New Part 2 of my whole 5th Twilight book, Sudden Thunder so far. If you've read some of it in other forums, here is even more. Read and comment please!

Okay everyone, as most of you know, I can only put a certain amount of words on here, so I had to split up my book onto two different forums. After you're done reading my book, there will be a link at the bottom of the page that is to the first part of my book in case you haven't read it yet. Make sure you read that part first. Thank you guys! Here's the second part of my book:

“Something… punctured my skin… and…” I was still too dazed to answer intelligently.
“Yes. Good. Now, Bella, think about what we are. Vampire skin is impenetrable. Nothing could’ve hurt you, except for that one exception which-”
“Werewolf teeth.”
I choked out the words.
“It was… Sam?” I questioned. I thought back to what Alice said about Sam getting “defensive”.
Alice nodded. “He lost control. He saw you on Leah and reacted to that quickly. It all happened in seconds.”
I was closing my fists so tightly that they were even paler than the rest of my body.
“Where’s Jacob?” I asked Alice through clenched teeth.
She was trying to calm me. “Bella, relax. It wasn’t Jacob’s fault. You have to remember, he did warn you not to go down there.”
I couldn’t listen to reason now. I swung my legs over the side of the bed, not caring if I could walk without falling or not yet. As I stood, I realized that I had regained my full strength again, and that walking wouldn’t be a problem. I quickly walked out the door and continued down the stairs until I reached the living room.
I heard the soft patter of Alice’s footsteps behind me. But that didn’t slow me down. I walked right past Edward and Emmett, trying to get to the door before one of them stopped me.
Edward stopped moving the couch and stared at me, mystified.
I was almost to the door when he saw Alice walking down the stairs trying to stop me.
“Alice, where’s she going?” Edward asked her frantically.
“She’s going to find Jacob.” She told him in a rush.
I finally reached the door. I threw it open, walking angrily toward Jacob’s house.
But Edward was too fast for me.
He quickly stepped in front of me, holding my shoulders back with his cold hands. When he touched the bite mark on my right shoulder, it felt like my whole body froze for one second and then melted in the sun. But as soon as he dropped his hand from that shoulder, that feeling went away, and the spot where he touched tingled the tiniest bit.
Edward’s expression looked tired and worried. He must have known that Alice told me what happened.
I hadn’t noticed before now, but his eyes were pitch black. I had completely forgotten about hunting with everything else going on. My eyes must have looked the same.
“Bella, you have to listen to me. Jacob is just as capable of… hurting you as Sam is. I can’t let them do that to you again.” Edward told me. Even after I became a vampire, he was still just as protective of me.
I couldn’t fight with him. I loved him too much. But I couldn’t just let Jacob get away with this.
I bit my lip. How could I explain all of this to Edward?
“I’ll be careful. But I have to talk to Jacob about this. Maybe Sam isn’t as controlled and trustworthy as he appears to be.” I told Edward.
He was trying to calm me again. “I’m sure Jacob knows that. And as much as I despise him, I have to admit that he truly does care about you.”
“If he cares about me so much then why didn’t he go after me? He knew what could’ve happened – and it did – but he didn’t do anything about it. He would’ve put aside whatever else he was doing to stop me.”
Edward was silent. He didn’t have an answer.
“That’s what I need to talk to him about.” I said in a stern voice, turning away.
“Bella, I’m not going to try to stop you.” Edward said, coming up behind me and walking next to me. “But I am coming with you.”
I decided to let that be enough. With Edward right beside me, we walked toward a certain werewolf’s house that had some explaining to do.
Jacob was… difficult. Deep down, I guess I really did know that he loved me. But why did he have such a strange way of showing it? I haven’t truly noticed before now, but Jacob had starting acting different since he imprinted on Renesmee. He didn’t act like Edward repulsed him as much. But then again, that could just be because he’s Renesmee’s dad.
As Edward and I walked through the forest, I tried not to smile despite myself when I felt how easy it was to walk very fast through a place full of rocks, vines, and everything that I of course always tripped over when I was human. It made me feel less out of place while going somewhere with Edward.
