After some really nice comments, i decided to post more of my story following on from Breaking Dawn. Please comment if you enjoyed it (or didn't). It really helps :) (Find part 1 on my page)

The comparison between his old self and now was extreme. Jacob’s sadness had evaporated into nothing, leaving behind what I loved most about him. My personal sun, bursting with happiness. His happy-go-lucky demeanor which had been hidden for so long was only amplified when he met my daughter.

He tried to explain it to me once, imprinting. He’d thought the confused look on my face was because I didn’t understand, and he’d immediately launched into a gesture filled explanation, while I nodded vaguely.

But I understood. More than he knew. More than anyone could ever know. My gravity source didn’t keep me on the ground, but pinned me to Edward, like a life force. Which I guess he was, in a way. I’d certainly be dead without him. But it was more than that. He was my heart, my lungs. I couldn’t function without them, just as I couldn’t function without Edward.

From what Jacob had told me, imprinting sounded pretty similar to the way I felt about Edward. He said that without Renesmee, his life was meaningless, far beyond any human emotion. Nothing was more important than her. He continued to tell me the ways he felt connected to my daughter, but I was no longer paying attention.

The whole time he enthusiastically explained, I’d been having a battle in my head. Was there a way that humans could imprint, in some form? Obviously not in the way Jacob had, but surely his and my situations were too similar to pass off as coincidence? Everything he said was familiar; the painful time apart, the way your breath caught in the back of your throat every time you looked into their eyes. All of it.

But no, of course humans couldn’t imprint! I was being ridiculous. Imprinting was a wolf thing, abnormal.

But Edward and I were unique. Vampire and human relationships – as we had been for the first two years – were utterly unheard of. Could there be a way…

It continued like this for the next twenty minutes, arguing furiously with myself, while Jacob continued to speak animatedly, his arms gesturing wildly as he tried to portray something that was impossible to explain. I knew there was no way I could even begin to tell someone about the way I felt about Edward.

I’d asked Edward that evening about my theory timidly. I’d expected him to laugh, but his expression was solemn.

“I also considered the chance of imprinting when Jacob told me of it,” he grinned sheepishly, “I knew my fascination with you went against the grain, especially in the beginning. I spoke to Carlisle however, and he told me it was something unique to the werewolves, or shape shifters to call them by their correct names,” he winked at me, “he said it was something they’d developed to strengthen their species, or that was his theory anyway.”

“Oh,” I didn’t know what to say.

“I think what we have runs deeper than that though, don’t you agree,” He’d kissed my wrists, effectively ending the conversation.

“Bella?” I snapped back to reality – Edward grinned. “Day dreaming? Come on, love,” He smiled at me and wrapped his arm around my waist, gently pulling me in the direction Nessie had just run. I happily complied.

Edward’s mother, Esme, glided around the corner, her face glowing with happiness.

“Edward, Bella,” She said, kissing u both on the cheek. “Everyone’s in the dining room, we’re discussing what we’re to do about school this year.” My stomach tightened, and I looked down at the floor. I knew I could talk to Edward about my worries, and maybe Alice, but the thought of telling the others how nervous I really was made me cringe. Edward squeezed my hand encouragingly.

“School…yes ok…well, let’s go,” I managed to stutter, while Edward chuckled lightly under his breath. I glared at him. We followed Esme through the living room, where Jacob was lying on the sofa having his hair smoothed by Nessie. She heard us coming and turned towards us, scowling.

“Mommy, be quiet! You’ll wake Jake if you're being noisy.” Her eyes were disapproving. Renesmee was now almost a year old, however her accelerated growth - both mentally and physically - meant she had the appearance of roughly a seven year old, and the intelligence of much older. Her rare being means that she grows at a pace much faster than other children. She was concieved whilst I was still human, making her half immortal. However, she had inherited some of my mortal tendencies such as her coffee colored eyes, blushing cheeks, and a heart that pumped blood through her veins. She also had inherited my stubbornness.

“Sorry sweetie, we’ll try to keep it down,” I reassured her. She rolled her eyes at me, and then continued playing with Jacob’s hair.

Esme led us into the darkened dining room. As expected, rain was sliding down the windows, throwing shadows across the floor. My brothers and sisters sat around the wooden table, along with Edward's father, Carlisle. They all looked up when we reached the door. I took a deep breath, and smiled at each of them. My sister, Alice, jumped up from her seat and hugged me tightly, her flowery scent enveloping me. I squeezed her back, happy to see my best girlfriend. She led me to my seat, right next to her, keeping hold of my hand. I sat down silently. She played with my bracelet, a gift from Jacob. Her fingers fiddled with the carved wolf dangling from my wrist - a symbol to remind me of my best friend. 

