New Moon' Volturi images present interesting body language, what do they signify?

Five fantastic promotional stills of the Volturi clan (particularly, those of Christopher Heyerdahl, Jamie Campbell Bower, Cameron Bright, Dakota Fanning, and Michael Sheen) from The Twilight Saga: New Moon made their way to the surface today, and brought a whole new light to the characters they portray.

The tension contained in some of the characters' body language, too, was quite palpable.

For instance, in Jamie Campbell Bower (as Caius)'s photograph, he has a viciously cynical posture. His hands are placed in a position which conveys his irritable and unappeasable attitude - especially when it comes to the Cullens and Bella.

In the words of MovieFone, who has more details on the character available at their site, "he really, really wants to kill Bella, Edward, and Alice."

In the books, it is Caius who pines for war most with the Cullens, and it is he in New Moon who insists that Bella not leave Volterra alive.

This photograph, perhaps, effectively conveys that personality trait.

In Dakota Fanning (as Jane)'s, the face and body language are also quite indicative of her character. In the books, Jane's very smile is painful - literally. Here, her posture is inoffensive, but she nears on that devastating smirk. Very threatening-like, no?

Cameron Bright (Alec)'s stance is also of the rather "dare me" sort, as he seems to sit back and absorb the situation. In MTV's detail page, it is noted that Alec, along with Jane, "seldom need[s] to fight." Seems befitting to that attitude, right?

Michael Sheen (as Aro) is also quite reflective of his New Moon characteristic counterpart. Ever the touchy-feely sort - for reasons which his powers will explain - he looks like he's just ready to have a deep, long-winded discussion about whoever he's looking at. In the film, that will of course be Edward, Bella, and Alice. Unlike his guard counterpart, Caius, he's the more rational sort, who fancies a happy ending. On the other hand, he's not the sort to be taken lightly, either.

Finally, Christopher Heyerdahl (Marcus)'s image seems to reflect a certain instance in his character's story in New Moon. While usually bored and uninterested in the goings-on that surround him, this still might reflect that moment in New Moon when his curiosity is peaked - when absorbing the strength of bond that exists between Bella and Edward. His struggle in being awoken to that scenario is also clearly written across his belabored eyes - as he's

Any other thoughts about the stills? Do they tell another portion of these characters' stories and positions in New Moon to you? Comment below with your thoughts!

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