I couldn’t help but shiver while the thought of Sam jumping on top of me and thrashing his strong, hard teeth into my flesh crossed my mind. I mean, I’d never really thought of Sam as a friend of mine, but to think of him actually deliberately hurting me… it just did not come together as right in my mind.
And suddenly a worse thought crossed my mind.
Did Jacob care that much about his pack that he would hurt me to protect them?
Or a thought so much more horrifying that I could not believe I was still walking along side Edward, still appearing to be sane.
Did Jacob care that much about Renesmee that he would put me before his pack for her sake?
These were not exactly thoughts that I liked to be having while I was on my way to talk to this werewolf.
And for a minute, I’m pretty sure that I’d become the only vampire ever in history to black out twice within a day, one time while fighting and the other while just walking with my husband.
Only this time, instead of feeling completely isolated and losing every sense I had one by one, it only seemed like a flash of darkness, and then a strange feeling when everything appeared again. A feeling of… confusion? Anxiety? I really could not tell.
I was so caught up in my thinking that I hadn’t realized that I was standing only a few feet away from Jacob’s house.
I thought that I saw a large figure through the front window. For a second I thought that it was Billy, but then I remembered that he was in Hawaii visiting Rebecca with Sue Clearwater. It couldn’t be Jacob, could it? The figure was large, but not as big as Jacob. I mean, the kid was a mountain.
Curious yet strangely nervous, I didn’t move an inch but clung to Edward’s arm like a little kid who was frightened of a monster in their closet.
As I looked closer through the window, I saw that the figure had shoulder length dark brown hair and lightly olive skin.
Well that narrows it down.
I almost forgot that Edward was still next to me when he said in a strangely stern voice, “Jacob’s not here. Let’s go home.”
That scared me. I wasn’t completely sure why Edward sounded like that. He couldn’t have been upset over Jacob’s absence. It’s not like he actually wanted to see Jacob.
Even though I didn’t want to anger Edward, I knew what I had to do. Jacob wasn’t there, and that’s fine. But why would Edward sound so dreadful and weary about that?
I had a slightly strange feeling that the problem with him was not about who wasn’t there, but who was there.
And that would be…
That’s it. I needed to get some nerve. I reluctantly made myself walk forward slowly, but fast enough that I wouldn’t change my mind before I got inside the house.
I didn’t hear any footsteps behind me, and that alarmed me even before. And of course, it’s just like me to jump to the worst possible conclusions.
Edward wasn’t going to come with me.
He was so afraid of whoever was in the house that he would let me go in alone.
That was too much like before.
While I thought that I was going to black out for the third time today, I quickly snapped my head around.
And felt like a complete paranoid idiot yet again.
Sure enough, Edward was right there only inches behind me with a smug smile on his face.
Trying to get some strength back after my most recent blunder, I walked even faster right up Jacob’s front steps, leading straight to his door.
Without hesitation that I normally would’ve had, I opened Jacob’s door and stepped into his house. Walking into his living room and raking my eyes over everything he had, I couldn’t find a single person.
I didn’t exactly know where I would find the room that I saw the figure in through the window, so I started by searching through the kitchen.
I hated being sneaky like this, but my curiosity got the best of me.
“Bella, be careful in here. You don’t know who could just walk in anytime. It could be dangerous.” Edward told me in a whisper.
For the first time in a while, he actually sounded unsure about what to tell me.
And just when I was about to give up on this whole thing and wait until I could get some kind of contact with Jacob, I heard the strangest noise coming from somewhere upstairs.
Someone was here.
I knew it.
Someone who Edward didn’t want there.
Someone who could have walked down the whole time we were here.
Someone who was a werewolf.
I could not start to back down again. I just couldn’t. My paranoia and fear was putting the ones I loved in danger. I had to still remember that I wasn’t the only one in danger right now.
And now I had to take action. I would not let anyone else be hurt because of me.
With a sudden force that came from somewhere inside me that I was unaware of, I walked even faster than usual with Edward still following me up to the second floor of Jacob’s house.
