My whole 5th Twilight book so far. If you've read other parts, then I've added more to it. But if you haven't, then here is the whole book so far. Read and comment please!

This is my whole 5th Twilight book that I'm writing so far. There are no other parts yet that aren't in this one. If you add me as a friend, then I will e-mail you when I post more. Remember to read and comment! Thank you! Here is the whole book so far:

As I looked out of our circular window into the dark, cloudy day, I couldn’t help but think of the first day Edward and I were on Isle Esme. I didn’t quite know why today of all days reminded me of that. Was it fear, was it acceleration, was it acceptance? Was it pure adrenaline that ran through my blood-dormant veins? It bothered me that I didn’t know.
I could feel yet another pang of presence in me as I was lost in thought. But this presence was different. This was the cold, hard, honey sweet smelling presence of a certain vampire that I loved. I turned around to see Edward’s face a mixture of concern and confusion, something a mind-reading vampire usually wouldn’t go through. But with a vampire shield as a wife, I’ve seen that look before. I imagined that the look on his face was there because of what I was doing. Standing in the corner of our cottage, staring out the window, no movement or sound coming from me whatsoever. The only times I ever did that were on certain occasions when something was wrong. He knew me too well.
“Love, what’s wrong?” Edward soothed.
“I’m not quite sure. I need something to cheer me up.” He knew what I was talking about.
Without a second of thought, he pulled me into his arms and started kissing me the way I always loved. Playfully but passionately.
Within seconds, I felt better.
Another vampire that I loved and truthfully wasn’t thinking about walked into the room just then.
“Having fun?” Renesmee asked, always the mature one. “So much for working on music, Dad.”
My eyes still sparkled and glistened when she called Edward Dad.
“Speaking of working, how’s your homework going, missy?” Edward spoke in his fatherly voice that I loved.
“It’s a work in progress.” She answered.
“Alright, come here.” I said to her, walking with my vampire speed over to the couch.
She sat on my lap, while I played with her beautiful thick brown curls. It was times like this when I thought of myself as an actual mother. It was an amazing feeling.
“What do you have left to do for homework?” I asked, acting responsible.
“Just some math, but Grandpa is helping me with that when he comes over tonight.” She answered.
Charlie was an issue that was getting resolved more and more every time we saw him. Edward always has to give a lecture to Nessie - which is now what we all call her, considering Renesmee can be a mouthful; but it’s still her legal name – about how to keep control and not to let her full vampire instincts take over, while I got ready and sometimes stuck an ear in to make sure that there was nothing extra that was important for me to add considering Charlie was going to be very close to her all night.
Charlie was starting to feel very comfortable at our house. We usually spent most of the time in the main Cullen house, but sometimes we would come back here to sit on the couch and talk, while Charlie drank his coffee and we would occasionally press the mug to our lips to make it look like we were drinking it.
I was amazed at how revolting human food had become. It was times like those that I wished that I had listened to my dad and not drank coffee as a human.
One of the good things about seeing him so much is that he doesn’t notice as much when my eyes change color. I’m lucky that my eyes were brown as a human, because that way they just look like they lightened up when they’re gold. I think that he’s finally starting to accept the way I look and not be astonished every time he sees me.
My thoughts were interrupted by the feel of a small, slightly cold hand on my cheek, and seconds later a picture of Charlie standing in the main Cullen doorway in my head.
I would never get over how amazing Nessie’s talent was. By one simple touch she could put a very vivid memory picture into anyone’s head.
“I can’t wait to see him.” Nessie said. She’s grown very attached to her Grandpa, and though he might complain about making him a Grandpa “so young”, he loves to see her as well.
Charlie doesn’t have much practice with little kids. I moved out with my mom when I was too little to talk or go to school, and whenever I came for about two weeks over the summers when I was little, I didn’t talk much, and I still wasn’t in school. It was amazing seeing his loving instincts.
“I know. Just remember the rules. Dad will go over them again before Grandpa comes.” I loved calling Edward Dad. And I might be wrong, but I’m almost positive that I see the corners of his mouth pull up every time someone calls him that or refers to him as Dad.
“I know, I know.”
“Yeah, you know.” I said.
