Ok so this is a fanfic I've been writing.
It's from Renesmee's POV and it's pretty much about her love for Jaob and what lengths she goes to to be with him.
Anyway please R&R

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How do you know if you really love someone? How do you know if it’s just a crush or something more, when you had never had a crush on anyone? When the only ones you knew you loved were your family. How does one work these things out? Would you be able to leave your family to go in search of someone even if you didn’t know if you loved them or not?

Chapter One- Evaporated.

I groaned and rolled over burying my face in my pillow when I heard the quiet creak of my bedroom door being opened.
“Rise and shine sleepy head,” Alice sang as she flung open my wardrobe and started searching through all my clothes.
“Go away” I muttered grabbing another pillow and shoving it over my head.
“Those colors really don’t match,” she said to herself. “Shame though. Would be fine if this was a lighter blue. Hm. Maybe Rose might have something.” I tuned out from Alice’s extremely irritating chatter and tried to fall back asleep.
I really don’t see how she can be so bright and bubbly all the time.
Sure I was excited and all. It was my first day of school after all.
For four years Grandma-and Grandpa Cullen when he was home- had home schooled me, but then Rose had a bit of… well I suppose you could call it an accident. And this accident had very inconveniently happened in the middle of the main street of the last town we had lived in.
This is how it happened. Rose, Grandma and I had been out grocery shopping. We were in the supermarket when Rose realized she had left her purse in the car, so she went out to get it.
It didn’t help that she was already in a bad mood for some reason and then when she realized she had left her purse at home she got even more pissed. She slammed the car door shut a little too hard causing it to buckle in on itself and all the widows to shatter. There were about five people who witnessed this, -including her English teacher Mr. Craig- but in only a couple of hours almost the whole town had heard about Rosalie Hale’s supposed super human strength.
We were gone in two days.
Everyone had decided I knew enough to be able to start school now-and I had stopped growing-, so mum, dad, aunt Ali, aunt Rose, uncle Em, uncle Jazz and I had enrolled at the local high school three weeks ago when we had arrived at the small town of Fairbanks Alaska.
Today was first day of term two as well as my first day at a proper school.
Up until this morning I had been really excited and had annoyed the s*** out of everyone by declaring my excitement to all of my family over and over. Last night it took me forever to get to sleep and now I was really wishing I had gone to bed earlier to allow myself more time to fall asleep, because I really wasn’t used to getting up this early.
“Getupgetupgetup,” Alice said wrenching the pillows away from my head and flinging them to the other side of my room when I made a grab for them.
“Go away,” I muttered again, “I’m sleeping.”
“We already let you sleep in Ness and now it’s time to get up. And hurry up you only have half an hour to get ready.”
“I don’t care if I’m late,” I sighed. It felt as though my excitement had evaporated.
“Sorry Nessie.”
“I didn’t want it to come down to this but I suppose I have no choice.”
“What?” I asked confused.
“This,” she flung my doona back and pounced on me, pinning my arms under me, and smothered my face with kisses.
“Ugh,” I mumbled trying to get my arms free.
She got off me and looked at me expectantly,” Come on then,” she said suddenly serious.
“Fine,” I yawned dragging myself out of my incredibly warm and comfortable queen sized bed.
“Get dressed,” she said dropping a pair of dark blue skinny leg jeans and black high heel boots that reached just bellow my knees.
“I’ll be back,” Alice said -doing an almost prefect imitation of Arnold Schwarzenegger- and ran out of my room as I reached into my top draw for clean underwear and socks.
Alice came back in as I was doing up my bra with a light blue blouse in hand. She sat it on my bed with the other things and walked back out.
I finished getting dressed then clomped unhappily down the stairs. God it was frustrating being so graceful. No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t not be graceful. Emmett even said sometimes I was more graceful than Alice, -I think he was joking- that’s hard to believe though. Alice is always prancing about everywhere like a… oh I don’t know. Like a something that’s really graceful.
“Good morning sweet hear,” mum said catching me up in her up in her stone mebrace when I reached the bottom of the stairs and kissing me lightly on the head.
“Hey honey,” dad said coming over and wrapping his long arms around both of us.
“Morning mum, dad.”
“You hungry Ness?” Rosalie called from the kitchen.
“Yeah kinda,” I pulled out of the hug and headed off toward the kitchen.
“Yes thanks.”
“How’s it going brat?” Emmett asked ruffling my hair as I walked past. “Don’t look as excited anymore.”
“I’m not,” I muttered fixing my hair.
“And why’s that?”
“It’s too early,” I yawned again.
He chuckled. ”Not really.”
“Easy for you to say,” I grumbled pulling up a seat at the kitchen table.
“Smile,” Grandma chirped. A blinding flash followed.
“Grandma pl-“
“Esme,” She corrected. “Grandma makes me feel old.”
“You are old,” Emmett laughed.
“Watch it,” she joked,” if your not careful you’ll end up living outside.”
“Esme please no photo’s,” I grinned.
“One more.” I smiled and she snapped another photo.
I was supposed to call grandma and grandpa by their first names, and my aunts and uncles wanted me to cut out the aunt and uncle part from their names. I was also working on calling mum and dad by their first names because it would sound weird to other people if I called them mum and dad at school.