And before I knew it I was standing in front of Jacob’s closed bedroom door that was the only thing keeping me from whoever was inside his room.
I stared at the door like it was an intimidating bully just waiting to hurt me.
As I was reaching for the doorknob that would truly unleash so many things, there was suddenly a cold white hand identical to mine that was holding my wrist in a strong yet protective grasp.
Edward used the hand that wasn’t around my wrist to gently lift my chin so I was looking into his eyes.
“I made a promise to you.” He began in his honey sweet voice. “And I don’t break my promises.”
I was losing every once of ferocity I had as I stared straight through his beautiful eyes and into his even more beautiful soul.
But this was something that I couldn’t back away from. So with one more minute of looking into his deep eyes, I bit down on my hard lip and reluctantly turned my head away to face the door and once again reach for the doorknob that suddenly frightened me way more than any inanimate object ever should.
I carefully turned the knob until I had to give the door one easy pull. Without any effort on my part whatsoever, it slowly creaked open until I was standing directly on the threshold to Jacob’s room.
The sight was almost… eerie. It wasn’t an empty room, that’s for sure. Jacob is probably the most unorganized being – human, vampire, or werewolf – in the whole town of Forks. He had piles of clothing – torn and still together – spread all over his floor. His way-too-small bed was in the middle of his room, with crumpled up pieces of paper all around it.
I was carefully searching the whole room for anybody who might be hiding somewhere or even a sign that there was somebody in here. Feeling very suspicious, I walked back to Edward’s side to see if he was looking at anything in particular.
He was staring at something on Jacob’s over-crowded desk, but it definitely didn’t help us to find who was in here.
Edward’s ocher eyes were focused completely on a picture of me and Jacob in a golden frame that was obviously taken a while ago. I was still human, and it was during the horrible time when Edward was gone.
At first I didn’t know why Edward looked so somber as he stared at the picture, but then I realized that the feeling Edward had was a mixture of jealousy and remorse. Just like I had when Edward told me about the interest the beautiful strawberry-blonde Tanya had in him.
And he still hated a part of himself for leaving me so long ago. I was afraid that feeling would never go away for him. As much as I try to convince him to forget, he’ll always have that voice in the back of his head incorrectly telling him that all of the things we have to work through are his fault.
Things like this.
Edward suddenly realized that I was watching him and quickly grabbed my hand and kissed it, then walked over near Jacob’s bed.
He raked his eyes over all of the pillows thrown around and the blankets that were carelessly draped over the side of the bed.
Our speculation was interrupted by the soft but somehow urgent patter of footsteps.
Close footsteps.
Footsteps that could not be coming from any other room.
Footsteps of whoever we’ve been trying to find.

Edward and I were both still facing the bed. I didn’t think either of us knew what our next step would be.
But of course, Edward was still as over protective as always.
He quickly stepped sideways to get in front of me so he would be the one who would get hurt if anything happened.
I couldn’t deal with this.
I loved him too much to let him get hurt.
He was everything to me. Without him, I would’ve died the first time I was ever in danger when that van was about to hit me.
I could not let him get hurt.
I owed him.
While both of us stood there, tensed as ever, I heard the most distant and mocking chuckle that I couldn’t yet identify.
But when the figures laugh became clearer and I saw more of the room than before, I realized that whoever was there was taking clothes from Jacob’s closet.
And even though I was so scared that I couldn’t make sense of anything, I realized that there was a corner of something lying out of the closet onto the floor.
A dress.
A light blue dress with silver buttons down the middle.
A dress that I recognized.
A dress that Jacob told me never to touch the first time I saw it.
A dress that he wouldn’t give to anyone for the world.
A dress that belonged to Jacob’s mother.
Before I had time to explain any of this to Edward, the person we’ve been looking for stepped out of the closet and into Jacob’s room where the figure was standing not even a yard away from me and Edward.
When I slowly looked away from the dress on the floor, I lifted my eyes to stare right into the cold brown eyes of Leah Clearwater.
I reacted quickly. I lunged forward at her, crouching into a protective stance. Not again. I would not let her do this again. It was hurting everyone that I loved, and that was not okay with me.