“Alright, sweetie. Come here so I can explain the guidelines again.” Edward told her, walking over to the seat right next to me on the couch. I decided that I’d stay right here and listen to everything he says this time.
“Now, what do you do if you start to get thirsty?” He quizzed.
“Excuse myself to the bathroom, take deep breaths, and then come out when I can handle it.” She answered perfectly.
“And if you can’t get control of yourself easily, then you come get me or Mommy.” He told her, watching me smile and marvel as he called me Mommy. I loved it when he did.
“Okay. I will.” She responded.
“And try as hard as you can to not show Grandpa things too extravagant.” He advised her.
“I won’t.” And then as if to back what she said up, she put her little hand lightly to his cheek.
“That would be fine to show him.” He said after a minute of watching some picture that I wasn’t sure of in his mind.
Nessie picked up on my curious expression and moved her hand to my cheek.
I saw something so beautiful, so perfect, that for a second I thought that maybe Charlie would suspect something.
It was Edward.
“So how about I show him this.” Nessie said with a bit of sassy edge to her voice.
She then put one of her hands on my cheek and one of them on Edward’s.
And we both saw what we were doing in front of our little kid not ten minutes ago.
Edward, beautiful as ever, holding me tight to his chest, kissing me down my neck, and me looking very vulnerable in almost an embarrassing way.
“No!” Edward and I said at exactly the same moment.
She started chuckling, jumped down off of his lap and wandered into her room, while Edward and I watched after her in amazement.
“Always the adult.” He commented.
“Yup. What are we going to do with her?”
“I’m thinking vampire boarding school.”
“I’m thinking you might be on to something.” I said as I climbed onto him for another kiss. I could still feel that electric pull that brings him to kiss me even though I’m not a mortal anymore. I was worried a while ago that we were going to lose that. But sure enough, it’s still there. One of my favorite things about being a vampire, Edward didn’t hold back while kissing me. And now that the problem of my mortality is out of the way, he spends less time telling me that us having any physical contact was a life and death situation. If he ever lost control…
After so many feelings of presence today, you would think that every single one would feel the same. But yet, this next presence that was watching us was more embarrassing then our daughter’s presence.
“Wow. Renee and I didn’t do that with a little kid around.” A gruff voice said.
“Dad! Why are you in here? You usually go into the main house first.” I said frantically to Charlie, trying to change the subject he was starting on.
“Well, change is good. How about you two change your position.” He suggested sternly, clearly looking at me lying on Edward.
“Dad, we’re married and we have a kid. Do you really have to do this?” I asked him rhetorically.
But the look on his face told me that he wasn’t changing his mind.
I shifted off of Edward onto the couch seat next to him. Charlie was still eyeing Edward.
“Do you want me to take Nessie out while you two continue?” Charlie asked sarcastically.
“Charlie, we don’t do anything over the top while she’s here. We’re very responsible about that.” Edward said as polite as ever.
“Mhm. Alright. I just don’t like it. You’re only nineteen, for crying out loud, and you already have a family of your own. It took me twice as long as it took you two to find someone that I loved.” He compromised.
“And I truly love Bella with all of my heart. I promise you that.” Edward said, mesmerizing people with his voice and eyes yet again.
Charlie thought it over for a second. “I know. There’s no doubt in my mind that you do. I can see that. And even though you have done some things that made me resent you for a while – nothing personal; you know what I’m referring to – you’re still my son-in-law, and if Bella chose you, then you must be a decent person.”
I was shocked silent.
All I could do was move my finger signaling him to come over to me.
When he came over I stood up and gave him a big hug, holding my breath the whole time.
“Thank you.” I whispered in his ear, though I knew that Edward could hear.
“Renesmee. Grandpa’s here.” I yelled to her when I backed away from Charlie.
“Grandpa!” She came running in, giggling.
“Oh, hi sweetie. You get cuter and more energetic every time I see you.” Charlie told her.
Edward came up behind me then and put his arms around me. I held him tight to me, not believing that less than two years ago, he was just another face among all of the other students at Forks High School. Now, it was an insult to even think of him as “just another face”.
“Bella, Edward; I’m gonna be helping Nessie with her math homework, so if you two were in the middle of something before…” Charlie told us, me being grateful.
