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I think that they don't. Everybody wants so, but nothing isn't sure. I hope that they will be together someday. They are perfect couple. :D
I think so i saw in a magazine on the shelf at the store that they were...I was kind of staring at it like wtf...then my dad told me to keep moving.
NO. Please read this, I'm on a mission to stop the Stupid Cycle:

Magazines are printing lies to sell more copies. Rob is single. Kristen is still with her boyfriend Michael Angarano. He was seen leaving her house a few days ago.

Don't buy or even look at the covers of gossip magazines, they just want your money. They claim Kristen and Rob are dating because 'witnesses' (a.k.a. non-existant people or LIARS) have 'read their body language' so of course they must be madly in love, or 'saw Rob texting Kristen, begging her to meet up with him in NYC'. It's all garbage!

The next rumor will be that Rob's in love with Emilie de Ravin (even though she's just gone though a divorce and is not in the mood for a relationship!) and that Kristen has a lezzie crush on Dakota. Why? Because those are the people they will be smooching in their current projects, The Runaways and Remember Me.

Mags love announcing to the public that costars are dating each other because it sells issues, but nearly every story is based on nothing or full of outright lies.

So to sum up:

Spread the truth people!
I dont think they are dating i think the media and people are getting 'good friends' mixed up as 'romantic&madly in love couple' they are just trying to get money out of you, so if you buy into it your one of the millions of teeny boopers who bought into this crap, its not true her and Rob are not dating Rob is single Kristen has a boyfriend the only reason people are believing that they are together is cause of the tabloids and media going around, so what Rob was txtn her woopy doo he could've just been having a normal conversation with her like 'hey whats up?' type thing but nope the media had to take it too far like always and go and ruin someone cause thats there job, to make up a story and sell it to stupid people, otherwise why would she reject the kiss at the movie awards? for one they weren't in character for two it was probably planned ahead of time to tease the fans and then pull away and three i'm pretty sure Kristen's boyfriend was with her

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