Leah was still chuckling. Her voice was mocking and cold when she spoke. “Aren’t vampires supposed to be smart? Even for disgusting parasites, you guys sure are missing a little something up there, if you know what I mean.”
I could feel my eyes burning with rage and my lips curling back over my teeth.
“Is your kid this stupid too? With parents like this…” She sneered.
“Leah. Enough.” I told her in a hard and dangerous voice.
“What was really going through your mind when you jumped on top of me? I know that you might be able to scare some other weak animals, but not werewolves. Aw, how disappointing. Now you can go talk to the Volturi-whatever and save your precious dad.”
She was bending my last nerve. “Why were you taking Jacob’s mother’s clothes?” I demanded. Even with my rage right now at Jacob, I felt bad for him. He will never have a real mother ever again. Even if his dad had decided to get remarried, his mom was gone. And her dresses were really the only things Jacob had left of her.
But Leah just laughed loudly. “Well excuse me, but some of us don’t have the ability to go take our husband’s money and buy whatever we want whenever we need clothes. Jacob won’t even know about this. He’s been so stressed out lately; he’s completely oblivious to everything.”
That was what did it for me. I knew everything that Edward gave me. I knew that I would never be able to pay him back. And I did not need someone reminding me of it.
But this time before I got the chance to pounce onto Leah, Edward stopped me.
“Bella!” He shouted, grabbing my shoulders tightly, obviously not intending to let them go at any cause. He touched my cheek once while giving me a look of depth and despair in his eyes and then pulling me behind him to protect me.
But Leah liked to fight.
She quickly phased into her wolf form and put her mouth around Edward’s wrist. She pulled Edward away from me and threw him onto the floor. I heard myself cry out in agony at the sight of Edward being thrown on the floor against his will.
“No, Edward! No!” I shouted with pain, my voice quivering.
I took a quick step forward, trying to do something – anything – to stop this interrogating horror.
But when he spoke, he made my whole body feel completely weak.
“Bella...” He whimpered, crushed and barely being able to shake his head.
And when I thought that I could find enough strength to at least get Edward up and do something, even the least bit of anything, Leah quickly snapped around and grabbed my wrist with her mouth and threw me across the floor, but not as hard as she did for Edward. I was able to stand up when she turned back around to Edward again.
And I could see what she was about to do.
I tried to stop her.
I tried to build myself up again and pounce onto her.
But it was too late.
Leah’s strong teeth were plunged into Edward’s pale, cold skin. But she wouldn’t take them out. I could see her puncturing them deeper and deeper as every second went by.
Leah finally backed away from Edward, who was lying, crumpled, in the middle of the floor.
It was the most horrifying sight I have ever seen in my entire existence.
And the last thing I saw before he went completely limp and lifeless was a flash of emerald green in Edward’s eyes.

Here's the link to the first part in case you haven't read it yet:

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i really dont like leah... that was amazing by the way
wow..........fantastic!!!!!!!!!!! please write more!!!!!!!!!
OMG!!!! I have to know what happens to Edward. I have been waiting for you to add more. Thanks and keep up the good writing.
youre an amazing author!
DAMN IT HATE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DONT MESS WITH MY EDWARD...........................GRR i am refkin out right now..,..........damn it i almost wish i wouldnt have read it now.....................GRRRRRRRRRRRR hahahahahahaha finish alreadya and he better be ok and LEAH BETTER BE DEAD and you can kill JACOB too if you need to i will not mind one bit
omg is he like becoming human again???? i absolutely hate leah. if she were real.... she would get the biggest bitchslappin of her lfie. sry i had to say it. but plz plz plz PLZ write more. you know how much we love it.
need to know what happens next...please right again soon!
Write the REST already and make sure leah gets caught by jacob. and IF Edward doesn't live I will track u down and rip u apart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hurry up, but make edward alive please dont tell me he died
OMG that is w-o-w!!!!!! grrrrrrrr i dislike leah so much now but i disliked her be4! anyways please write more please please please!!!!!
~*$Peace,Love,And TWILIGHT$*~
oh god make the next one asap

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