My Fallen Angel
A Twilight Poem

He fell from the sky
I swear it's true
He fell from heaven
From the sky so blue
My angel who sparkles
Glimmers in the sun
My fallen angel
He is the one
He's strong and he's handsome
He protects me always
He'd do anything for me
Throughout these stressful days
My angel's eyes change color
They are so beautiful
My angel's eyes enchant me
They will never be dull
I love my fallen angel
And I always will
My love will always love me
My personal Miracle

The Creatures: A Twilight Poem

They are interesting creatures
More angel than anything
The creatures I see are beautiful
They make my heart sing
The creatures eyes change color
Their skin sparkles in the sun
They are extremely strong
Look how fast they run!
The creatures I see now
Will love me throughout the days
The creatures I see now
I will love always

Goodbye:A Twilight Poem

He says goodbye to me
He left me all alone
He left me in the woods
Edward, please don't go!
I drop to my knees
Upon the leaf-covered ground
I'll never hear his voice again
That beautiful singing sound
I'll never touch his skin again
His smooth and sparkly flesh
I'll never see his eyes again
This is my new wish
I wish him to come back to me
To hold me once again
But this will never be
My sweet, angelic man

I Want a Man:A Twilight Poem

I want a man
Who will stay up till Twilight
And watch the New Moon with me
I want a man who's cold and sparkles
Someone who will love me
I want a man who will show me the Eclipse
At the beautiful Breaking Dawn
Who's as beautiful and graceful
As a dancing fawn
I want a man who's handsome
Who has loads of fun
A man who will sit with me
Underneath the Midnight Sun

Twilight:A Twilight Poem

Twilight is so beautiful
With its colors and its swirls
The New Moon is large and mystifying
Like a great big shiny pearl
The Eclipse is so odd
It's movements are so strange
Breaking Dawn is a wonderful time
A time when all things change
Midnight Sun so beautiful
The colors you will see
But all these would be even better
If you would watch them with me

Thanku For Reading!

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love them all!
thanks! tell ur friends!

bella cullen said:
love them all!
I really like I want a man.You put all the book titles...
This is great!
they are all very good
they are great you are an awesome writer i love i want a man
thaku! please tell friends!

Jennifer Ann Cullen said:
they are great you are an awesome writer i love i want a man
"I want a Man" is really creative and awesome!.....they are all very good poems!

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