My Life is Not So Normal Anymore-Part Five-Two Very Unusual and Odd Humans

This one is the last one for the night. It is written from Alice's POV (I had LOTS fun picking at her brain this afternoon.) I will have more tomorrow. Time for Criminal Minds and brain shut down for me. To those in my timezone have a fabulous night and to those who aren't have a fabulous day :) Sarah E.


Alice’s Point of View



I looked to my left and saw a very interesting girl. A strange girl. She didn’t seem like a normal human. She was different. I gave her a smile and it was as if she knew I was looking at her, she looked back at me immediately and smiled. She waved and I nervously sat beside her. I sat down and tried to get a good look at her. She had dark hair and absolutely stunning eyes. Her skin was just a little darker then mine. Her scent was unique and far different from anyone else here. A combination of rose and chocolate with a little lilac maybe?  It was far more appetizing, appealing and just very different. I saw the way she sat as well. Straight up with her shoulders back and her head perfectly in line with her neck. Perhaps she was a dancer. She was extremely small, not normal. I then remembered that I had seen her earlier on today. She with a boy who was almost as tall as my Jasper. He had held the door open for me and had these absolutely stunning ice blue eyes. I also remembered vaguely of a vision I had a few months previous. We were still living in New Hampshire and I saw this girl. I saw her being rather different and slowly becoming closer to me. I just didn’t know how to take it. I crossed my legs in a similar  fashion to hers. She noticed immediately. A very observant human unlike the rest of them. She noticed every little thing I did and tried not to seem nervous of it. She didn’t appear to be on edge. She appeared fairly cool and confident The bell rang and she sprinted out the door. She didn’t even bother to say a word to me or even drop a hint about her name.


I decided that I would tell Edward about this girl. See if he could figure her out. I ran into him and Jasper on the way downstairs. “Is there something you need to tell me about?” Jasper sensed my anxiety and attempted to calm me. I pulled them both to the side. “There is this really different girl in both of my morning classes and it worries me. She is not your average human. I first saw her with this boy…” “Riley.” Edward said to me. “Riley O’Hara. I got a decent view of his brain during second period. He is very intelligent, even for a human. His brain works literally steps ahead of everyone else. He was always thinking of this girl though he didn’t think about her name. I believe he is that girl’s boyfriend.” Edward said. ‘I just wonder’ I thought. “He seems very confident.” Jasper added. “I met another girl similar to the one you are talking about. She is different. Very insecure. Though she did enjoy looking at me. and her scent was appealing.” I continued to walk through the halls. A little faster then a normal humans speed. Edward and Jasper followed me. I ran through my visions to see if I saw that girl more then once. I came up with her face only once. Those girls were far different from the others. We sat down beside Rosalie and Emmett and I saw that all the props were in place. No human would worry about us. Bella didn’t come to school today. She stayed home to be with Renesmee and Olivia. “I’m surprised that no human has noticed us yet. I wonder how long it will take for these ones to notice the new freaks.” Emmett commented. “They’re too self centered, Emmett. This group is different from the rest.” Edward commented. I saw the girl walk in with another girl and two boys. “There they are.” Jasper said. I saw one girl drag all four by their hands to a table to sit down. A group began to form at the table. They were having rather friendly conversations. They must be close. “You’ve got that one right.” Edward told me. “And we have been spotted.” Emmett said. “So much for being too self centred huh.”


