First I do wanna say I LOVED the movie and I dont want to be nit-pickey on the movie. But there were somethings....


         Sorry for  being so long.

   The movie started just like new moon, and eclipse with the giant Breaking dawn name. {Which I thought was so cool}

Now I don't remember exactly weather this was before or after Bella and shoes but Jacob runs out of his house and drops the invite to the wedding and runs off into the woods which was at the end of the eclipse book.

And we cut into Bella trying on her wedding shoes and the rest of the Cullens building the seats and everything for the wedding. Which I thought was something nice that wasn't in the book but seemed like it could of been. After Bella and Alice banter about the shoes for a minute we go to Bella pacing in her room and Edward comes in and tells her about his time when he ran off away from Carlisle. That was nicely done I thought.

And then I was so happy they did not cut out when Emmet and Jasper came to get him for his bachelor party that was one of my favorite parts of the book.  Bella then has the nightmare about her as a vampire standing on top of all her dead friends. Now I may be wrong but wasn't that later in the book after hey had sex and there was a baby boy so then Bella thinks she's having a boy? Ohh well it was a creepy dream either way.

So we then move on to the wedding Bella gets ready and I thought the moment right before she walks down the aisle was so sweet when she tells charlie don't let me fall. And they walk a couple feet and turn a corner and she opens he eyes and looks at Edward and to me it looks like she relaxes then. So moving on through the wedding I loved the Bella's friends making fun of the cake just being....human. All of the toasts were so funny I loved Charlie's the most. I have a gun and I can hunt down people.  And then out of nowhere Edward drags Bella off into the woods to Jacob. I missed some of the dancing and slower stuff in the book for the wedding. 

And then Jake and Bella. I thing I liked the way they did it in the book more when she saw Jacob instead of running to him she just starts crying. and the whole seen I like better in the book exempt the ending where it starts to get really heated and the pack comes now I don't think that was so different from the book but I liked that part more.

And the little fight with Tanya and her family really was good because it will be easier for part 2 I think with their little fight in this movie.

When Edward and Bella leave to go Bella's talk with her dad had me crying. I don't know what to say but it was perfect. 

Now in there car driving away you could hear Jacob howling. I thought that was a important part in the book and Im glad they didn't cut it out.

Now the honeymoon I thought was great minus 2 things. When they went for a swim the whole conversation I wish they put in it was probably my favorite part in the book and that really saddened me it wasn't in the movie. The second thing is I wish Edward was in bed when Bella woke up the first night and they talked about the feathers. I Loved that part in the book.  The chess and everything else they did on the honeymoon was great no complaints there.

Moving on to Jacob after they find out Bella's pregnant. He comes over talks to them blah blah blah you know what happened u saw it. lol sorry trying to make this shorter.

Now the talk between Edward and Jake I thought they did a good job on.  But the wolves talking in there head.... I knew it was going to be hard to try and do that in a movie compared to easily just righting in different script in a book but...  Why did you have to make it sound cheesy. I couldn't look when that happened. I thought I was five again watching a cheesy cartoon. And they really rushed through that entire scene. It was supposed to be a important moment in the movie Jake standing up to Sam and they just go right though it. That really sucked I thought that was a great part in the book.

But the next parts with Jake bickering with Seth were good just like I thought they would be. Speaking of bickering. No Rose and Jake fights. That was great parts in the book and they didn't even acknowledge them in the movie. That wasn't cool.

Through the whole thing they sure did a good job making Bella look like she's dying. 

The birth scene. Umm wow. That was scary. They did a good job showing Bella's view and the normal perspective. Now I thought Rob and Kristen did a GREAT job acting in this scene. She really looked dead and Rob really just wouldn't give up like in the book.

When Jacob runs outside and starts crying. I started crying I was so sad for him yet I read the book I know he gets Nessie but still. Great job acting on Taylor's part.

Jacob imprinting. I was thrilled with it. Now it wasn't how I imagined it but they way I pictured it in my head while I was reading it wouldn't of been good in a movie anyway. Flashing through life ahead with Nessie was perfect. Jake falling to his knees really got the pint across. 

The added fight with the wolves I thought made a good addition in the movie. Jake running out saying you kill her you kill me and Sam attacking. But when Edward read Jake's mind I pictured him mad about Jake imprinting.

Now vamp Bella. The slow transformation of her turning was greatly done. And circling her face for her to open her blood red eyes was a Fantastic way to end. But to be honest at 2 in the morning you could say I wasn't happy about not seeing vamp Bella.

 The whole movie minus some little things I thought they pulled it off nicely. I hope you do agree and you enjoyed the movie to.

P.S. Thanks to my dad for taking the night off from work and taking me to see the movie even though I know you understand none of it and slept though most of it. :)



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