New Moon Soundtrack - give your suggestions, reasons and parts where the songs fit better in the story.

I know there is a post about possible songs for the New Moon Soundtrack.
What I intend with this post is not only song suggestions but also reasons you have to choose that song for the New Moon movie. You can also say in which parts of the story that songs would fit better.

For example (my suggestions):

- The song "NEED" by Hana Pestle
- reasons: the lyrics are just insane! And they look like they've been made for the movie, as we can see in this examples: "I'm not quite sure how to breathe without you here I'm not quite sure if I'm ready to say goodbye to all we were"; "My hand searches for your hand In a dark room I can't find you Help me Are you looking for me?".
- parts in the story where this song fits: there is a lot of discussion around this topic but my personal opinion is that this song best fits in the months when Bella is in the 'zombie' mood and she tries to reach for Edward, despite forbidding herself to think about him ("Forbidden to remember, terrified to forget"). I think that the lyrics and the melody of the song really can show which feelings Bella has during those months.

- The song "I THOUGHT YOU WOULD LEAVE YOUR HEART WITH ME" by Rita Guerra (a portuguese singer)
- reasons: the lyrics fit perfectly! And they show very well some parts of the story, as we can see in this examples: "I still have both hands over old photographs to remind me of the laughter, and tears"; "All that I know, I can't keep on living a lie, Oh, but darling... I can't hide the truth"; "I thought you would leave your heart with me And that part of you is all I need And someday you'd reappear, 'Cause you knew you left it here The only place it could ever be I thought I could watch you walk away Knowing somewhere down the road you'd say: 'It was all a big mistake, it was more than you could take', I thought you would leave your heart with me...".
- parts in the story where this song fits: well I think this song really could be used in the parts where Bella holds her Photo Album and thinks in Edward and also in the parts where she thinks about what happen in the woods and tries to give reasons and remembers of Edward's sentence: 'It will be as if I never existed'.

- The song "BRING ME TO LIFE" by Evanescence (which I think would be very used in the New Moon soundtrack because their songs fit perfectly)
- reasons: the lyrics fit perfectly in some parts, as we can see in this example: "Wake me up inside (I Can't wake up) Wake me up inside (Save me) Call my name and save me from the dark (Wake me up)"
- parts in the story where this song fits: as we can see above, I think this song should be used in the cliff diving scene. It transmits all the feelings that Bella has, such as the need to listen to Edward's voice and the peace and the sensation of flying.

So I'm excited to see all the suggestions of you, twifans, such as the reasons for those choices and the parts of the story where they can be used.

Thank you very much (and forgive me for any mistake in the language),

Jess' Martins

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I have found the perfect song to go with the new moon soundtrack. I have been looking for somewhere to post it. It's evanescence, my Immortal. I know it's already in stephanie meyers soundtrack but we'd like to say when in the movie. It should be as she is standing on the cliff about to dive off the highest part, the song starts as she's walking there seeing the views getting higer and higher, It should show flashbacks of her and Edward and the bit when she actually jumps should be in slow motion and its the part about 3 minutes 8 seconds into the song, and when the chorus comes again more flashbacks and as the music goes without words she is getting more tired of struggling and gets more sleepy, sees victorias red hair, song finishes and thats when Jacob comes.
I find this songs words so meaningful and thoughtful.
Inez McGowan
i think the song almost lover sound be in the new moon becaue it goes so perfectly for when edward leaves her.
i think the song ' I'D COME FOR U' by nickelback be perfect for new moon. i thought it would be a cool duet between bella and edward if ya listen to teh song u'll know wat i mean!!!!
I can only think of 1 song that should be in the part right after Edward leaves Bella and she's in the woods.
Song: New Divide
By: Linkin Park
Lyrics: are perfect for that scene!
Rosie Thomas- Farewell
Awesome song and also perfect xD

Farewell so long cause
I was wrong I guess
Farewell so long cause
I was wrong I confess

I miss the way you
I miss the way you danced with me
I miss the way you
I miss the way you danced with me

So farewell my love
Cause I was wrong I guess
Farewell so long
Cause I was wrong I confess

I miss the way you
I miss the way you sing with me
I miss the way you
I miss the way you sing with me

I never asked you for
A sailboat in the yard
Or that fancy dress to wear
Or a ceiling made of stars
And all I got was just this
Broken heart from you

I'm done.
I was listening to the & I heard a song that woud be perfect for the edward/Bella reunion or in eclipse it's
The reason - by Hoobstank
i love this band breaking benjiman and this song would be okay for it
evil angel it is a good song!
'Second Chance' by ShineDown would be an awesome songs for the soundtrack
The song "CUT" by Plumb
- Reason:The lyrics have an unbelievable connection with how Bella feels in New Moon. - "I'm not a stranger, No I am yours" "With crippled anger, And tears that still drip sore" "I do not want to be afraid" "I do not want to die inside just to breathe in"
"I'm tired of feeling so numb" "Relief exists I find it when--I am cut" "I may seem crazy, Or painfully shy" "And these scars wouldn't be so hidden, If you would just look me in the eye" "I feel alone here and cold here, Though I don't want to die"
- parts in the story where this song fits: I think it would be good for a credits song. (: But then again, the chorus would fit good when the movie flashes through the months after Edward leaves. "I'm tired of feeling so numb" "Relief exists, I found it when--I was cut"
is there a way to contact whoever is putting the soundtrack together? Lol. It would be cool if they could like go thru our suggestions and maybe put some on there. That would be sweet. Or to have like a seperate soundtrack that is fanmade lol. All these songs suggested on here are so good and they have connections to the feelings in the movie, and probably all of them will be overlooked. How can we send them to someone? Any ideas?
Near To You by A Fine Frenzy
reasons: The lyrics fit Bella and Jacob perfectly!
I'm not kidding. Check it out, and you'll see. Chorus: Near to you I'm healing, but it's taking so long. 'Cause though he's gone and you're wonderful, it's hard to move on. Yeah, I'm better near to you.
where it would fit: I think it would fit when Bella realizes that Jacob helps stop the hurt, but doesn't fully heal it. Anywhere in the movie where she suddenly realizes that, would be perfect for it.
i wish the soundtrack wasnt so mellow.
i really love the song "Es tut wieder weh" on the German soundtrack.
i wish there were more songs like that on the american version.
but i still love it none the less. C:

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