‘I have been able to get a read on them all.’ Edward thought, ‘Except the two we are fascinated with’ “The one girl’s name,” Edward said aloud, “Is Sarah. She is very selfless according to the others minds. She is remarkably beautiful. The others name is Colleen. They are the extremely close to each other. She too is a very beautiful soul.” Sarah. I thought. Very traditional. “She is beautiful.” Rosalie added. I could tell Jasper sensed her jealously. “Which one is which Edward? They look similar. Still they are both gorgeous.” Rosalie hit Emmett’s arm. “Sarah is the one in the who is paler then the rest and in the grey shirt with her hair pulled back and colleen is the one is shorts and a t-shirt.”  They got up and I saw Sarah pulled down back into her chair. It was by her boyfriend. “The boy who pulled her down,” Edward pointed, “That’s Riley.” I saw him start to argue with Colleen and in the end it looked like she won. They came skipping towards our table arm in arm with huge grins on their faces. Both of the boys looked nervously at their girlfriends hoping over here. “Oh great.” Emmett said. He rested his head on his fist. “Shouldn’t they be scared of us like the rest of these people?” Jasper tried to make them nervous but the attempt failed. The girls stopped at the end of the table. Colleen was the first to speak, “Hey guys. Welcome to bear country!” She had a huge smile on her face. Sarah sat on the table top and colleen followed suit. “My name is Sarah.” Sarah said to us. “I am Colleen and we are your PCHS greeters. Kinda like the Wal-Mart people but we are far nicer and not as old as dirt.” Colleen laughed. Emmett spoke first, “Hey, I’m Emmett.” “What a pleasure to meet you Emmett.” Sarah responded. She went over and shook his hand. I was nervous to say my name but I did anyway. “Hi. I’m Alice.” I said in my sweetest tone. I saw Rachel slip through the back door with Pizza. She sat down and the girls didn’t even notice. I saw colleen reach over to hug me. I flinched and worried about what she would think about me being cold to the touch. I put my arms around her. She shivered a little. She then lightened up and looked toward Sarah. “Sar! There are finally people as cold as us! I knew they existed!” We all couldn’t help but laugh. Everyone else said their names but Rosalie seemed fairly unhappy with them. She just glared at Sarah throughout the conversation. Rachel finally spoke up. “Hey! I’m Rachel and this is my family and we are all…” Everyone growled at her and shot death glares. She was new to this life and had taken to it quite well. She just hadn’t totally grasped the concept you can’t tell the humans about who we are. This was the second almost slip of the day.


Colleen looked at all of us and whispered something to Sarah. We didn’t listen to it. “Colleen just wanted to tell you that she loves the colour of your eyes. We have never seen anything like it. It’s absolutely stunning.” She said in a very sweet tone. Jasper tensed up. I could tell that the full affect of their scents combined had finally hit him. I hoped that they had forgotten about what Rachel had said. “So Rachel was saying something but she stopped. Why?” I thought too late. Sarah had noticed. She was too smart for her own human survival. Edward heard my panic. “We’re the Cullens. We just moved here two weeks ago. It’s a pleasure to meet you both. You are really the only people who have come to welcome us.” Edward knew how to use his charm with humans. He made them even more at ease. That didn’t make anyone of us more secure. We didn’t need to have anymore humans knowing about us. I really didn't need them prying for anymore information.  

Colleen began to relax. I felt that emotion take over me as well. ‘Thanks Jazz’ I thought. “So where y’all from?” Colleen asked. She took a seat beside me and I felt the heat emanating from her skin hit me. I attempted to control myself “We moved here from New Hampshire. Our father recently got a job offer up here and he took it. Our mother is enjoying it here far more.” I saw a look of shock come from Sarah. “So you guys,” She made a circle with her finger and looked at all of us, “Decided to move to this crap h*** over staying in New Hampshire? I really don’t see the appeal this retirement town has to you guys. I have lived here my whole life and I can’t wait to get outta of here.” I tried to think of a reasonable response that seemed to not be a lie. The true story is that Olivia freaked out and killed an entire science class. That sent Rachel crazy and led to an entire massacre. We ended up burning down the school and destroying all records of our being there. They really didn’t need to know that one. Edward continued to talk for us, “Our mother has always had a fascination with Canada. She has always told our Father she has wanted to be up here. So we chose here because she is not much for a city but is close to them. Our father works in Toronto.” “Oh. I see. What’s his name? My mother might know him.” Sarah asked. “Her Mom is an ER nurse. She knows practically everyone.” Colleen added. “Doctor Cullen.” Edward said smoothly. “We’ll ask your Mom tonight.” Colleen told her.


We sat in silence for several minutes. It was odd for humans to remain this long. Normal humans would have began to veer away from us a while ago. There is something not quite right with them. Jasper was bouncing all the possible emotions towards the girls but they didn’t budge. I could tell he was getting frustrated. I heard the bell ring. Everyone began to get up. “That’s just the first bell. No need to worry.” Colleen said calmly. “Now the least we could do is take you or at least point you into the direction you need to go for your next classes. Please let us do that.” Sarah pleaded. I saw the bag hanging over her shoulder. ‘Black Coach messenger back.’ I noted mentally. Rose seemed to be over her jealously and said something to Sarah, “Is that a coach bag?” Sarah looked down and responded to her, “Oh this? Yes it is. I got it for forty dollars at the outlet store in Niagara Falls. I love it. Its one of the best bags I have gotten there besides my tote.” She smiled and looked at the bag. Rachel began to collect her things. Colleen asked her where she was going. “Umm Ms. Jason’s grade nine science class.” Colleen gave her directions to where she was going to be going. “So,” Colleen said as she got up, “Where are the rest of y’all heading? We’re here to help.”


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This is so good Sarah!!
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