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Bella POV

Chapter 1

I could hear the car coming down the long, winding road to the house. I knew it
wasn't Charlie and everyone was present and accounted for. Renesmee lay on
Jake's chest peacefully sleeping and dreaming of her next hunting adventure. I noticed
Edward's eyes glance over to me. He knew I was wondering who was coming.
"Relax, Bella it’s just Tanya and Kate!" he said in that soothing
tone. This tone he used almost everyday with me, because of my unease after the
Volturi left us alone three months ago. Then I notice the tension in his eyes.
"But why!" he murmured. I could feel his tension and unease
especially once Alice was by his
My horrified look was enough to break his gaze. Then he stated firmly, "Get
Renesmee and go upstairs." I questioned his perturbed look, “Who is it?
What is wrong Edward?"
As the words rolled off his tongue, the corners of his mouth turned into a
grimace. All he could manage to say was," Jane is with them!!!"
I immediately swooped to Jake side and scooped Renesmee up into my arms without
hesitation. My shield stretched and filled the room, at the same time a
building growl filled my chest and rumbled the room. Edward could tell by all
of our expressions that we wanted to know why our dear cousins would think to bring
Jane here. The car was racing down the drive. Alice
gasped, “She is being protected by a shield." Edward could not read her
thoughts, but he had been listening to Tanya's. "She is not here to hurt
us." Edward expressed with relief in his voice, "But not even Tanya
knows why she was instructed to bring her here and without the rest of the


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Thank you very much Carmelle, I am glad you enjoyed it and I will definitely post Cloude Dreams.It is written up to Chapter 8 so far but it's already twice as long as Night Sky!!! Thanks for your support.

Carmelle Jean-Paul said:
Andrea- I stayed up all night reading your version of the story and it was really good!! Please post clouded dreams as I am dying with curiosity about what will happen to Bella and will Leah eventually get married.
Thank you Jamila. I appreciate that you took time to read Night Sky!!! Again thank you!!!
Andrea said:
I think I posted this in the wrong place. Can someone tell me where to put my story?

omg andrea .. u are awesome i couldnt put the computer down till i finshed ... cant wait to read the next one .... AWESOME !!!!!!
Thank you Alishalee!! I have posted Clouded Dreams up to Chapter 8 so you will be able to read it up to where everyone on my site has read it. It is twice as long as Night Sky and it is nowhere near finished yet!!! Here is the link to Clouded Dreams:
Thank you,

alishalee said:
Andrea said:
I think I posted this in the wrong place. Can someone tell me where to put my story?

omg andrea .. u are awesome i couldnt put the computer down till i finshed ... cant wait to read the next one .... AWESOME !!!!!!
enjoyed reading this, i did not realise that this was the 1st story. but i got the gist when i rememebered the clouded dreams story was the 2nd story. so brilliant, now i have got a aching neck!!! lol
Thank you JennaRose I am glad you enjoyed it!!!

JennaRose said:
enjoyed reading this, i did not realise that this was the 1st story. but i got the gist when i rememebered the clouded dreams story was the 2nd story. so brilliant, now i have got a aching neck!!! lol
This is the first story before Clouded Dreams

Andrea said:
Chapter 11 Alice’s POV

I couldn’t bear to watch even the Volturi be tortured. We had such a compassionate and loving family, I doubt any of us could stand to watch it. I take that back, I bet Emmett was amused. I peeked around Jasper to see Emmett’s face. Yep, I was right! Emmett had a look of merriment on his face. He was like a kid in a candy store with an obscene amount of money. He was getting a little bit too much entertainment from this. He stood there with his arms across his massive chest. He looked like he was a coach watching his players. I frowned at him.
“What Alice?” He asked laughing like he had no clue. Just then, out of nowhere, came a vision. I could see we were exiting the castle. It was all of us, family and friends. Antanasia, Giovanni, Stefan, Vladimir, and the Volturi that decided to join us were there also. Antanasia took Bella’s hand and then…. As quickly as, it came the vision was gone. Maybe Giovanni had let up on his shield around Antanasia, and that is why I could see the vision. I looked to Edward. He stared at me as a broad smile came across his face. He whispered to Bella, who still had Demetri up against the wall with her shield, and then he turned back to look at me. Jasper was intently looking at me too. He knew that I had a vision.
“What did you see Alice?” He asked me anxiously. I pulled him closer so that I could whisper to him.
“I saw us all leaving, with the Romanians, and the Volturi guard. We were all walking outside to leave and Antanasia took Bella’s hand to say something to her, but then the vision ended.” I whispered very quietly.
“How did you see it Alice, if Giovanni is shielding her?” He asked confused.
“I don’t know. Maybe he let his shield down for a second.” I replied to him still whispering.
“Or maybe you found a h*** in his shield.” Jasper replied to me. Could it be? A look of surprise crossed my face and Edward’s at the same time. Had I been around Giovanni long enough to find a h*** in his shield? Just then my thought was interrupted by a loud shriek of pain.