Edward sat down next to me, his hands clasped tightly in his lap.

“Hello Bella, Edward,” greeted Carlisle, nodding at us. “I’m sure Esme has foretold you, we are discussing education plans,” Again, my stomach lurched. Would this feeling ever go away? “We thought as Bella is new to this experience that all six of you should go, to help her settle in. Would you agree, Edward?” My husband looked at me, tilting his head to one side. I nodded quickly. My stomach loosed slightly, the thought of having my four siblings there to help and support me made the whole thing seem slightly less daunting. They would never let me slip up. I exhaled-I hadn’t realized I’d been holding my breath.

“Yes, Carlisle, I believe that would be best for Bella,” He answered. Alice grinned, squeezing my hand, and Emmett winked from across the table. Rosalie also broke into a smile, her golden eyes alight with happiness. I returned the smile, grateful as always that we had got over our...differences.

She had believed I'd been making a huge mistake by becoming a vampire. All she wanted was to be human, so seeing me throwing my mortality away didn't exactly warm her to me. She dreamt of having a child of her own; it was because of this that made her one I rang when I discovered I was pregnant. Renesmee had brought us together. Rosalie had protected my daughter and I, and I was forever grateful.

Jasper, however, simply inclined his head in my direction, his gaze plain. My becoming a vampire had slightly unsettled him due to my talent. I had exceptional self control, meaning the smell of human blood did not set off wild desires like him, but it was simply an irritation I was easily distracted from. I knew my control disturbed him as he had had trouble sticking to the ‘vegetarian’ diet of the Cullen’s, but I couldn’t understand why he still felt the need to stay distant from me after he’d had a year to take in that I was different.

“Awesome, Bella! This is going to be so much fun." Emmett laughed. He never got bored of cracking jokes about me.

“Haha, very funny,” I answered sarcastically. Edward rolled his eyes, but couldn’t hide the smirk that washed over his face.

“Right then, I’m so glad that’s settled,” said Esme, also smiling. She stood up delicately, her chair not making a sound against the wooden floor. Her movement seemed to stimulate the others. Everyone rose from their seats and walked gracefully into the living room. There was a shriek of happiness from Renesmee and the patter of her feet as she ran across the room.

“Come on love, we better go and feed the monster,” said Edward affectionately, holding his hand out to me. I took it and we followed the others out. 

“Mine’s bigger than yours, Daddy!” Nessie boasted, her lips to the large male’s throat. I raised my head from my slightly smaller elk to see Edward roll his eyes at me.

We drank in silence for a few minutes, enjoying the time together. 

Renesmee stood up from her catch, "Momma, I’ve finished,” she wiped across her mouth with her fist, and sighed.

“Tired already, honey?” I asked.

“No!” She shook her head rapidly. “I still want to play with Alice!”

“Yes, I’m sure she’ll love to play with you too, she said she had another outfit for you to try on,” Edward replied skeptically. Renesmee skipped over to him, holding her arms up to be held. He complied, and headed off back to the house, me running alongside them.

It only took us two minutes to get there, however the sun broke through the clouds, throwing rainbows across mine and Edward’s faces. Renesmee glowed.

Emmett was outside waiting for us with a football in his arms.

“Hey, guys! Come on Ness, come and play catch with me and Jazz,” He grinned at her, and she stuck out her tongue, “you know I’ll win,” he added. Renesmee can’t resist competition; she inherited that from her father.

“Yeah, right!” She jumped down from Edward’s back and chased after her uncle, squealing with delight as Emmett scooped her up and spun her around. I smiled after her; her happiness was infectious.

“Come on, love, Carlisle wants to talk to you.” We went inside, shutting the door heavily behind us.

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thank you very much :) i'm glad you're enjoying it, i'll post the next bit tomorrow. I have over 30 pages on my computer, but i'd rather post them in chunks :)
i really like it
keep it up
and tell me when the next one's up plzz
thnx ^_^
Hi Nikki it's bec bec, I'm kindda answering your request well I think this is fantastic keep going, your doing really well with it I love it =D
Another great chapter.. Its just so easy to read.. it flows really well >> If you know what i mean !!
Keep it up girl.. I'm off to read Part 3 :)

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