Hey all, i know that the font i used for Alice's writing isn't her own used in the book but i tried my best. Hope you enjoy!By the way do any of you know where i can get the Twilight fonts? Thanks. Enjoy! All the best, Sarah E. :)



Back to my POV


I saw all of the Cullen’s gold eyes stare at Colleen and I in shock. It was as if they had never seen two people willing to help them out. Or anyone at all for that matter. They probably though that they were total freaks. I found them to be the exact opposite. Totally awesome. Though, I still could not completely comprehend why they wanted to move here. they obviously found some appeal in the Niagara Region. Colleen asked them all again where they needed to go. “Like I said before, we are here to help. We are not the enemy guys. We are the nice ones at the school. We want to help y’all get around and not get lost here.” They still had a look of shock. “You guys all look like deer’s in headlights, seriously, this isn’t normal.” I said. “Well, you see, we have never had people actually offer to help us before.” Jasper told me. I noticed a southern accent that I hadn’t heard previously. That was different and they said that they had come from New Hampshire. ‘Odd’. I thought. Alice finally spoke again, “Jasper and I have Geography. I’m not too sure about the rest of you though.” I thought for a moment. I had Geography as well.


 I looked over my shoulder to see Riley approaching the table cautiously. I flagged him over. He came a little faster and whispered in my ear, “I really don’t like these people. They seem a little too odd for my comfort Sarah. Lets go, please.” I shook my head. “They aren’t bad people Riley. They don’t bite.” All of them laughed nervously. “I’ve got Physics.” Edward announced. “Rose and I have got Math so we better be going. Nice talking to you.” Emmett got up and put his arm around Rosalie’s waist and went out the emergency door and took a right at the secret stairway. “Come on Edward,” Colleen said, “You’re coming with me.” Edward got up and followed Colleen. “Well,” Riley said as he looked at Alice and Jasper, “It looks like you are with us.” He sighed and put his arm around my waist. “Follow us.” He said. “And try to keep up.” Jasper rose nervously and went to Alice’s side. He looked at her and said something that was inaudible to me.


We walked up the shortcut stairway and to the second floor through the business hall. “So it looks like you guys get to have the Fletchenator with us. This. Will. Be. Interesting.” I said in an intimidating voice. “I think it will be fun.” Alice said cheerfully. “I talked to the one man and he said this is really easy. He called me cute.” “Then that’s probably Bell.” I said to Alice. We walked into Geography with only a minute to spare. Mr. Fletcher looked up from his papers. “Hello you too.” He looked at the clock and looked at me. “Literally here with a minute to spare Sarah. Is there a reason for this?” He looked impatient today. I prepared my battleships for an argument, something that is quite common with this teacher. Alice walked in behind us. “They were helping us get around. I’m Alice and this is Jasper. We’re new here.” Alice told him sweetly. I relaxed immediately. The teacher’s face softened. I took a seat with Riley and Alice sat beside me in the next pair of desks. ‘Thank you new girl, you just saved my butt.’ I thought.


The class went by rather quickly. The most likely reason is that I talked to Riley the whole way through. He said that he was worried about these new people here and wasn’t too sure of them. “Just watch yourself around them ok love? I don’t want to see you hurt.” He said to me. I felt like church goers listening to a preacher preach the same message over and over again. I started to tune out. I noticed that Alice had passed a note to me, “Tell your boyfriend to stop worrying about us. We won’t hurt you, by the way do you have English next? Please say yes.” I looked at the note and was astounded by the neatness of her hand writing. I hadn’t seen anything like this in years. The last time I saw something like this was, well at the archives. I tried to make it look like I was writing down what I was being told. Instead I replied to Alice. “I will try my best at that one. No guarantee’s about that. He doesn’t seem to very comfortable about you all. And yes, I do have English next. I can’t wait to get back to it. What does Jasper have?” I passed the note back to Alice as secretly as I could. I saw her bounce up and down in her seat as she read it. She passed the note back to me. “Yay! Someone I know is in my last class. Jasper has math. What does Riley have? I have to admit he is kind of cute. Riley I mean.” I turned to Riley and asked him what he had last period. “Ry, what you do have last period again?” “I have business, why?” “Oh, just wondering.” He gave me a critical look. “You aren’t trying to set me up with the blonde guy are you? I would rather hang out with Traver then him. He freaks me out too much.” I mouthed Riley’s answer to Alice and she nodded her head. She turned to Jasper and told him something. He nodded and then the bell rang. I now totally appreciated the saying Saved by the Bell.


Alice skipped to my side. “It’s a shame that Jazz and Riley didn’t have the same class.” We manoeuvred around the crowd of nervous grade nines. They all seemed to veer far away from Alice and I. I walked in to talk to my favourite teacher for a minute. Alice stood outside the door. “Come on in Alice.” I said. Alice seemed apprehensive but came in anyway. “Hey Ms. McBride.” I said. I saw her head lift up. “Hey Sar! How are you?” I walked over to her desk. “I’m pretty good, yourself?” “Well. Who is the girl who is standing behind you?” She said “Oh, that’s Alice.” I told Ms. McBride. “Come over here Alice.” I said. I motioned with my hand for her to come over. “Hi. I’m Alice. Alice Cullen. It’s really nice to meet you. Sarah said that you were her favourite teacher.” She showed a big smile and showed all of her teeth. I couldn’t believe how white they were. “Well Sarah, I didn’t know that you thought that highly of me. it is very nice to meet you Miss Cullen.” I looked at the clock and said to Ms. McBride, “I’m dreadfully sorry but I have to go. Talk to you later.” I ran out of the room and Alice followed very quickly behind.


Colleen had already taken a seat. “Hey, guys over here!” She waved her hand in the air. She pounded her hands on the seats she had saved. Alice and I took our seats respectively. I noticed that Ilyssa was sitting by Colleen but had all of a sudden moved to sit by Kyla. Colleen motioned with her hand to come back. She shook her head and refused. That was the fasted class of all. I spent all my time talking to Colleen and Alice. I had homework though, I really had no interest but I had to do it. I am starting to like the little freak. I want to know her better in the days to come


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love it!!!!!!!

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