So those of you who are my friends and such know i started a thing for rosalie and emmett and you guys seem to like it. I planned on doing it for alice and jasper too. I was wondering if I should right another one for carlisle and esme i have done something similar to it before but this time i want to make it longer and more detailed like i am doing with the others please leave a comment telling mw your opinions and anyone who wants to be in my new story the summary is below



basically it's like a twilight version but there are 2 realities and so i have to supposed people for both edwards and one person for jacob please use people from the actual book haven't kept up with stories lately and it would be easier if everyone used characters i already know about thanks.


Character list

1st reality 2nd reality

Edward Edward

Bella-Rachel Bella-olivia(i think)

Esme?- Esme-

Carlisle- Carlsile-

Alice-me Alice-

Jasper- Jasper-

Etc. wolfs and their imprints.


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Could I be Bella in one and Alice in another?

ok if you've ever seen fringe it would be a little clearer but there are two worlds

first world has a the regular characters of the shape shifters and vamps and stuff the second world is almost the exact same. so everyone has a twin because there are two worlds(no evil ones though) so there are too bellas and two edwards and two jacobs etc. the list of characters was just to show everyone what roles were open for taking . so rachel and olivia are technically twins cuz they wanted to be with edward in my stories so this way it's fair and technically both of them can be with edward if you really don't get it choose a character you like i will start the stories and then see if you get it sorry if this is still confusing!

Ronnie Martinez "twihard4ever" said:

Umm this is cool but I don't understand this can u explain it plz!! Thx I would appreciate it 

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