A slow chapter but at the end its a reunion of two people with each other. Its a cliff hanger! Its sweet. 


I felt a snowball hit my face. I looked and saw Emmett forming another one in his hands. I noticed he didn’t have any gloves on… Oh the advantage these vampires had. I unfortunately had to wear gloves. I had my Vancouver 2010 mittens on and a longer pea coat. Emmett had a shorter jacket on and was taking it off. He threw another snowball but it unfortunately hit my face. “Oh its on!” I said. I threw a snowball and hit him at the exact place I wanted. Right down under. It didn’t move him though. Damn. We fought with just ourselves for ten minutes and then the rest of them joined in. Except Esme and Carlisle. Carlisle didn’t participate because he was at work and Esme because she was decorating the house for Christmas. I had the advantage of Alice and Jasper on my side. I was being thrown around like clothing in a clothes dryer. By the end of the fight I was absolutely covered in snow and chattering.

I walked in and Esme saw what I looked like. “Take off you boots! The floor will be soaked.” You heard echoes of yes Mom and from Jasper you heard, “Yes Mama, whatever you say.” He rolled his eyes. She slapped his arm. “You may have been around almost as long as your father but that is not a way to speak to your mother.” He was hit hard by the look of it. She took my jacket. “Let me take your coat Sarah, you looked like you are soaked to the bone you poor thing.” She ruffled my now curly hair. I shook. Michelle walked down the stairs yawning. “Did I miss a good fight during my nap?” she asked. I sat on the couch, shaking. Alice began to layer on the blankets I felt like I was restricted in my movements. I shifted myself towards the fire place. I sat on the ledge. I took a mug from Esme inadvertently. It tasted like tea. “Thank you Esme.” I said. I heard the door open and slam shut. “It smells like snow.” Someone yelled. Carlisle walked up the stairs and kissed Esme. He came toward me. “You, explain the smell.”  He said. ‘Well I try my best don’t you know.” He laughed. His laugh was like music. I tried to suppress a cough. I failed though. The door opened and closed again. I shook uncontrollably. Riley walked up the stairs. He saw me and looked at Emmett. “You, owe me a shift for the damage done.” He went over to me and I shook harder. “Come her baby. Its ok, its going to be ok.” He smoothed my long, wavy hair with his hand. He held my tightly. I sneezed. “You’re going to get sick my love. You know better then that.” I looked at him deep in the eyes. He nodded. He mentally understood what I wanted to tell him and that’s all that really mattered.


I sat on the couch a little while longer before I looked out and saw it was snowing. I realized I had to walk home. I groaned. A family of vampires came my way. I wasn’t used to that, all of the attention. Alice looked at me. “She’s sick of her wet clothes.” She announced. I really didn’t want all of them to hear that. sometimes, when she does that she annoys me. “She can raid my closet if she wants.” I saw Olivia walk in with Rachel quietly. Their eyes were a deep gold. “I would like that Olivia, thank you.” I got up and realized that I was a little dizzy. I forgot I had fallen asleep. Riley held onto me. I went upstairs and into Olivia and Rachel’s room. It was simple. Two twin beds, two closets and two desks. There wasn’t a window. I walked towards one of the closets. I opened it and found simple things. Things that would suit me. “You can pick whatever you like. I’m warning you though, I will pick for you too.” I laughed at Olivia. I pulled out a burgundy v-neck cardigan and dark wash blue jeans. Olivia pulled out something a little more complicated. A black camisole, a practically see through black t shirt dress shirt and then another burgundy long cardigan and dark jeans with heels. I looked at her up and down. “Ya, no.”  I said. I put on what I wanted to wear and Alice walked in. ‘That is perfect.” She came over and hugged me.


Alice practically dragged me into another room. This time, it looked like hers. She had a curling iron, flat iron and a whole bunch of other things set up.  She put me down in front of a mirror. “Why does everything about me have to be such a big deal?” She started to play with my curls. “Well, you are the first human we have had in our house for a while so everything is big to us.” I sighed. “I’m thinking a French roll. Riley would like that.” Alice smiled. That took in essence under a minute to do. She walked into her closet. “I’ve come to the conclusion that you and Colleen reuse clothes. I went shopping over the weekend and all last week for you two in Europe don’t you know?” She pulled out black flats.


She took me into a new area. A new area that I had never seen before. It was a large room with a 8 foot tall Christmas tree. “Emmett took it out of the back.” I looked and saw a large gaping h*** where the tree should be. “I had fun that night.” Emmett said with a huge grin. I saw Riley standing in the corner and someone was standing behind him. She stuck her head out from behind him. “Mom!” I ran and hugged her tightly. She  wrapped her arms around me with the same grip. “Hey Bella.” I looked up and then into her green eyes. I held her tight and didn’t want to let her go.


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I read them all and I'm loving it!!!
Aww I love it!!!:)

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