“Hurry up lil sis,” Emmett grinned. He was leaning up against da… Edward’s new Volvo. This one was dark blue.
He had had to get a new one after I accidentally wrapped his old silver Volvo around a tree. It wasn’t technically my fault though it was Emmett’s. After all he was the one who practically forced me race him-even if I kinda wanted to-.
Well I was in Edwards Volvo, he was going to take his jeep but I told him I wouldn’t race if he did, so he took Rosalie’s BMW instead.
Everything was cool until Emmett decided to make it more exciting by trying to push me off the road and out of his way; he put a massive dent in the passenger side of Rosalie’s door and knocked me off the road straight into the path of an oncoming tree. I had to mangle the car further to get myself out, and if I were human I would have been killed, but as it was I didn’t have a scratch on me.
Emmett thought it was hilarious until we got home. Rose all but bit his head off when she saw the dent. She was crabbier than Edward even though his car was well and truly dead. Emmett took most of the blame, which was fine with me.
“Don’t forget your jacket,” mum said just behind me and interrupting my thoughts.
“Aw mum,” I groaned. “It’s not even cold though.”
“Renesmee please.”
“Whatever,” I snatched my jacket from her and slid into the backseat of Edward’s car.
Our story as usual was that Dr. Cullen his wife and adopted children had moved o town for a fresh start. Rosalie and Japer remained the Hale twins, mum was Isabella Masen and Alice, Emmett, Edward and I were the Cullen siblings.
It was strange. In a way my parents were my brother and sister and my grandparents were my parents.

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Chapter eleven- Scent.