Jasper’s POV

When Bella let herself become that enraged, I was so shocked. She was always so calm, even as a newborn. That bothered me so much. Here I had been a vampire for a century and a half and still had a hard time controlling my thirst, she just becomes a vampire and is in total control. I was disappointed in myself, but when she lost it, I thought ‘now that is what I was waiting for.’ It was as if she took all her rage that she should have displayed as a newborn and channeled it all onto Aro. I was very shocked to see that. Here I thought Rose was crazy, Bella definitely topped her. And Emmett, did he really think I would bet against Bella? I had to give it to Bella as soon as Edward spoke, she calmed down. They were each other’s ying and yang. Two opposites that had to exist to keep the other calm and stable. Alice’s vision gave me hope that this would not go on much longer. As many battles I have fought, I still did not like the torturing of other immortals. Maybe I was starting to think like a Cullen. Edward looked up at me and smiled approvingly. That shriek of pain was awful. It rang in our ear like a bull horn.
I noticed Jane and then realized that Aro’s body was on the floor twisted. The cry came from him.
“Felix, pick yourself up and finish what you have started.” Antanasia commanded him. Felix slowly picked himself up from the ground and walked over to Dulcia.
“Felix, please just end my life. I beg of you, do not torture me so.” Dulcia pleaded.
“Felix, NOW!” Antanasia demanded. The suffering and the torment was the most merciless thing I have witnessed and I have seen cruel in my immortal life. Another snapped and Dulcia’s left forefinger was gone. She moaned and screamed in agony. Felix turned his head from her.
“Please, Felix, please.” She begged.
“More Felix. Jane release Aro.” Antanasia instructed her. I felt like a helpless witness. I wondered who Antanasia would choose next to be tormented. I wondered if there was a logic to her cruel ways. I would find out soon enough!

Chapter 11 cont.

Jacob’s POV

I don’t think I have ever seen Bella that infuriated before. Not even when I imprinted on Nessie was she that furious. I was even a little scared of her. Leah found that hysterically, then she was saying ‘all you boys always underestimate us girls.’ I laughed at that comment, ‘actually Leah, I wouldn’t put anything past you.’ She wasn’t impressed that I found amusement at her expense. Esme had Nessie, but I needed to be by her. I yearned for that closeness to ease my conscience. I proceeded over to Esme when Antanasia started to punish Aro’s wife. Her screams of turmoil filled the room. I was standing next to Esme and Nessie. Esme covered Nessie with her body, her back was to the horrific scene that was occurring. Dulcia was begging for Aro to kill her. Aro was degraded to a sulking fool. He cried out for his brother or Demetri to end his wife’s life. Only Demetri accepted, but when he did Antanasia insisted that Bella use her shield on Demetri. Bella did not seem as willing to help as she had before. I looked to Edward and he was comforting Bella. Was she ashamed of her actions or could she not bear to witness such indecency. Just then I felt Nessie hands making it way up my fur and to my face. She replayed the look on Bella’s face before she attacked Aro.
“She was scared.” Esme told me. I looked up to see Edward now glance in my direction. He must have seen what Nessie was showing me. There was another shriek of pain and then another. With each shriek, Nessie cringed. ‘Edward maybe we could ask Antanasia if Esme could take Nessie out of here. She's scared.’ I thought so that he could hear me. He looked down and whispered something to Bella. Bella and Edward were at our sides in no time. There was another scream in the room. Bella knelt down in front of Nessie, who was now covering her eyes.
“Nessie, honey looking at mommy.” Bella said in a composed tone. Nessie looked up. She studied Bella’s face and wrapped her arms around her neck.
“I am sorry that I scared you Nessie.” Bella whispered to her. Edward glided so effortlessly over to Antanasia.
“Antanasia, may my mother and wolf friend take my daughter out of the room? This is frightening her.” Edward asked her politely. Antanasia looked at Edward upset that he broke her concentration on the torture that was being administered.
“You may take the child outside in the hallway, but only one can go with and it may not be Bella. I need her here.” Antanasia stated firmly. What did she need Bella for? The same confused look crossed Edward’s face. What was it that she had in store for Bella?
“Jake, you take Nessie and protect her.” Edward said to me relieved that she could leave. Why did he choose me? Was this just in case, so I could escape with Nessie? Edward nodded towards me. ‘Alright, but you had better watch out for Leah.’ I thought.
‘Jake, I will be fine. Go get Nessie out of here!’ Leah told me. Bella put Nessie on my back, she looked deep into my eyes.
“Remember, you’re my best friend!” She whispered to me. ”And I love you more than my own life.” She said to Nessie, stroking her cheek. I was out the door with Nessie on my back, but not before one last scream filled the room.

