new moon: do you prefer jacob (taylor) or edward (robert) shirtless??

i'm team edward.... so I obviously prefer edward (robert) shirtless...!!!
but.... what do you think?
do you prefer jacob or edward shirtless??

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i prefer JACOB shirtless!!! my ghod!! his abs are to die for!
Definetly edward! taylor is hot, but i am just so in love with rob
Edward Cullen it's perfect.
Hands down Rob/Edward! Jacobs a hottie too but he's too young for my liking. I feel a little ashamed for saying he's a hottie, I think he's still a minor! Lol!
Being on a Team doesn't mean anything.
I'm on Team Edward, but I prefer Jacob shirtless.
Like, come on, Taylor worked really hard to get that body, and he looks HAWT <33
Even though Edward doesn't look bad himself.
i like them both....and i can't decide for only one

well i would really fancy seeing rob shirt less but i thing taylor is vveerryy hhaannddssoommee shirtless too....& i thing he is havin a bettter body & he is sssoooo tanned too so it is about many points higher ..._
Jacob's muscles are insanely ripped for new moon and with his tanned skin he looks incredible too bad he is jailbait. So Edward/Robert has to be the winner because his body looks fantastic too even with the vampire white.
ROBERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE LOVE ROBERT!!!!!!!!!!
GO ROBERT!!!!!!!!!!! TAN IS SO YESTERDAY PALE IS THE NEW "IN"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LOL ROBERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE LOVE ROBERT AND EDWARD!!!!!!!!!! ROBERT!!!!!!
Uh, so, yeah, I don't know...
Rob has a niceee :) six pack. . . I'm Team Edward, but i'm gonna have to say Taylor on this one!! Lmao!! That hot, sexy werewolf he is. . . !! $D

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