“They sure were.” Nessie said in a sly voice.
“Oh, really? What were you two doing?” Charlie asked, obviously changing his mind about us leaving.
But mine and Edward’s quick vampire thinking together moved at lightning speed.
“Bella was actually reading and I was working on music. It amazes me that she still reads Wuthering Heights over and over and over again. Is Heathcliff really that interesting?” Edward tried to change the way the conversation was going with a question. Smart, but Charlie was a cop, so it didn’t work.
He knew that I knew that.
“Bella, I’m surprised that you haven’t told your husband that the question distracting bit doesn’t work on a cop.” But I didn’t have to – This was another part of Edward’s plan. Obviously he could read Charlie’s mind, and he knew that the question distracting bit wouldn’t work. I wondered if I would ever be as quick and smart as Edward.
But, we were off that subject, so I was okay with whatever was going to happen next.
“Dad, why don’t we go to the main house to see everyone? I know how you love to see Alice.” I suggested.
“Okay. Let’s go Nessie.” Charlie told her.
Edward and I hung back for a few extra minutes, pretending to get our things together and lock the door.
As soon as Charlie and Nessie were out of earshot, I turned to face Edward. There was a very strange expression on his face, and it looked a little bit like disbelief and astonishment.
“What’s wrong?” I quickly jumped to that conclusion, considering he reads minds, and disbelief is usually a very rare occurrence for him.
“Your father is actually starting to accept me. After all of the unremarkably wrong things I have done. Two years ago, nearly getting you killed. Last spring, leaving you all alone to handle the most retched situations possible. And only a couple of months ago, completely putting your life on the line over and over again. Unbelievable.” He answered, still shocked.
“He realizes that you are what I want, what I always will want, and what I have. Forever. He’s finally becoming rational with you.” I told him, feeling a little bit amazed at how Charlie accepted him as well.
“Yes. And I’m glad.” He said while leaning in to kiss me.
The kiss was powerful, beautiful, and strong - just like our relationship - as always.
Edward opened the door and held it open for me, always the gentleman. We walked together toward the house, both feeling perfectly at ease.
Then a thought occurred to me.
“Is Jasper alright to see Charlie?” I wondered, now a little concerned.
“Perfect. He just went hunting a couple of hours ago.” Edward answered, relaxing my worried thoughts.
“And you?” I asked him. We hadn’t gone hunting for a couple of weeks.
“I’ll be fine. I’ve learned to control my thirst pretty well lately.”
“One hundred and eight years of practice.” I mumbled.
“Bella, you are doing an impeccable job for a vampire of your age. You have been doing amazing, and you will for a while. How is your thirst right now?” He asked casually, obviously not overly concerned, having too much faith in me yet again.
“I’m not thirsty today. I am a little bit worried about Renesmee though.” I admitted.
“She’ll be okay. We went over all of the guidelines with her. And besides, she has a great role model, Mommy.” He said in my ear, comforting.
It was astonishing that he knew exactly what made me smile, even though he couldn’t read my mind.
“The same goes for you, Daddy.” I said in his ear this time.
He chuckled. “You have no idea how I love being called that. I never thought I would in all of my years of existence.” He told me, while I thought almost the same exact thing.
We walked into the house then, watching Emmett smirk for no apparent reason, just as usual.
“Hello. Where’s Alice?” I asked as I looked around, noticing the smallest vampire was missing.
“In here, Bella!” Alice shouted from the kitchen.
Why was she in the kitchen? I decided to go see what she was doing.
When I got in the kitchen, I went over to Alice, standing in front of the coffee pot.
Oh. Just another human act.
She had nine coffee mugs out in front of her, waiting perfectly motionless for the coffee to be ready. She looked strange, but I couldn’t tell why.
“Bella…” She started, uneasy.
“What is it, Alice?” I wondered, a little alarmed now.
“Do you remember how Edward used to speak reluctantly about me?” She asked.
“Yes…” I answered quickly, trying to get more out of her.
“And do you remember why?”
Of course I did.
“Because you saw me as a vampire and…”
I suddenly realized part of the problem.
