around the table. I sat on one and put my feet on the table. I put on the sparkly birthday hat.

"Doing what every child should,"

I pulled and string and it lifted the camera revealing I was alone.

"Sit and listen, sit and listen,"

Then I made a sign. I cut two pieces of styrofoam. On one side I wrote "neglected". On the other "never loved".

I got someone to film me walking around the high school hallways. They didn't understand. It was a Tuesday. I walked through the crowds as he filmed me.

"Went to school I was very nervous,"

He filmed the people making weird faces.

"No one knew me, no one knew me,"

I walked into a clasroom in the middle of a class with the sign still on.

"Hello teacher tell me what's my lesson,"

He filmed the teacher's face and what my signs said. I thanked him and I went home. I put on a white cloth skirt. And a white cloth shirt showing my ribs and stomach. With my hands at my sides I slowly pulled down a string to show my stomach as like something unexpected happening.

"Look right through me, look right through me,"

I filmed my face again.

"I find it kinda funny, I kinda find it sad. The dreams of which I'm dying are the best I've ever had. It kinda hard to tell you, it's kinda hard to take,"

Then I ran in circles again.

"When people run in circles it's  a very very,"

I sat down and crossed my legs.

"Mad world, mad world. Enlargen your world. Mad world,"

I turned off the music. I turned it into a CD. I put it in a case that said "Don't watch this till November 22nd." I threw it at carlisle's head and screamed. I wailed and ran back downstairs.

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Sorry it's supposed to be a DVD. Not a CD. SORRY!!!!
Oh my god. I'm like crying as I read this. I'm gonna start to sneak you food everyday. You can come stay in my old bedroom. It's ok!!!
It's a good story, pls write more!!!!!

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