new book difrent then first tell me what you think!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this is chapter 1
The Vampire Life.
by:Makayla Bartley

chapter 1
"Hurry up! The moving
van is here!" my sister screamed up the stairs at me,oh great.i picked up my last box and took it and set it down stairs.i went back to my room and took one last look at my room.i will miss this room my room,i will miss my whole house,my whloe town.flordia is a lot diffrent then my new town of vancover,canada, a eight hour drive to the coldest,wetest,most forested place in the all world.all my friends are here,my life is here and to make matters worse i am starting highschool in vancover."makayla we're leaving now get down here!"my father screamed up at me.i ran down the stairs as fast as i best friend drake was wating at the door."oh, drake."he slamed right into me and wraped me in a hug."i thought you were still in l.a." " and not be here to set you off not chance,i told myself i was'nt going to cry but here come the waterworks,here before i am past the point of talking here to rember me by."he felt around in his pocket and pulled out something was a necklace with a little wolf charm an it."it's beautiful here put it on me." i turned around and he lowerd it on my neck then snaped it in place,i took a look at myself in the moving van mirro."aw,i promise to call.""if you don't get in,i will put you in."my father called at me from across the van. "i beter get in,i promise to call you when we get there."i got into the van i looked out the window and finly started to cry.i took out my ipod ad turned it up so icouldn't hear what thay where talking about i just went to mom was waking me up i coluden't belive we where here wich i had been up since four-thirty this moring."we're here." "what time is it?"she took a look at her wacth"eight." "well here we go."i got out and looked up at my new wasn't as bad as i thought it was going to be it was actuly a nice house,two story,white house,old.i walked up the stairs to what was suppose to be my room it was bigger then my room in florida. looked out my window it was raining as if to welcome me,thanks.

it is a woork in progress
plese coment!!!!

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