New Moon Soundtrack - give your suggestions, reasons and parts where the songs fit better in the story.

I know there is a post about possible songs for the New Moon Soundtrack.
What I intend with this post is not only song suggestions but also reasons you have to choose that song for the New Moon movie. You can also say in which parts of the story that songs would fit better.

For example (my suggestions):

- The song "NEED" by Hana Pestle
- reasons: the lyrics are just insane! And they look like they've been made for the movie, as we can see in this examples: "I'm not quite sure how to breathe without you here I'm not quite sure if I'm ready to say goodbye to all we were"; "My hand searches for your hand In a dark room I can't find you Help me Are you looking for me?".
- parts in the story where this song fits: there is a lot of discussion around this topic but my personal opinion is that this song best fits in the months when Bella is in the 'zombie' mood and she tries to reach for Edward, despite forbidding herself to think about him ("Forbidden to remember, terrified to forget"). I think that the lyrics and the melody of the song really can show which feelings Bella has during those months.

- The song "I THOUGHT YOU WOULD LEAVE YOUR HEART WITH ME" by Rita Guerra (a portuguese singer)
- reasons: the lyrics fit perfectly! And they show very well some parts of the story, as we can see in this examples: "I still have both hands over old photographs to remind me of the laughter, and tears"; "All that I know, I can't keep on living a lie, Oh, but darling... I can't hide the truth"; "I thought you would leave your heart with me And that part of you is all I need And someday you'd reappear, 'Cause you knew you left it here The only place it could ever be I thought I could watch you walk away Knowing somewhere down the road you'd say: 'It was all a big mistake, it was more than you could take', I thought you would leave your heart with me...".
- parts in the story where this song fits: well I think this song really could be used in the parts where Bella holds her Photo Album and thinks in Edward and also in the parts where she thinks about what happen in the woods and tries to give reasons and remembers of Edward's sentence: 'It will be as if I never existed'.

- The song "BRING ME TO LIFE" by Evanescence (which I think would be very used in the New Moon soundtrack because their songs fit perfectly)
- reasons: the lyrics fit perfectly in some parts, as we can see in this example: "Wake me up inside (I Can't wake up) Wake me up inside (Save me) Call my name and save me from the dark (Wake me up)"
- parts in the story where this song fits: as we can see above, I think this song should be used in the cliff diving scene. It transmits all the feelings that Bella has, such as the need to listen to Edward's voice and the peace and the sensation of flying.

So I'm excited to see all the suggestions of you, twifans, such as the reasons for those choices and the parts of the story where they can be used.

Thank you very much (and forgive me for any mistake in the language),

Jess' Martins

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Hey JEss Martins, i was making a compliation for twi-fans for new moon and making cover art etc, if you want i can add one of your picks to the compliation, im not quite done with it, let me know - the other jess
Of course you can! Thank you very much!
I'm excited to see that!

It NEEEDS to be on the soundtrack! :P

I found the perfect song for the scene where Edwards leaves Bella.

It's a song called: "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE", by Within Temptation.
- reasons: the lyrics fit perfectly and describe very well the scene, as we can see in this example: "I've been waiting for someone like you but now you are slipping away"; "Would you mind if I killed you? Would you mind if I tried to cause you have turned into my worst enemy? You carry hate that I feel It's over now"

- parts in the story where this song fits: as we can see above, I think this song should be used in the scene where Edward leaves Bella. Depiste having the perfect lyrics, I also think that the melody is perfect for the "It will be as if I never existed" part.
I'm going down- by mary j blige.
REASONS. omfg just listen to the lyrics. i was listening to this one day and it just hit me .OMG NEW MOON. EVERYONE GO LISTEN TO IT. !!!

It would be perect for basically anytime bella is breaking down alone. possibly in her room.
I found 2 more songs!

The first one it's a song called: "MEMORIES", by Within Temptation (I think everyone knows it)
- reasons: the lyrics fit perfectly, as we can see in this example: "All of my memories Keep you near In silent moments Imagine you'd be here"

- parts in the story where this song fits: as we can see above, I think this song should be used in the scenes when someone talks about Edward and Bella falls apart.

The second one it's a song called: "ALL I NEED" , by Within Temptation
- reasons: the lyrics fit perfectly, as we can see in this example: "Can you still see the heart of me? All my agony fades away when you hold me in your embrace Don't tear me down for all I need Make my heart a better place Give me something I can believe Don't tear me down"; "You've opened the door now, don't let it close I'm here on the edge again I wish I could let it go I know that I'm only one step away from turning it around Can you still see the heart of me?"

- parts in the story where this song fits: I think this song should be used in the part where Bella finds Edward and they came back to Forks, in the plane. It just fit perfectly!
Hi jess :) i think that need should deffinatly be on the soundtrack!
that song is amazing!
& also, all around me by flyleaf.
that song describes this book perfectly & when i listen to it,
i just can see it playing out from the book.
& i also just wrote a song for new moon.
i'm getting it recorded right now :)
it's really exciting :)

- Austin
Sis where do you want to see "NEED"? It's because there is a lot of discussion around it... Where do you think it will fit better?