“Alice?” My voice was thick with worry.
No answer.
“Alice!” The worry had turned into pure fear.
I had to get more out of her.
“Edward! Jasper!” I shouted out to them, trying to keep my voice calm.
They both came rushing in, but were still trying to look casual for Charlie.
“What’s wrong?” Edward asked, alarmed, placing his hand on my lower back, just like he always did when he was worried about me.
“I don’t exactly know. Alice saw something, she said a couple of words to me, but then she just stopped, and now she won’t answer me.” I explained quickly.
“Alice? Alice, what’s wrong? You don’t have to speak, just think it.” Edward told her as Jasper took her hand in his.
Suddenly, Edward’s face turned such a strange shade of pale; it was literally pure white, with no emotion on his face.
“We have to get Charlie out of here. Now.”
And the way that Edward said that, it meant that we had no choice whatsoever.
Edward walked quietly out into the living room, gave one twitch of his head directly to Renesmee, and then went quietly out the back way to our cottage, signaling me to follow after Renesmee when she followed him.
Luckily, she’s like her father a lot, and her talent of lying that she got from him definitely helped right now.
“I have to go get my ruler from my room. I’ll be right back.” Renesmee lied, face straight and believable.
I followed after her, arriving in seconds at our cottage.
“Renesmee, go in your room and call Jacob. Tell him that we need him here as soon as possible, but to come into our cottage, not the main house. Remember, Grandpa Charlie can’t know that Jake’s here.” Edward immediately told her, not explaining what was going on first.
She ran back into her room, shut the door, and got to work on her call.
This was my chance to know what was really happening.
“Edward, what is the problem? What did Alice see?” I asked him frantically.
“The Volturi. They’ve found out that we’ve had close contact with Charlie, a human, and they’re afraid that it can’t end well.” Edward quickly told me, his face still extremely pale.
I couldn’t speak.
Who could have told the Volturi?
“Bella, you have to go get your father out of here. Tell him that Renesmee tripped on her way here on a rock and that she just wants to go to bed. Tell him we’re sorry and that we will call him later. Please, love. We have to.” He told me in a rush, quickly kissing me after he spoke.
“I’ll be right back.” I promised him.
I ran back to the main house, planning out my words in my head. When I finally got there, I went up to Charlie, trying to look casual, and lied straight to his face.
“Dad, Nessie just tripped on a rock on the way to our cottage. She’s okay, but she’s very tired and just wants to go to bed. Edward’s with her, and she’s doing alright. We’ll call you tomorrow if we get a chance, but if we don’t, then we will talk to you in some way as soon as possible. Thank you for coming over, and we’re very sorry that you have to leave early.” My words came out a little fast, but still very believable.
“I understand, Bells. Take care of your kid. You’re being a very responsible parent. And so is Edward. Just tell him that, okay? I want everything to be okay between me and him. I love you, Bells. Thanks again for having me over. I’ll talk to you later.” Charlie said, and gave me a big hug.
I hugged him back automatically. “I love you, too, Dad. Talk to you later.” I told him as he let go and turned for the door. He grabbed his coat and left in his police cruiser, which I watched pull away, making sure that he was gone, and not coming back anytime soon.
“Emmett, Rosalie, Jasper, Alice, Esme, Carlisle. I think Edward needs to talk to all of us. The Volturi have found out that we have had close contact with Charlie, and they’re not to happy about that.” I told them all in a rush, already heading for our cottage.
I saw them all get up with my peripheral vision as I was running very fast again.
When we got to our cottage, Jacob was already there, sitting with Renesmee, looking more anxious than usual. I went over to stand by Edward, who was fully focused on his plan to handle the Volturi.
“Bella, can I talk to you alone for a second?” Jacob’s gruff voice asked.
“Of course.” I said as I got up to go into mine and Edward’s bedroom, Jacob following.
When we were both in, I shut the door and made sure that we couldn’t be heard, even with vampires just yards away.
“I think I know why I’m here.” Jacob said, voice thick with something that sounded a bit like grief.
“You do?” I wondered.
“The ‘royal vampire family’ doesn’t like you having deep connections with a human, huh?” He asked. I could hear the quotations when he said “royal vampire family”.
