The third part to my fan fiction following on from Breaking Dawn. Please find parts 1 and 2 on my page :) Hope you enjoy.

The next few weeks passed smoothly, and all too soon it was the night before school started. My worries had been building up and had now reached record point. Luckily though, Edward had a way of keeping my fears at bay, and with Jasper’s ability to manipulate emotions, I was able to keep semi-calm when with my family. However, when I was alone, I could barely control my fears. The only thing that stopped me from backing out altogether was the excitement that crossed Edward’s face every time someone mentioned school.

No one seemed to understand my worries. I'd never had any trouble with temptation particularly, but this was different. I'd never been close to any humans but Charlie, Sue and Emily. And even then, it was never more than two at a time. The thought of being in a room full of them, unable to get away from their terrified me. I could so easily slip up - it wouldn't be difficult to take care of the witnesses.

I musn't think like this, I told myself. Just one day, then we can stop, if it's too hard. One day. I can do this. I grimaced. I couldn't even convince myself.

“I’ll miss you, Momma,” Renesmee wasn't happy about us leaving her at home. I'd never been away from her for more than a couple of hours - it was heart braking to think about leaving her.

“Aw, baby I’ll miss you too, but we’ll be home before you can miss us," I attempted a smile. “Jake will look after you, sweetie, and Nanna Esme and Grandpa Carlisle. You have so many people who love you, darling,”

“You will ring me, won’t you?” My daughter’s lip trembled.

“Of course I will, Ness," Her watery eyes were heart braking.


“Twice a day,” I assured her. She seemed satisfied. “Come on, we better get back to the cottage.”

“Yes, Momma,” she yawned widely. Because she was conceived when I was still human, Renesmee needed sleep. “May I go and say goodnight to Jake first?”

“Sure, sure,” I replied. I took her hand and led her down the stairs to the living room, where Jacob was sat with Alice.

“Bella…we need to get ready,” Edward rolled over, pulling me on top of him.

“Mmm,” I pressed my lips to his neck, and put my hands on his lower back, pulling myself closer to him. “They won’t mind if we’re a day late,”

“Don’t do this to me, Bella,” Edward groaned, “you put too much faith in my self-control,” He kissed me passionately, his golden eyes blazing. I was, as always, blown away by his beauty.

He continued to kiss me - his hands in my hair. His lips parted, and i felt his cool breath in my mouth. I sighed, completely content but for the nagging thought in the back of my mind - school. 

  "You can do this, Bella, I wouldn’t say it if I doubted you,” his face was encouraging, eager. It made my heart melt.

I tried to make sense of the scrambled thoughts running through my head.

“Will you help me?” My voice quivered. Edward pressed his lips to my forehead.

“Cross my heart,” He answered.

“I love you, more than anything,”

“I love you too, Isabella,” He smiled. I stroked my fingertips down the length of his perfectly formed bare chest. He shuddered involuntarily. “Bella…” he kissed my jaw.

There was movement from the next room.

“Mommy…Daddy?” Renesmee was sobbing. I froze.

“Ness?” said Edward, cautiously. “What’s the matter?” He jumped out of the bed, and pulled on his khaki shorts. Our daughter came through the door, her head lowered.

“I…don’t want…you to go,” tears brimmed over her eyes and streamed down her cheeks.

“Oh, baby, please don’t cry. We’ll be back in in the evening, and we’ll ring you as much as possible,” he sat on the edge of the bed, and pulled Nessie onto his lap, rocking her from side to side. “Shh…” 

“But…where will I stay?” She rubbed her eyes with the back of her hand.

“Where do you want to be, darling?” I asked.

“With Jacob, of course?”

"Okay, we'll sort that out when we get to the house. And with Grandpa Carlisle and Nanna Esme?"

“Uh huh,” she sniffed, her tears slowing.

“You see, you don’t need to be worried, we’re all here and we love you,”

“Thank you, Momma, Daddy,”

Edward placed Renesmee on her feet. "Come on, let's go and get ready,"

We arrived at the house twenty minutes later; Renesmee had brightened up, and was excited about having all day with Jake. This time, it was Alice who was waiting for us. Her short black hair was pointing in every direction, and her pixielike features were lit up.

“Hey, Nessa! How’s my favorite little girl?” Nessie ran over to her Aunt, who scooped her up and swung her round. My daughter giggled happily, her recent worries evaporated. If only I could be as carefree as her. “Excited, Bella?” Alice put Renesmee back on her feet, and turned to me, grinning.

