You know that story,
 the story about the girl who loved a vampire,
 while a were-wolf loved her at the same time,
 she had a child with the vampire,
 and the child fell in love with the were-wolf.
 Yeah, I'm the child of the were-wolf and human-vampire.
 And this is my story.

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I wonder, sometimes, who my love will be.
 Vampire. Shape-shifter. Or human.
 Every now and then I go crazy and imagine someone,
 someone that I dreamt that would be my love.
 I closed my eyes and saw someone. It was him.
But my last memory. Was him.
 "Are you there, Elix?"
 I heard someone say.
 "Yes. Where am I?" I asked.
"Home." they said. And then I saw her.
 And she was smiling. It almost scared me.
Buzz. Buzz. Buzz. My phone.
 Tara. "Hey you up yet?"
 I then realized I was having one of "those" dreams.
 Tara always told me that I had the most weird,
 out of the ordinary name, that a child could be given.
I told her I'm not an ordinary person.
We both knew that.
 Ever since I was a little girl I never could
-err- control my needs.
I remember when I was at the playground,
 as a child,
 a older boy came over and kicked dirt into my face.
 I didn't like it obviously,
 so I took a handful of sand,
and squeezed the sand so hard that if it wasn't there I would be bleeding.
The older boy suddenly stopped, and fell.
 I then knelt down with my hand on the sand,
and turned my hand to the left a little.
He turned along with it.
My mom then saw what was happening
and came to pick me up and run away from the playground and then to never come back.
 From there on, she knew I was something special, and so did I.
Really good!!'

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