“Jacob, how in the world do you know about that?” I asked, my interest taking over all other instincts.
“There’s a certain werewolf in my pack that’s a bit jealous of you who might have said a thing or two. Guess.”
Oh God. I couldn’t help but roll my eyes at that, even when my anger was explosive.
“How could Leah do this?! Is she that mad that I caused you a little ‘pain’ for a couple of months?!” I screeched, sure that the others could hear me now.
“I’m not sure. She shouldn’t have done it.” He tried to comfort me, most likely because he was afraid of me.
“Oh, I know that, and now she’s going to know that.” I said as I started walking towards the door, while I’m sure he knew part of what I was doing.
“Bella! Bella, no way! You are NOT going down there to talk to her! She is a WEREWOLF! And an irritable one at that!” He tried to convince me.
Well, now I can play that game too.
“And I am a vampire. And if you think for one second that I am any less than irritable, then you have got a sad awakening, Jacob Black.” I snarled at him.
I stamped out the door of our room, and then headed for the door out of the cottage.
“Bella, stop! No! You can’t just do this!” Jacob ran after me, yelling.
Edward, who was sitting with Nessie on his lap, immediately lifted her onto the couch seat next to him and stood up.
“Bella, what’s the matter?” He asked, pleasing me that he talked to me before Jacob.
But Jacob answered anyway.
“She’s going to pick a fight with a ticked off werewolf. Not one of her best ideas.”
Edward could see my eyes getting more and more agitated.
“Bella, just tell me what’s going on, love.” Edward soothed me, walking over to place his hand on my lower back again.
“Guess who told the Volturi about our little relationship with a human.” I snarled.
Edward then put all reason aside. He went straight up to Jacob and started yelling right in his face.
“How dare you let her do this? After all Bella has done for you, after all Charlie has done for you, after all our whole family has done for you? And if you’re too egotistical and stubborn to accept the fact that our entire family has done things for you, then just take Carlisle for example. He has taken good care of you and your whole pack, even when you weren’t grateful. Esme has given your pack her good clothing. She’s cooked for you. Emmett has given you his good clothing. And you let Leah ruin us like this. We could get killed. Charlie could get killed. Think about Renesmee.” Edward ranted. He couldn’t bear to actually say ‘Renesmee could get killed’
After that last part, Jacob was silent. He couldn’t fight, he couldn’t snap back, he couldn’t even talk. And maybe that was just what I needed.
“Bella and I are going to talk to Leah. We’ll be back. Stay here and watch Renesmee, please. If you don’t mind.” Edward asked his family, still very polite, even after what just happened.
Esme was the one who spoke up. “Of course we will, Edward. Does she need to do anything?”
“No. She’s fine. Thank you so very much.” Edward replied.
We quickly stomped out the door, both of us feeling very agitated and aggressive.
We were both completely silent the whole way there, but anyone could have guessed what we were thinking.
When we finally arrived at the forest where Jacob’s pack usually was, it didn’t take us very long to know where they were based on their scent. We eventually came across a big pack of multi-colored werewolves, all having the animal-like expression of surprise and anger on their faces.
Edward was the first one to speak. “We would appreciate it if you all phased to your human form, as we have something to discuss.”
My eyes were locked with the big, more feminine grey wolves’ big black eyes.
I heard a snarl ripple out from somewhere deep in my chest. She looked afraid.
Edward placed his hand on my lower back again while the wolves scurried out into the trees, getting their human clothes to change into. Within seconds, I heard all of their footsteps coming closer and closer. They finally walked back into our sight, where I could stare right into Leah’s human, hateful eyes.
Edward again made the first comment. He was the most experienced at this. It was probably the best idea for him to speak. I might just loose it and lunge for Leah’s throat.
“Leah, do you realize the complete destruction you have caused for my family? Do you have any idea how much damage you have caused? We could get killed! And with a little kid at home?! Charlie could get killed! You just violated your own side of the treaty!” Edward was yelling at her, while I still tried to concentrate on not ripping her throat out.
“Edward, calm down.” It was Sam’s voice now, irritating both of us with his calm nature while our family was about to be broken apart again.