I loved the beach. The smell and taste of the fresh salty air, the way the water sparkled in the sunlight –when the sun wasn’t totally obscured in clouds-, the sound of the waves barrelling down on each other in their desperate race to shore then smashing into the sand and sending cold droplets of water flying everywhere only to be dragged back out again, and the feeling I always got when I dug through the thin layer of small pebbles and buried my toes in the cool sand and just stared out to sea; I felt happy and at peace like all my troubles had somehow been dragged out with the waves into the deep blue icy depths.
I sat on an old driftwood log that lay near the edge of the thick forest with my back resting against one of the logs roots, seeing how far I could kick pebbles while absentmindedly listening to Leah’s chatter and watching people running around chasing and splashing each other or just reclining on the narrow strip of non pebbly sand near the waters edge.
Everyone was here Sam, Emily, Quil, Embry, Brady, Collin, Jared, Seth, Leah, Claire, Kim, Danielle –a pretty girl of about 15 that Collin had imprinted on-, Billy, Sue, Jacob, Rachel, Paul, Hayden and a few other people I’d seen a few times that lived on the reservation.
“I want to imprint,” Leah was saying quietly. Everyone else was a fair way down the beach so we were pretty much alone.
I used to fight non-stop with Leah. I don’t know what happened but one day we stopped fighting for a minute and started talking only to realise we had heaps in common, and now we were best friends.
“I just can’t get over him Ness.” We quite often shared our feelings with each other and I’d long since learned that she just preferred it if you sat and listened and only occasionally said something.
“And no matter how hard I try I can’t hate Emily for taking him from me. She’s just way too kind. It’s impossible to not like her. Ugh! I hate it!” These last words she yelled causing everyone to look our way. I smiled at them and nodded telling them that everything was okay. They all continued on with what they were doing so I turned back to Leah.
“I’m sorry,” she said switching back to her quiet voice. “It’s just that I’ve been hoping that when I imprint… if I do imprint that is… well maybe it won’t hurt as much to look at him. Maybe I’ll be able to get on with my life…” she drifted off. “Anyway you don’t want to hear any more about my problems I’m sure,” she was suddenly happy again like she hadn’t just been nearly about to cry.
“It’s fine Lee,” I assured her.
“Okay. So… what do you think of Hayden?”
“She’s cool,” I lied.
“Oh come on Ness,” Leah scoffed. “Do ya think I’m blind or something? I’ve seen the way you’ve been looking at her.
“That obvious?”
“Yes. Oh and I’ve seen the way she’s been looking at you when you’re not looking at her. So I’d say the love between the both of you is spread both ways.”
“Do you like her?” I asked.
“Yeah, she’s awesome!” Leah said enthusiastically.
“Oh,” I sighed disappointed. I had kind of wanted there to be someone else amongst these people who so clearly loved Hayden that shared the same feelings towards her that I did.
“God Ness. Haven’t you ever heard of sarcasm? I would have expected you out of all people to realise that I was joking.” Oh thank god! I wasn’t alone.
“That was pretty convincing though.”
“No one here likes her except Jake, although sometimes I think he doesn’t even like her that much.”
“Rachel and Paul seem to think she’s pretty crash hot.”
“Rachel and Paul? Your kidding right? They hate her almost more than I do.”
“Yes. I mean look at how they’re looking at her.”
I glanced over to where Paul and Rachel sat with Jake, Hayden and Seth. Both Paul and Rachel were giving Hayden a look of disgust, one look at Hayden told me why.
“What the hell?” I demanded causing everyone to glance over again. I ignored them and continued on but in a quieter voice. “She’s flirting! With Seth! And Jake’s sitting right next to her! Doesn’t he see what she’s doing? And if he does – which he clearly does- then why does he not care?” I was having trouble keeping my voice low.
“She does that,” Leah replied shortly. “And I have no idea what Jacob is thinking. Does anyone?”
“But surely Seth is too young for her. You can almost consider her a cradle snatcher.”
“Yes. Plus he’s my brother so that’s even worse; it totally grosses me out,” she gagged. “Oh and don’t forget anyone you go out with -unless they’re younger than eight- can be considered a cradle snatcher,” she said with a sly smile.
I ignored her. “Ugh! I need to hunt.” I leaned over to hug her before standing up and making my way over to Jake and his unfaithful girlfriend.
“Hey,” Jake said when I reached him. “You ready to go?”
“Okay, Lets go then.” He slowly got to his feet stretching.
“Is anyone else coming?” I asked. Hopefully not.
“I am,” Hayden said jumping up like she had suddenly realised she was sitting on a Bull ant nest.
“Sorry babe,” Jake said kissing her gently on the forehead.
“Lets go then.” I grabbed Jakes arm and steered and steered him toward the forest shooting a smug look at the pouting Hayden over my shoulder.
I started running as I reached the edge of the forest, knowing Jake wouldn’t be far behind.