Chapter 11 cont.

Leah’s POV

Jake took Nessie and ran out of the room. Jaiden looked down at me confused. I wanted to transform back into my human form, but I phased ripping my pretty yellow dress to pieces. I am sure that agitated Alice. She was probably thinking, I just get wolf girl looking decent and look what she does. I giggled to myself, but then I heard Jake laughing in my head with me. ‘Focus, he told me. I plan on going back to La Push with you.’ He scolded me with a assertive tone. I looked up to find Jaiden staring at me with such fanaticism. I wanted to wrap my arms around him and feel the passion between us take us into chimera. I imagined his lips touching mine so slowly. I could almost feel him tracing my lips with his tongue. ‘STOP IT NOW.’ Jake was not pleased with my lack of focus on the current threat at hand. I couldn’t help that I just imprinted. ‘I am trying, Jake.’ I snapped in my thoughts. ‘I could be thinking about something else.’ I continued. ‘PLEASE DON’T!’ He insisted. ’Don’t make me go Alpha on you.’ He added. I laughed at his reply. Just then I was distracted by the really ancient leech.
“Felix, enough with the fingers. Rip her legs and arms off and put them in the fire. Leave her torso lying on the ground for now.” She demanded. Felix was so hesitant, looking at Aro, it sounded like he apologized to him. Then he turned to Dulcia.
“Dulcia, I am so sorry.” He told her as he ripped her left leg off. Dulcia wailed in anguish. Her face was disfigured with the pain.
“Alec, take Dulcia’s legs and arms and put them into the fire.” Antanasia ordered him. By time it was finished, Dulcia’s limbs were burning in the blaze in front of us. Her torso with her head still intact lay on the floor. She was moaning and sobbing. Aro recovered from Jane’s attack and was now beside her gently kissing her face.
“Aurelia, come here.” Antanasia persisted. Caius let out a hiss and growled.
“Felix, contain Caius.” Antanasia continued with the orders. She was on a power trip.
“Aurelia, my dear friend, how have you been?” She asked Aurelia. Dear friend? What in the world did she possibly mean by that? They were once friends.

Chapter 11 cont.

Carlisle’s POV

Suffering of humankind or immortals never sat well with me. Oppression was never anything I would press upon any creature. Dulcia’s screams were vociferous. My only concern was to save my family and friends. I pondered on my thoughts of what could possibly be worse then this. Even if Aro did intend to destroy us, I would have never acted as deplorable as Antanasia. However, I only heard brief discussions of when the Volturi destroyed the Romanians. Her plight might be great. This was her retribution and I had no control. If we were to save everyone, we would have to obey. And Bella, she seemed to be abashed by her behavior. I know that she had all of our interest at heart. I saw a lot of the qualities I exhibited as a human in her before her transformation. They even carried with her into immortality. I joined Esme as Jake took Nessie out of the room. This was not anything for Nessie to see, even though she was half-vampire, she is also half-human. I am sure nightmares would follow her. Then I heard Antanasia call Aurelia. Aurelia was always very statuesque, very refined. She complemented Caius. I turned to see Aurelia come forth. “Aurelia, my dear friend, how have you been?” Antanasia asked her. I was as confused as everyone else.
“I am well, but you confuse me Antanasia!” Aurelia stated very calmly. She kept her integrity, she was not about to show fear.
“What would that be?” Antanasia asked her very inquisitively .
“The last time I saw you Antanasia, you called me sister. Now I am only a dear friend, what happen.” Aurelia boasted loudly. Antanasia’s eyes were amplified with rage, as was her face.
“You dear speak those words to me. You let me plead to your conscience for your brother’s life. You let your husband and his brothers kill your own brother. You stared into my eyes as I watched them slowly tear Constantin apart and burn him. You never once objected on your brother’s half. No, Why? You were consumed with power. Then you let them tear me into pieces! You now ask why I no longer call you sister?” Antanasia was exacerbated by Aurelia’s question. We were all in shock, Constantin was Aurelia’s brother. What other surprises would we find out before this torturous event was over?
Same with my book. My life in flames.

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