Some people say I am too harsh on Kristen and I should give her a break. This is what I feel and do not understand why some people just don't get it and continue to "idolize" Kristen.

She was living with a great guy that was ready to commit to her (maybe), but it is a fact he trusted her completely.  Something very important to Rob, to and any relationship is complete trust and love  When somone breaks that trust,  you have built up over the years as friends and lovers you just can't forget and excuse it so easy.

She knew all parties involved, Rob, Rupert, his wife and childern.  She did know he was married, and chose to ignore the hurt she was inflicting on Rob, Liberty and little kids.  This is not a person young people should be looking up to.  This is not a mistake, it was a choice to participate, whether Rupert made the first advances or Kristen.  This is so wrong.

If Kristen would have cheated on Rob with a single guy I wouldn't be too upset.I wouldn't like what she did, but I could have forgiven her.  What she did is not forgivable. And the fact that she shows no remorse for it makes it even worse.

Where has morality, marriage vows, and trust gone in the 21st century?  Do we live in a world where you do what you want, and forget about everything and everyone else?  I pray that we are not going in this direction.  It has terrible consequences, and outcomes to the extreme case as Aurora Co,  to this cheating scandal.  Where do you draw a line and say enough is enough?  Think of others and your loved ones and not only yourself!  Do not hold someone above basic morals and honesty because they are a superstar.  What is wrong is wrong.

Put yourself in Robs place,  would you forgive someone who completely blew your trust and love apart for a tryst?  Would you be so forgiving if trusting someone completely was something you held so high in your beliefs and life, and someone and someone you loved just didn't care about your beliefs?

Would you be so  trusting knowing someone and they know you are married with children, and yet they mess with your husband anyway?  It doesn't matter who made the first move, she did it anyway.  Would you ever trust that person with your children, husband or anything of yours again?  No!  and Liberty has been totally overlooked here.  Would you want to work with someone that was so self centered and insensitive to you?  I know I would not and would always be looking over my shoulder wondering what else she was up to.

She has made it clear in many interviews that she does what she wants, and doesn't care.  Is this girlfriend or wife material?  Is this someone you would be best friends with? Does Kristen really have any close, true friends? 

Please stop, and look at the whole picture and not just your blind alliegence to someone with a charactor like this.  She can change, but you don't change your complete way of thinking in a few days, weeks or months it takes time and total inner look inside yourself.

As far as Rob goes, get on with your career, and if Kristen changes, then think about trusting her again, and let things happen naturally. 

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