It wasn’t long before I came across the scent of a herd of deer. I turned sharply to the left making Jake almost run into a tree.
I laughed and he growled at me playfully making me laugh harder.
I was in such a good mood at the moment.
Everything was making me smile.
Was it because I was with Jake or simply because I was hunting?
I always got really happy whenever I hunted, unless I was in a really s*** mood then basically nothing and no one can cheer me up -well except for Jasper but he doesn’t count-.
I could hear Jake bounding along behind me, panting.
In a way we were so much like Romeo and Juliet, -R and J, how ironic. Although Romeo was a guy and last time I checked I was female. Same with Juliet and Jacob only the other way round- the Montague’s and Capulet’s sworn enemies, same as vampires and werewolves. Romeo and Juliet were forbidden to love each other yet they still did. Nothing could come between them.
The perfect love story for the perfect couple.
That’s what I wanted Jake and I to be like. Maybe without the whole suicidal intentions if the other died –although I would probably try kill myself if Jake died- and our families not hating each other as much as the Montague’s and the Capulet’s did.
Jake and I were perfect for each other.
Who cares if- Wait!
I came to an abrupt stop making Jake crash into me this time, knocking me to the ground.
“You smell that?” I asked slowly getting up.
Jake raised his big head and sniffed the air. He let out a low growl, the hair on his back stood up on end, his ears flattened against his head and he bared his teeth. All in all quite a terrifying look.
“Lets follow them,” I said and I took off running again.
I was no longer following the rich, tangy slightly unappealing smell of the deer but in the opposite direction in search of the owner of the sweet moss, seawater and pine smell.
I was curious because I had never encountered this particular scent. I had no idea who it belonged to; all I knew about the owner was that they were a vampire.
The trail had to at least be about two hours old so the mysterious vampire could be halfway around the world by now. No matter I would follow the trail to China if I had to.
This had happened another time when I had found another unknown vampires scent a few yards from our house in Forks; I’d quickly made up my mind to go in search of them. I ended up in Brazil then Paris then back down to Seattle then onto Australia where Uncle Jasper and Uncle Emmett found me. Jasper had calmed me until I ended up falling asleep and they then carried me all the way back home. I had tried to be annoyed with them once I woke up but it hadn’t been easy. Especially with Jasper continuously making em want to hug everyone I saw.
I never did find that vampire but I was determined to find this one, and this time I didn’t have anyone to stop me, unless Jake decided it was too dangerous or something like that and tried to drag me back.
A light breeze rustled through the trees blowing the smell of old blood toward me.
Looks like something- thankfully not someone- got in the way of the mystery vamp.
Something light brown and fury was lying on the ground just up ahead and as I got closer I realised it was a deer.
I once again stopped. Jake had been smart and stayed slightly to my right.
The deer didn’t even appear to have been fed off. It had had its neck broken but apart from that and being dead it hadn’t spilt a drop of blood. Maybe the mystery vamp wasn’t hungry.
Or maybe it just wasn’t a vego.
It was sometimes hard to remember that not everyone had the same diet as my family. “What a waste,” I muttered. “Anyway, let’s keep going.”

A couple of minutes later we reached a small gravely beach with only about five metres of sand between the edge of the trees and the ocean.
I followed the scent right to the edge of the water.
“Damn!” Just my luck. They had gone for a swim and now I’d probably never find out who it was.
Jake came up and gently nuzzled my arm with his nose. I looked down at him and he lapped at the air with his big pink tongue.
“Sure,” I smiled at him, running my fingers quickly through the short russet brown fur on his back. “Lets hunt.”
Chapter twelve- Will my heart ever heal?

