So how does one go about attending (by attend, I mean watch) the red carpet events at the movie premiers? Do you have to have a special invitation? Or can you just camp out for a good spot? I see all these girls/fans at the events. How do they know where to go/stand to watch everything?

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Ok the New Moon Premire is not in L.A it is in Knoxville Tennesse in Turkey Creek theater look it up:)

Twilighter76 said:
I do watch anything Twilight but I'M HOPING THAT I WILL GET TO GO TO L.A FOR the New Moon premiere wish me luck !
I REALLY want to go to the New Moon movie premier but and i am going to be in L.A in November but I do not know where to go to wait in line and I am not sure of the date of the premier..I herd that movie premiers are about a week before the movie comes out in theaters..If anyone has info for me I would appreciate it very much so. you can also email me at
damn i hope it is in London not in LA cos i live in England.... how do u find out where it is and how to get tickets??????
the new moon premire is to be in Knoxville, Tennessee
So do I really have to pay for it? Because I think it's impossible.. answer, please.

Nicky togre said:
i rrreeeaaalllyyy want to go there for my birthday aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
cry cry cry cry we have to wait till january cry cry cry
Im not sure, but im going to try go too!
you can play here for win tickets:
or wait outside for see the people, good luck!
if u try everything and u cant get tickets. click on this link its a twilight competition on facebook. the prize is FREE tickets to the new moon premiere. i really wanna go to the premiere!!!
anyway click on the link to try win the tickets.
Well you have to do some research n the internet. I heard that no one whos isnt part of the movie or personaly invited can get in. Everyone that isnt invited would have to watch the people walk the red carpet. But maye if you search around a little there might be a way to win tickets
You either have to Win them or be Rich & Famous!
They do not sell tickets to the public, for safety reasons. You can win three tickets online. ..This is the only contest I have heared of so far, Good Luck!!!
let hope they sell them .....cus i want them like i want my hubby every time i see the movie,,lol,, lucks to everyone

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