So how does one go about attending (by attend, I mean watch) the red carpet events at the movie premiers? Do you have to have a special invitation? Or can you just camp out for a good spot? I see all these girls/fans at the events. How do they know where to go/stand to watch everything?

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I was just hoping someone would help me out but this premiere going to be so huge with a lot of people wanting to go and celebrities wanting tickets it's A NO FOR ANYONE trying to go the only way you'll even get by the actors or get to watch the movie is to stand in line days before or JUST PURE LUCK WITH RADIO STATIONS and with Summit. OR IF YOU RUN a huge Twilight site.
I would also like to know> I am planning to drive down to LA on Thurs. I am not really sure what to expect. I hope to get into the premier. Hows my chances?
I know a girl who went to the event in LA last year for the twilight premiere. She just showed up and tried to get a good spot to see. Probably just get there early.....
Well The premiere is at the village and bruin theaters in los angeles. Address is 950 Broxton Ave, Los Angeles - (310) 208-8998
I am here now waiting in line trying hopefully to get near the red carpet. There r about 130 saved spots.I am number 120.My friend and I got here on Thurs night.

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