We stood one the shore of first beach watching the boats, tiny specks of light in the darkness.
Just Jake and me. The way it should be.
Jake had his arm around my shoulders and I was pressed tightly to his side, his warmth seeping into me.
It was about nine O’clock and we had only just gotten back from our hunt about ten minutes ago and had been standing here ever since in complete silence.
I never wanted to move; I wanted to stay this way forever. It felt as though I already had him.
“We should probably head back,” Jake said.
“Not yet,” I whispered, wrapping my arm around his waist and pulling him closer.
“Okay.” He squeezed my shoulders with his arm and kissed me gently on the top of the head.
I know I shouldn’t but I couldn’t help myself; I turned my face slightly and reached up and knotted my fingers in his dark silky shoulder length hair pulling his face down toward mine until our lips met, a million bolts of lighting shot through my body.
This was so much better than the first –and only other time- we had kissed. We had both been slightly drunk and had both already kissed a few other people –we were playing spin the bottle at a party in Port Angeles- plus I didn’t yet have very strong feelings for him at the time.
But this, this was pure bliss and he just had to go and ruin it.
The kiss –which he hadn’t even bothered to contribute to- had only lasted about a second when he let his arm drop from my shoulders and took a step back with a look of shock on his face.
“Ness,” he said quietly after a while, turning to face the ocean so I could no longer see his face. “What was that?”
“I… I… I don’t… I.” I thought that’s what you wanted.
“Renesmee, I have a girlfriend.”
Like I don’t know!
“I just thought…”
“Well you thought wrong.” He seemed pissed. Surely I should be the one that was pissed; I mean he wasn’t the one who had just gotten rejected by the person he was madly in love with.
“Um… I gotta go back now.” He touched me on the arm briefly before turning to leave.
“I love you Jake,” I said quickly before I could chicken out.
He stopped but didn’t turn around. “Yes Ness I love you too, just not in the way that you clearly mean. Your like my little sister.”
“Stop saying that!” The back of my eyes were starting to sting and my vision was blurring, one of the disadvantages of being half human. “Just forget it Jake.”
“I’m sorry,” he sighed. “ And you’re a little young-“
“Since when has that mattered? It’s just a number! I’m physically fifteen years old, in mind and body. What does it matter that I’ve only been alive five years?”
“I told you that I don’t like you in that way, and I truly am sorry for that. Plus I’ve also told you that I have a girlfriend, which you already know. Oh and Renesmee I love Hayden.” With that verbal slap in the face he started walking and I just stood there and watched him walk away until he disappeared into the trees.
When he had told me that he didn’t love me that way he had cut me, and when he had told me that he loved Hayden he’d just been rubbing salt and lemon and orange juice and vinegar and anything else that stings like hell when you get it in a cut.
I jumped as my phone started vibrating in my pocket.
I had totally forgotten I’d turned it on.
I flipped it open and opened the new message. It was from Alice.

Where are you? Y did u tell me
U were staying at Madelyn’s
When u didn’t even go over there
I rang her house when u didn’t
Answer Ur mobile and she said
That she hadn’t seen you since
Lunchtime on Friday. Please reply
Soon! I just really need to know
That Ur ok. Love you honey xoxo

