New Moon is comming out next month. What are some of the things you want the movie to have in it? What DON'T you want to be in the movie? Who is on team Switzerland?

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I'm a bit of a masochist, and can't wait for the gut-wrenching Bella screaming scenes! I wish they would show Edward's face when he talks to Jake about "The Funeral" and he thinks Bella is dead, I hope they show Sam carrying Bella through the woods, I wonder how they are going to show Victoria's "Flame" hair on the water, I can't wait for Jake to phase (even though we've seen this in the previews!) basically I can't wait for the whole movie!

New Moon is my fav book, and after meeting the wolfpack in NJ convention, I think I'm more Team Switzerland than ever!

Oh yeah! I hope they show Bella stumbling through the forest before and after she re-finds the meadow alone! aaaaaaaaaaawwwww so excited for it all!
i think i might (almost) sob during the break up scene.
New moon is my favourite book, but I can't really say all the things I want in it haha.
I'd be furious if they dont show the Cullen scene in the end where Bella is asking them to vote about her immortality.
I do not want to see the gut wrenching Bella sobbing scenes because I hate the way Kristen Stewart portrays pain. In Twilight (movie) I did not like the way she portrayed the ballet studio scenes were pain was involved. I know that it has to be really hard to act being in pain and do it accurately, I just don't like the way KS screams or portrays pain.
I cant think of a part i dont want in the movie thats in the book.I want it all.
I wanted to see Alec in his Pearl grey suit and ruby red eyes, but alas no suit!

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