TwiKisses ****
Jess´ Martins
ElizabethJaneCullen said:

It NEEEDS to be on the soundtrack! :P

I think Richy Nix "Twilight New Moon" should be on the soundtrack. I think it would be a good song for the credits because I think its too upbeat for any other part but its a good song though. He wrote it after reading the books and its supposed to be from edward's point of view and why he leaves bella but towards the end he says "you are the one, i cannot hide it anymore". Here's the link to his myspace if you wanna check it out. Its worth it I promise!! :)
all the quotation marks indicate the lyrics of the songs. went a little mental on this because i have an over-reactive imagination and already had a list, sad i know but humour me.

-Closer- Kings of Leon,
-i love so much of their stuff and i think it has a dark and edgy feel which somehow really fits the series.
- i think it should be at the beginning, don't know why, just have ideas of the camera panning across landscape as it does in the opening of Twilight. Also, raises the question of what is coming 'closer'?

-Wonderwall- Ryan Adams, (great cover).
-very eerie sort of shows how difficult it will be for bella and edward: " all the roads we have to walk are winding and all the lights that lead the way are blinding" but that no matter what is against them, they'll be ok because edward is bella's " wonderwall" (whatever that actually means).
- think it would fit after volterra when bella and edward have been reunited and are on their way back home in the car and plane.

-The Golden Floor- Snow Patrol.
-it has the lines: "i'm not afraid of anything, even time, it will leak away at everything but we'll be fine". i think this really reflects on bella's dream at the beginning of NM about her aging while edward stays seventeen forever. it's like saying that being without him for so long has shown her that it doesn't matter as much as long as she can be with him and also suggests that "we'll be fine" becuase time won't be an issue if (!) she gets her wish of being a vampire, time will no longer be an issue for either of them.
-i think this would either fit the opening of the film like 'closer' or when alice are on their way to find edward.

-Friends- Travis.
-"friends will never desert you or turn against friends won't love you and leave you to mend" clearly a song about what jacob does for bella when edward leaves, he makes her life worth living again. it seems like it's from jacob's perspective, we can see why jacob is angry when edwards comes back and bella runs back to him full of forgiveness after all the pain he caused her. jacob had to stick bella back together again. " who cheers you up when you're down?".
-as to when i think it should be used, i think it would fit all the times bella hangs out with jacob and how much better it makes her feel,

-Scarlet- Brooke Fraser.
-this is an absolutely beautiful song, makes me want to cry everytime i hear it. to me it's about coming out of months of numbness, and beginning to feel again but about how hard it is to start trying to be yourself again: "Shut your eyes tightly,Clench your fists 'til they almost bleed,Cautiously, lightly,Gently expose what's underneath" also with the lines "Your mind is swollen,From months of thought without release,They've taken their toll on you". she begins to accept that edward is gone: "there you go, you're gone for good".
-i think it would fit perfectly when bella begins to emerge from her zombie like state and begins to feel again but is still in agony (she says on pg 123, 'i wished i could feel numb again'). like when she breaks down in her car and feels like their's a massive h*** in her chest.

-The Glass Parade- Cary Brothers.
-my absolute favourite song at the moment. so much of their music has been used for soundtracks so it's pretty well suited. "Just a voice inside you head, Whispering all the hope is dead" and "no one really loves you", clearly is similar to how bella feels when edward leaves. fitting reference to voices inside her head. "This is a glass parade,A fragile state,And I am trying not to break,And the stars are shining,The moon is right,And I would kill to be with you tonight".
-again, i think this would fit so well in the period after edward leaves.

-Broken- Lifehouse
-"i'm falling apart, i'm barely breathing, with a broken heart, that's still beating, in the pain their is healing, in your name, i find meaning". it's about the agony of being left and broken- hearted and feeling broken (like the h*** in bella's chest; incomplete)
- i think this fits really well with when bella is out of her zombie months and hears edwards voice in her head, it provides meaning and purpose for her, something to live for but she is still in agony.

-Going under- Evanescence.
-literally, about drowning which is very relevant as it's about what a lot of the plot of NM is about (alice thinking she killed herself) "I'm going under , drowning in you". also, "I don't know what's real and what's not, Always confusing the thoughts in my head, So I can't trust myself anymore". i think this fits with what bella feels like when she hears edward's voice in her head: "So go on and scream,Scream at me I'm so far away, I won't be broken again, I've got to breathe - I can't keep going under"
- i think this would be great for the cliff scene

wow, sorry for the ridiculously long list, got a little carried away. listen to the songs and let me know what you think, cos i'd be really interested to know if anyone agrees with my ideas! thanks xxx
Eeeerrrm. well that is a toughie.

I think It would fit best when she's drowning. It'd go really well if she jumped-cut to Jacobs face as you hear the ear splitting scream-back to bella falling in slow motion-cue song- and it should be played all through that when she's flash backing on her life and edward and edwards voice over the music telling her not to give up until she passes out.

thats my idea (:


Jess' Martins said:
Sis where do you want to see "NEED"? It's because there is a lot of discussion around it... Where do you think it will fit better?

TwiKisses ****
Jess´ Martins
ElizabethJaneCullen said:

It NEEEDS to be on the soundtrack! :P

I completly agree with Need by Hana Pestle. She has such a lovely voice and the song really has a real feeling of sadness and desperation. It would be perfect for the months of darkness that Bella goes through.

I think another song that would fit in pretty well is "I Will Follow You Into The Dark" by Death Cab For Cutie. It could work for when alice is explaining to Bella that Edward is planning to get himself killed. In my opinion they should show Edward's reaction when he gets off the phone with Jacob(and he thinks that Bella is dead), whether it is through Alice's vision or otherwise I think that it is important to see his pain.

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