“Umm...excited might be pushing it…”

“Aw, come on, Bella, you’re going to love it!” I bit my lip. “Hey, is this because you don’t trust me?” She arched her eyebrows disapprovingly.

“Oh, no, I just…I just can’t hurt anyone. I couldn’t live with it.”

“You’re being ridiculous. Stop it.”


“No buts! Jazz will help you too; he’ll calm you down if you catch scent of anything. Ok?”


“And I’ll be watching and looking after you. You’ll be with me and Edward all the time. And Jazz, Rose and Em will be with us at lunch and after class everyday.”

“Yes, I’m sorry, I’m just nervous,” my voice quivered.

“Well don’t be,” her tone implied the end of the conversation. “Smile, we’re all here for you,” I raised the corners of my mouth slightly. “See, you’re feeling better already!” She grinned.

“Ok, Alice, once you’re done lecturing my wife, we’ll go inside,” Edward said sternly, but I saw his smile as he turned away. I scowled.

“Come on, Ness, let’s go and speak to Aunt Rose,” I picked her up and we went inside, Alice and Edward went to find Carlisle.

“Rose?” Renesmee called, “Rose?”

“Coming, honey,” My sister floated down the stairs, an image of beauty. Her long golden hair waved gently down her back, just a shade lighter then her buttery eyes. Her perfect figure pointed out by the skinny jeans and tight blue top she was wearing. “Hello, sweetie, how’s my angel?”

“I’m very well, thank you” Her impeccable manners made me smile. Rosalie reached towards us, and I handed her my daughter without hesitation. Rose kissed her only niece’s forehead.

"Are you looking forward to collage, Rosa?”

“Yes, of course, but I’ll miss you lots,” Rosalie poked Ness’ cheek.

“I’ll miss you, too,” Renesmee’s smile faltered. Rose noticed.

“But we’ll see you later, baby girl,” her smile returned. I heard movement behind me.

“Hey, Bells!” Jacob grinned, showing his white teeth, “There’s my little girl!” He was distracted as soon as he caught sight of Renesmee. “We’re going to have so much fun!” His enthusiasm was infectious.

Maybe school wouldn’t be that bad after all. And if I really didn’t like it, then Edward would bring me home. I smiled to myself, slightly reassured.

“Come on, Bella, Rose, we need to get going,” Edward came up behind me, putting his arms round my waist. “Emmett? Jasper?” He voice was soft, but they heard him from upstairs.

“Yeah, coming!” called Emmett.

“Just give us one minute!” said Jasper. Edward laughed to himself as he read Jazz’s mind.

“Hey, Edward! That’s not fair, what are they doing?” I demanded.

“Oh!” Alice whispered, her eyes alight with excitement.

“Nothing, love, calm down,” he kissed my hair. Just as I was about to run upstairs to see what my brothers were up to, they appeared at the top of the stairs, their hands empty.

“Umm…what?” I was confused. My whole family assembled around me, smiling as my two brothers reached us. Emmett reached into his pocket and pulled out a small velvet box. “Huh?” My curiosity got the better of me, and I reached out, taking the box in my pale fingers. I flipped it open, and gasped.

“Oh my gosh! Em! Jazz! What’s this for? It’s beautiful!” Inside the tiny jewelry case was a little silver bracelet, the catch decorated with small blue stones.

“We couldn’t let you go to collage without a present!” Emmett snorted. “I had the idea, and as we know you repel all gifts, Jasper handmade it.” I was speechless. Jasper shrugged.

“It was nothing, really, Bella.” I hugged them both tightly, and slid the bracelet onto my wrist, where it lay in perfect harmony with Jacob’s present.

“See, Edward, I told you she’d love this!” Alice said, grinning. Edward ruffled his sisters hair.

“I guess you’re right.”

“You bet I am.”

“Shouldn’t you lot be leaving? I thought you needed to be there for eight-thirty?” Jacob looked concerned.

“Yes, we really must be going,” allowed Edward, “Come on, Ness, give us all a hug.” Renesmee ran towards my husband and into his arms. She buried her face into his chest, wrapping her pale arms around his neck.

“Phone me when you get there, Daddy, I love you,” she pulled away gently, and then raced to me.

“I love you, my little nudger,” I was overcome with sadness as I looked into her deep chocolate eyes. I took a deep breath – a habit, not a necessity – and gripped her to my heart. “Keep smiling, Miss Carlie Cullen,” I added. She smiled weakly, while tears started to slowly slide down her perfect cheeks. I caught one of them with the tip of my finger and wiped it onto her nose. “Please don’t cry, baby, you’ll be fine with Jake,” her tears were making this harder.