“Sam, how can you expect me to be any calmer?! After all our family has done for you!” Edward yelled.
“Alright, time for me to step in.” I finally said, not having full control on myself.
I walked right up to Leah and spoke directly in her face, her scent burning my nose.
“Listen here, Leah. You DO NOT put my family in danger. I don’t think you know what it means to provoke the Volturi. And provoke as in, do something that they think is wrong. So telling them that we have been having contact with Charlie was not the best idea. Does it feel good to put a whole family in deathly danger?”
“Does it feel good to make your best friend hate life because every day he had to sit around and watch a vile, dirty, disgusting thing kill you from inside out?!” She shouted right back.
“Where have you been the last few months?! Jacob IMPRINTED with our daughter! And before you came along, he was perfectly happy with his life!” I screamed.
“He can’t help what he loves! Imprinting is completely against nature! It’s not his fault that he imprinted with that filthy, reeking, life-sucking, freaky parasite! Just look at it’s father!” She threw back.
I lost it.
Within seconds, I felt my body jerk to a crouch, my teeth bare, a growl escape from my chest, and Edward take his hand off of my lower back onto my shoulder to try to hold me back.
But he saw no gentleness in my eyes, so he wisely removed his hand and took a step back.
And I pounced.
My body in mid-air, my vampire instincts taking over, I landed right onto Leah and starting snapping so close to her neck, I was surprised that no one had tried to get me off of her. I was clawing, scratching, and clearly causing her screams of writhing pain.
But before I could see or hear anything else happen, I was overwhelmed with a jolt of piercing pain, and everything went completely black and soundless.
The pain was strange. Not at all like the transformation from human to vampire; that was more of a sudden rush of excruciating pain starting from one point in my body and spreading to every piece of me, down to my very core. This was a throbbing pain that slowly moved from one small acre of my body and shifted the slightest bit to another section. It seemed like it would never end. And, this time, it wasn’t like I was being held down, but more like I had all the space I needed to come up, but I just didn’t have the will to get myself to do it.
I could feel something razor sharp and painfully warm puncturing my cold, granite skin. It wasn’t really a stabbing, but more like a tearing. A tearing of my flesh, while I still felt sort of… together. Like every part of me was deflecting whatever was causing me this deathly pain. And somehow, I used that to bring back my senses, one by one.
First, I gathered myself together to hear what was going on around me.
“Mommy, I love you. Please wake up, Mommy. I know you can. You can be strong, Mommy.” I heard Renesmee’s sob broken voice whisper to me. If I could cry, tears would be pouring down my face. I needed my baby to be happy.
I was immensely afraid to bring back my sight. I didn’t think that I could handle looking at Renesmee’s crushed face streaked with tears. If only she could have not inherited those human tears. It might have been easier to look at her face.
I lightly fluttered my eyes open, being careful as to not show the shock on my face, no matter what I saw.
The sight was… strange. Not what I expected, that’s for sure.
It was the Cullen main house, that part was obvious. But the way it was set up… I had the strangest sense of déjà vu. The couch was in the middle of the room; it took me a couple of seconds to realize that I was lying on it. I heard the faint beeping of heavy machinery coming from another room, and a closer beeping coming from behind me.
The first person I located was Edward, sitting cross legged on the floor, holding my hand, with his head turned down and his eyes closed, like he was praying.
I gently squeezed his hand, causing his head to slowly turn up to face me.
His eyes were the most retched thing I’ve seen since I brought back my sight.
They were a glistening, pitch black, with pain buried deep in them. I could see the despair in them, and I was waiting to see just a tiny spark of hope in them, but it wasn’t there yet.
Déjà vu washed over me again, this time stronger than before.
I tried my best to speak, to console Edward, but I wasn’t exactly sure what to say.
I decided that it didn’t matter what I said, I just had to put that hope back in his eyes.
“Edward.” I choked out, my silvery voice surprising me yet again.
He quickly jumped up to his feet, leaning over me and holding my face with his hands.
When he spoke, his voice was weary and cracking, like he would be crying if it were possible. “Bella, love. Stay right here. I will be back before you even notice I’m gone.”
He then kissed my forehead and gracefully walked into the other room.
