new moon: do you prefer jacob (taylor) or edward (robert) shirtless??

i'm team edward.... so I obviously prefer edward (robert) shirtless...!!!
but.... what do you think?
do you prefer jacob or edward shirtless??

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i want to see rob shirtless!!!
phi, Robert obviously :D
taylor've done great job and now his muscles are impressive but still I'd rather see Rob shirtless!
sorry guys but robert (edward) evertime mmmmmm but yet Taylor (jacob) is like so fit ave you seen him wowwwwwww! lol xox ;) (:
Um.. Edward, Robert Patterson, so fit :]
I prefer Rob shirtless because I'v seen enough of Taylor shirtless, I gotta get some Rob too! xD
Um...Both? hehe

I think Taylor would probably look better shirtless but I'm sure we're going to see that plenty of times in the next movie (one could only hope), so I'm going to say Rob.
Ok so i have no idea because i have seen both shirtless and both are very hot..................but since Jacob is more tan i like jacob but i am on edwards side soooo ya...............................peace :)...(:
edward is cool but i whatched this vid the other day of the gay that plays jacob ond he has got proper musly sinse twilight cam out but still edward is beter.than jacob black eny day.
OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOOOOOOOOOOOOO EDWARD
I am excited to see Taylor shirtless because Rob looks weird topless... I saw him without the sparkles during that scene when his shirt was off and I died but not becuase he looked good... :P
i love both jacob and edward
but id rather see jacob shirtless
he is RIPPED
edward............not so much
I've seen taylor shirtless, so now i want to see Rob :)

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