“Come on, Nessa, my turn for a hug!” Alice was a life saver. Renesmee turned to her Aunt, attempting a smile. “Where are your little dimples, little one?” Her grin grew, until she was smiling broadly, her tears slowing. “There we go! Now, say goodbye, and we’ll see you on tonight.”

“Thank you, Alice,” she gave my sister a tight hug.

“No worries, Nessie.” Renesmee then turned to Emmett.

“I’m going to practice arm-wresting with Jacob, and I will beat you when you get home, Em!”

“Yeah, yeah, I’ll believe that when I see it,” Emmett replied, smirking. He scooped her up and kissed both her cheeks and her forehead. “Stay safe, trouble, don’t be like your Mom,” I narrowed my eyes.

“I wasn’t that bad!” I retorted automatically. 

“Yeah, Bella, you really were,” said Edward, his hand on the small of my back. I scowled. Em put Nessie down, and she skipped to Jasper.

“Bye, Uncle Jazz, I love you!”

“See you, sweetheart,” he gave her a swift hug, lifting her very slightly off the floor, and then gently placed her back down again.

“Now we’re really late,” Alice looked at the large clock on the wall with a worried expression. Rosalie opened her mouth to speak uncertainly, and then shut it again. I knew she wanted her goodbye.

“I love you, Aunt Rose. Have fun, I will see you very soon,” Rosalie hugged her niece lovingly, kissing her head.

“Thank you, little one, talk to you tonight,” she replied. Ness stepped back, looking at her beloved family with her big brown eyes.

“I love you all,” she said. I could see she was becoming weepy again, “bye Momma, bye Daddy,” she came and gave us both one last hug, then went to stand with Jacob.

“Bye Ness.”

“See you, Nessa.”

“We love you!”

“Bye, trouble!”

“Talk to you later, honey.”

I was the last to say goodbye.

“I love you, Renesmee, keep safe, keep smiling."

She smiled weakly - her eyes brimming up again.

"Oh, and don’t be a nuisance to Sam and Emily,” we had already agreed to Jake taking Ness to his wolf brother’s house, as she loved to talk to Emily’s ever growing belly. My daughter was delighted she would soon have another little one to play with.

“Bye! Talk later, Bella,” Jake winked at me. Alice sighed impatiently, and ushered us all out the door. There were a few more goodbyes said to Renesmee, Jake, Carlisle and Esme, and then we were out.

“So late…” I heard Alice grumble.

I gave her a squeeze around the middle to cheer her up. She rolled her eyes, herding us towards the garage. Jasper reached into his pocket and pulled out a small remote. He pressed the large black button in the centre, and the three double garage doors lifted up smoothly. Any car enthusiast would feel dizzy at the contents of the vast space. The light bounced and shattered over the cars, throwing shadows up the walls.

“Edward, I'll drive?” Asked Emmett.

“Sure, we'll take the Volvo.” he nodded to the silver car at the far corner of the garage. "And we'll have to take something else, we won't all fit."

"I'll take the Porsche!" Alice chirped.

"Alice, we're trying to fit in, not stand out." Rosalie shook her head. Edward laughed.

"Rosalie, you want to take the convertable?" I eyed the glossy red car that stood proudly next to Emmett's Jeep.

"Sure, but I want Emmett with me," she smiled broadly at him. Edward took a deep breath.

"Okay, you four go in the Volvo, and Bella and I will take your convertable, Rosalie." I smiled to myself, content with three hours alone with Edward. Emmett winked at me.

“Ok, can we go now?” Alice was bouncing on her toes.

“Yeah, Pixie, let’s go,” teased Emmett.

He bounded over to the Volvo, claiming the driving seat. Rosalie got in next to him,  ridiculously gracefully, whilst Alice and Jasper slid into the back. 

Edward walked to the convertable, pulling me gently with him. He ignored the car door; he placed her hand on the head rest and sprung himself into the seat, putting his pale hands on the steering wheel. I rolled my eyes, climbing in the conventional way. I shut the door, Edward stomped his foot on the pedal, and we were off, heading towards the terrifying and completely unknown.

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Couldn't agree more!!

Stevie Rae Johnson said:
*shiver* I love all the details.. it makes it a fun read! I cant wait to read more of this!
can't wait for the next one
keep it up ^_^
Oohh.. how exciting for Bella.. can't wait to see how she gets on :)
Need more.. This is very addictive !!!

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