What happened to me? Nothing seemed coherent. I was fighting with Leah, she said something that really ticked me off, I pounced on her, I felt a jolt of piercing pain, and then….
All I could remember was darkness. A lot of darkness.
It seemed like I was missing some vital piece of information.
Edward walked into the room then, with Carlisle and Alice following close behind.
“Bella.” Carlisle began. “Can you hear me?”
The stern tone of his voice alarmed me. What really did happen?
I could see the concern growing in Edward’s eyes, so I quickly nodded.
Alice went to stand next to Edward, trying to comfort him.
“What…?” I couldn’t finish. What was I supposed to say?
I felt Edward’s cool hand on my cheek.
“We’ll explain it later.” He promised. “Now how are you feeling?”
“I’m fine. Where’s Renesmee?” I asked Edward.
“She’s with Rosalie. We wanted to make sure that you were okay before she saw you.” He told me.
“I’m okay. I need to see her.” The way I said it told them that I wouldn’t take no for an answer.
At that exact moment Rosalie walked in with Renesmee right next to her.
“Mommy!” Renesmee cried, running into my arms.
“Oh, I love you, sweetie.” I whispered in her ear. My voice sounded just like Edward’s had. Weary and cracking.
Renesmee and I just sat there, hugging, completely oblivious to everything around us. We didn’t even notice that Edward had come over to sit with us. When I lifted my head to kiss him, I realized that the three of us were the only ones in the room. Carlisle, Alice, and Rosalie had left without me even noticing.
Renesmee’s small hand touched my cheek very lightly, showing me a picture of myself that she must have seen while I was unconscious.
I turned to Edward, knowing that he saw the same picture I did.
“We need to talk.” I told him.
“It sounds like it’s time for me to go with Aunt Alice.” Renesmee said. She quickly gave me and Edward a kiss on the cheek, and then went upstairs.
“I need to know what happened.” I told him when Renesmee was out of earshot.
“Alright. Now, what was the last thing that you remember happening before?” He asked me.
It wasn’t hard for me to recall what I remembered.
“Well, the last thing I remember was me pouncing on Leah. Then, just complete darkness.” I snarled as I recalled the memory.
“Ok. Bella, the reason all you could see was darkness is because-” Edward was cut off by the sound of footsteps behind us.
Emmett came into the room with a smirk on his face.
“I hope I’m not interrupting anything.” He began. “Bella, Charlie just called and said that he’s coming over now. He sounded worried.” I guess we both missed the phone ringing.
Of course.
I turned to Edward. “How long have I been out for?”
“About… fifteen hours.” He was trying to tell me lightly so I wouldn’t freak out.
Too late.
“Fifteen hours!” I shouted. “Oh, God. I told him that I’d call him soon to let him know how Renesmee was doing! No wonder he’s coming over!”
“Relax, love. We’ll talk to him, reassure him that Renesmee is okay, and then he’ll leave.” Edward soothed me.
“Edward, I still need to know what happened before with Leah.” I reminded him.
“I will explain it as soon as Charlie leaves. I promise.” He told me.
“Okay. Let’s put the furniture back. Charlie might suspect something looking at the hospital setup.” I said.
“Wait a minute. Can you walk?” Edward asked me as I was starting to stand up.
“I think so.”
“I’ll be right here if you need me to help you.” He comforted me.
“I’m sure she would love you to.” Emmett murmured, his smirk still there.
I threw him a sharp look, but he just kept on chuckling.
Now that I thought about it, my legs did feel a little sore. I was glad that Edward was right next to me, his arms ready to catch me if I fell.
When I stood up, I stumbled a little, and fell back onto the couch.
I let out a big sigh. What happened to me? I couldn’t even stand.
“Don’t worry, love. I’ll help you.” Edward said as he lifted me and carefully placed my feet on the ground. He kept one arm wrapped around my waist.
“Nah, you two don’t need to worry about the furniture. I’ll handle it.” Emmett said, watching me struggle to stay standing.
Edward was still holding me, and I knew that I wouldn’t fall.
“Thank you, Emmett. But I’ll help you. Let me just get Bella upstairs first.” He said.
Truthfully, I was grateful. I needed to talk to Alice without Edward monitoring what she said.
