After Jane left life was the same.
As usual.
Just the Cullen's and the Black's.
Grandpa Charlie would visit sometimes, and was still confused about me and Jake...
I rarely used my so-called "power" anymore, because there really wasn't a reason for me to use it.
" Hey." said Aunt Alice. She touched my shoulder, sort of suprising me. " Um... I have a little suprise for you, Jake, and Rosella." I sighed and rolled my eyes at her, " Alice. Enough with suprises. I mean just a second ago you about scared me to death just popping up like that!" She grabbed me by the arm and flung me off of the couch, in the Cullen house.
Rosalie, Emmett, and Jasper were outside playing with Rosella. While I passed them I waved at Rosella and she screamed, " Hey Mommy." After we passed the cottage I was getting a little suspicious. " Where are you taking me, Alice?" She looked back at me and said, " Gosh, so impatient."
I huffed," I'm impatient." She slapped me on the arm. Then right in front of me was a 2 story cottage, looking almost identical to the one I grew up in. " Here you go.." Alice said. " You mean this is.. all mine and Jake's?" I asked. She nodded. I jumped up and down and squealed... Hopping Jake would show up soon where he could see it. " Hey Nessie." It was Jake. I hugged him. And before I could even thank Alice she was gone...

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that was sweet <3

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