Hello all, I have been fairly busy lately thus the lack of posts. I will be posting more soon. Things are slowing down. Have a good one and thank you for your support ladies. Sarah :)


The whole month of October went by in a blur. One moment I was adjusting to being friends with the Cullen’s and the next I was getting a ride to school with one of them everyday. The only people who didn’t seem too fond of me were still Rosalie and Edward. They were the same with Colleen. We sat down at lunch with them and the boys. “Well Sarah, one week.” Emmett said. “Until what?” I asked. “Your birthday silly.” Alice responded. Everyone laughed and Riley put his arm around me. “Some day’s Sarah I swear you were meant to be blonde.” He said to me. I stuck my tongue out at him. Everyone laughed. Since we first met a few from the original group have slowly come to say hello to the Cullen’s.  Carly was one of them. She automatically clicked with Edward. They talked constantly about baseball and track and field. Alyssa seemed jealous of us. It was as if she wanted to meet the family but was too scared to meet them. She did actually approach them today. ‘Hey guys.’ She said nervously. “Hey Ilyssa.” Alice said. Alyssa looked surprised that Alice knew her name. “I’m Alice.” She said. Alyssa went through all of the names like Colleen and I did previously. “So, is this the cool club now?” Alyssa asked. “Oh no, it isn’t. we are the unique ones, that’s all.” Alice said with a smile. A new member of the family, Isabella spoke up. “We are the outcasts who just weren’t accepted anywhere.” She laughed “Well it was nice meeting you but I gotta go.” Alyssa ran out the back door as fast as she could. I looked at the clock and saw that I had to go as well. I looked at Riley, “Well love? Time to go?” He nodded and got up. ‘See you all later.” You heard various goodbyes. “Bye Sarah, bye Riley.” Olivia said. “See you kiddo’s.” I heard Emmett said. Everyone waved and smiled. Only Carly remained.


Riley and I walked up the stairs and we started to talk about both my birthday and our one year. “Well we have made it.” He said. “Ya, somehow.” I joked. He smiled. “See that Rachel thing was only a phase. Alice told me she was over it. Do you need to get something from your locker?” I just remembered what I needed. “Crap!” I said loudly. I saw a few heads turn as I ran down the stair. I almost ran into the principal. “Easy now Sarah. We don’t need an accident.” He said to me. “I’m sorry Mr. Evans. I just forgot something and I really need it.” I began to walk again. “Sarah!” He yelled. I stopped dead in my tracks. “What do you need?” “I need my pointe shoes, ballet shoes and hip hop shoes.” A light had then gone on in his head. Mr. Fletcher was gone today and whoever had the latest project done was a free soul. Mr. Evans nodded his head and I continued on. I ran to my locker and noticed Alice casually standing beside it. She looked concerned. “Hey, you ok?” She asked. I opened my locker and slammed it shut. “Ya, fine.” I continued to walk up the stairs and she followed. “Sarah! What are you doing?” she tried to catch up with me and I just went faster until I was in an all out sprint on the third floor. I checked if I had my iPod in my pocket.  Did I have it? Yes. I turned my head to see if she was following me. She wasn’t. I slowed down.


I thought I saw her again so I ran down hallway again and almost ran into Riley. “Hey, there you are. Are you ok?” he looked at me concerned. He took my face into his hands and looked at me. I nodded. “Use words my love. I can’t tell if you are ok or not when you just nod.” “I’m fine Riley. I just really need to get on my toes. I’m a little stressed.” I told him. I began to walk away but he followed me. “Sar, at least let me watch you. I need to make sure my baby girl is ok. Please?” I looked at him and said, “Sure, why not, just keep up.”


I walked into the dance room and plugged my iPod in. I slipped my pointe shoes on and went up to the bar. I warmed my feet up to a dark, dreary instrumental. I looked around to see that Riley didn’t follow me. I finally went up on my toes and began to jump and create. I came up with a dance to do on my toes and began. I let the music take me wherever it wanted me to. My body took me away. To somewhere magical where I didn’t have a care in the world. The song finished and so did I. I felt relieved, relaxed and rejuvenated. I had enough of my pointe shoes. They were making my toes throb so I put my more comfortable jazz shoes on.


I composed for several minutes. After a few minutes I had no choice but to put my brace on. My ankle was killing me. I hissed in pain. I knew that I couldn’t stop now though, I needed to practice and take all the time I had. I decided to go through the pain and take it anyway. ‘Whatever doesn’t kill me makes me stronger.’ I thought. I turned Enrique Iglesias’ Dirty Dancer. I swung my hips and let the music command me. Rational Sarah had left the building. My dancing side was in. The song described my movements. I was a dirty dancer with sharp movements. I got to the middle of the song and began to turn. I imagined myself on the stage auditioning for So You Think You Can Dance Canada. I finished the dance and landed in a full split with my back arched and head touching my back leg. I was panting. I forgot how demanding this type of dance was. I had stuck to my traditional style for three years now. I got out of my position and noticed three people standing in awe after watching me. Alice, Edward and Emmett. Alice had a look of disbelief. “Hey guys.” I said nervously.


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Btw, is that Carly girl gonna b with Edward?? Plz tell me no, I think he belongs with Bella, idk they're so sweet together... Lol but it's ur story....
Love it!!!

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