I was suddenly in Edward’s strong arms, watching him lean down and kiss my forehead. He then walked quickly and quietly up the stairs, his arms still holding me, and took me into Alice’s room.
Alice was sitting on her bed, (which she got just for when she wanted to play Barbie with Renesmee and have her sleep over), with a big bin filled with nail polishes, nail filers, toe separators, hair ties, brushes, hair dryers and other items that belong in a beauty salon right next to her. Renesmee was sitting cross-legged in front of Alice on the bed, with toe separators on her feet and hot pink nail polish on her toenails. Alice was brushing out Renesmee’s long, brown curly hair. They were so preoccupied with their beauty fun that they didn’t even notice when Edward and I came in. Edward had a huge smirk on his face, and I’m sure it was because he knew what I was thinking even though he couldn’t read my mind.
Alice was a virus.
She could never be stopped. First, she holds me hostage and pampers me. Now, she was getting to my daughter, too.
Edward cleared his throat once, very quietly, and Alice’s head instinctively snapped around. Edward must have made the decision to bring me here quickly, because the look on Alice’s face was clear surprise.
Edward sat me gently down on my feet, keeping his arm wrapped around my waist. I was steadier than before, but I didn’t want him to let go of me.
Renesmee was still oblivious to our presence, as she was still looking at her freshly painted toenails. After about a minute of us all watching her, and Edward most likely reading Alice’s thoughts, Renesmee finally turned her head to look at Edward and me. She must have only realized we were there when she noticed that Alice had stopped brushing her hair.
I turned to Alice. “You’re torturing my daughter.”
“She’s nothing like you in that aspect at all, Bella. Trust me.” Alice told me with a big grin on her face.
“Mom, Aunt Alice said that you didn’t like it when she did all of this stuff to you. How could you not?!” Renesmee shouted, joyous.
Edward laughed. “Alice, you’ve brainwashed her.” He began. Listen, I’m going to go help Emmett move the furniture back before Charlie gets here. Can you stay in here with Bella? I’m not completely positive that she can walk without falling.”
“Of course. Maybe Bella would even let me paint her nails…?” Alice answered. She was staring at me, trying to look innocent.
“Oh, God. Just let me fall.” I complained, only half kidding.
Alice laughed. “Oh, you’ll love it.” She tried to convince me.
I rolled my eyes. Renesmee started chuckling.
“Alright, I’m going to go help now. If you need me, just yell down. I love you.” Edward told me.
“I love you, too.” I answered.
He leaned down and gently kissed my forehead. He then picked me back up and brought me over to the huge bed. Even with Alice and Renesmee both sitting on it, there was still enough room to fit about three more people. Edward placed me gently on the bed. He kissed my forehead one more time before going over to Renesmee and giving her a kiss on top of her head. He walked out of the room and closed the door behind him.
This was my chance to find out what happened.
“Alice.” I began. “What happened to me? I need to know. Now.”
“Bella, listen. I don’t want Edward upset with me. And I don’t think that he wants me to tell you yet.” She told me.
I had to know what happened to me, and Alice was my last hope to find out before Charlie came.
“Well, Edward’s not here. Tell me.” I said.
“Okay. Bella, you remember how you were fighting with Leah, right?” Alice asked me.
“Yes. But that’s all I remember.”
“Alright. Well, after you pounced on Leah, the other pack members tensed. They didn’t know what you were capable of. They didn’t want to take a chance. And ever since Leah, Seth, and Jacob joined back into Sam’s pack, Sam has been very protective of them. So when he saw you on Leah, he got defensive. And, well, Bella… Look at your shoulder.”
I was afraid to look. What was wrong with my shoulder? And why would it make everything else make sense?
I slowly turned my head to stare at a sight that brought back all of the disturbing memories in my head, and made me realize the appalling incident that just happened.

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amazing but plz stop with the cliff hangers it is killing me i really am dying to find out what is it that has happened to Bella

keep on writing you have a great talent here
What the HELL you need to keep writting its so good it's agoney I need to read more
OMGG what happened next?! This is really good, please, continue!
Jeezee . im sufferin over heree ! What happened ?!?!

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