Renesmee is the first and only child of Edward Cullen and Isabella Swan, the first child half human and half vampire and still have both parents. Renesmee is described by Bella and Charlie as a child of extraordinary beauty has rosy cheeks, eyes Bella's chocolate brown, bronze-colored hair like Edward, like his grandfather Charlie curly, waist-length, but the face is very similar to father. Already from birth all the milk teeth, dimpled cheeks when she smiles, and because of its rapid growth remains very thin. Renesmee has developed an immense love for his mother when he was already in her womb, as when Edward finds out Bella's pregnancy. He manages to capture the thoughts of the beautiful creature that carries within.
He's very competitive, in fact, Jacob and Edward, her hunt for animals, the challenge to who will take the biggest. According to Bella, she likes to play with shiny things. From birth we discover that, despite being half-human, Renesmee has developed two additional senses, the first allows you to send your thoughts via the contact of palms (the opposite of the power of Edward, the father, who thought the law without contact) and can penetrate any psychic shield (the opposite of the power of Bella's mother, whose mind is impenetrable by a kind of psychic shield).
Renesmee is a hybrid of vampire and human, which means growing at a rapid rate (according to Edward, each month that passes you will grow to six), and his mind grows even faster, making it very intelligent already a few days after his birth. Is not poisonous, but has a thick skin as that of a vampire is able to sleep and cry, can survive even with human food (but much prefers to drink blood) has strength and speed typical of vampires, and a little voice " soprano. Her heart beats at fast pace, "like the wings of a bird in a cage, and blood in her veins, making it capable of blushing. His body temperature is slightly higher than human, and about 38/39 °.
It has the power to show his thoughts and memories by touching someone's face with his hand, passing each shield. Carlisle supposed to be a reversal of the gift of Edward, who has the ability to read minds, and the gift of Bella, who has a mental shield and keep all outside it, and nobody can keep out Renesmee.
Renesmee is very fond of Jacob, because of imprinting that the young werewolf had with her, and has a very protective attitude towards him, calling it the beginning "my Jacob" in his family loves him very much to his parents, Rosalie, who took care of her during the transformation of Bella, and Charlie, his maternal grandfather.

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