I pressed the hang up button not bothering to reply yet.
Big mistake!
My wallpaper was a picture of Jake and me.
I screamed in -agony and frustration- at the top of my lungs and threw the phone as far as I could out to sea. Why didn’t I just shut the phone to get out of the message like I normally do?
I sank slowly to the damp sand giving into the tears and letting them run freely down my cheeks.
I screamed again and my razor sharp teeth bit into my marble lip in an attempt to stop myself screaming anymore.
Thick sweet smelling blood streamed down my chin. I wiped at it with the back of my hand only to smear my blood all over my mouth and cheeks.
How could he do this to me? How could he when he knew how much I loved him? Oh god! Was this even love? Maybe it was just a crush. Could love be stronger than whatever emotion it was that I was feeling right now? If this wasn’t love then I never wanted to find out what real love felt like.
How was I supposed to know these things?
How do you know if you really love someone? How do you know if it’s just a crush or something more, when you had never had a crush on anyone? When the only ones you knew you loved were your family. How does one work these things out? Would you be able to leave your family to go in search of someone even if you didn’t know if you loved them or not? Well I had gone in search of them and I was starting to regret that decision.
I jumped again as an owl screeched. It’s call piercing the silence.
I leapt to my feet startled and spun round to find Leah standing just behind me.
“Ness, what’s wrong?” She asked as I sank back to the ground. “Did you and Jake have a fight or something?” She said when I didn’t reply.
I looked at her questioningly. How did she know? Maybe it was just a good guess.
“I saw him about fifteen minutes ago and he looked… well he looked kind of upset slash angry,” she said in answer to my unspoken question.
Angry? Angry with me?
Oh great! Why couldn’t I have just waited until I had evidence that he liked me before I went and kissed him? Now I had probably just blown any chances I had of getting him.
“So when I saw you I just figured you two had had a fight,” she continued. “Am I right?”
I nodded.
“So what happened?”
I shook my head.
“Ness. Please. You can tell me anything,” she sounded like she was pleading me.
“I don’t want to talk about it,” I muttered.
“I know how you feel about him Ness,” Leah said suddenly.
“What?” I asked looking up at her as she slowly sat down next to me.
“You love him.” It wasn’t a question it was a statement.
“How do you…?”
“It’s not hard to tell,” she chuckled softly.
“I don’t really know if I do love him or not,” I admitted.
“What? Sure looks like you do.”
“Really really.”
So maybe I did love him. That was even worse than a crush and I didn’t really feel any better about having that cleared up.
“So what happened?”
“I tried to kiss him.” I started to cry again, much to my shame, and she put her arm around my shoulders comfortingly.
“Oh… He didn’t take it too well I guess?”
“He pulled away straight away and told me how he thought of me as a little sister and nothing more,” I sobbed burying my face in Leah’s shoulder. “Then he proceeded to tell me how he had a girlfriend and that he loved her.”
“Oh Ness, honey, don’t worry bout him OK. Guys can be jerks. He’ll come around and see what he’s missing out on.”
“Sometimes I feel like I’m the one that imprinted on him.”
She was silent for a bit before she said, “well what you gonna do now? I guess you’re not gonna want to stay at his house like planned.”
“No. I’ll probably go home now.”
“What?” She put her hand under my chin and lifted my head forcing me to look at her. “Are you really gonna give up that easily?”
“I tried.”
“Tried?” She scoffed. “Come on Ness your stronger than that.”
“I have no where else to go.”
”Don’t be stupid! Come on,” she climbed to her feet and started to help me up. “You’re staying at my house.”
“Thanks but… Will your mum mind?”
“Course not.” She looked at me like I was stupid as she took my hand and started practically dragging me across the beach. “Come on,” she repeated. “Lets get you cleaned up before anyone else sees you and has a heart attack.”
“Huh?” I asked confused.
“It looks like you tried to bite Jake,” she snickered. “Not that he doesn’t deserve it.”
“Oh,” I muttered remembering I had blood smeared all over my face. “I forgot.”
“I figured as much.”

Wow consider yourselfs lucky. Three chapters in 1 night. You have Fang 2 thank 4 that :D love ya Fang!
Haha Fang I can't say anything that might ruin it lol. Love ya thnx 4 reading.

Fang .S.Q. Black said:
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA love it, ITS WAR!!!! hahahahahaha, this is goingto be interesting, lets see the score so far is.........Nessie,1, cause Jake imprinted on herfor godnes sake, and Hay.......1, as she is his gf....for now.....Keep going, I'm loving this. Whats going to happen in chapter 12???? Why are we going to kill you????

OH S***!!!! I know, I fingured it out, is hayden pregnant??? or fake preg??? OMG....wow. I'm sorry I might be jumping to conclusions.
If you want my opinion (which you probably dont) I think he's upset because he can't return the same love that Nessie has for him. Thats why he was being mean. And cos he imprinted on her and everything he feels protective of her and maybe he hoped for her to fall in love with someone normal cos he knows it will hurt Nessie's relationship with her family. He doesn't want her to love him like that because he believes he's all wrong for her.
Well thats just my opinion and your welcome to object if you want. :D
P.S. I cried when I read that chapter 2 Fang.

Fang .S.Q. Black said:
ok now I get why you thought I would killl you, I'm close to tears, and my typing is becomeing horrible, its SO sad, he is SO not aloud to do that, is he? Definatly not, come on Alice, do you really think Jake would do that?, I mean the Jake we all know and some love? IDK what to think any more, I dont even want to think about that any more. THIS SUCKS, I feel so bad for Nessie, are you happy now? I'm crying, yeah, that much emotion it made me cry, literaly, I need a tissue....:-(
i absolutely love it!!!! keep me posted ok!!
this storys are realy good Alice !
thank for sharing with us .
keep writing !
i love it.....i want more:(:(
Chapter thirteen- darkness

How had things changed so drastically and so suddenly? In my head I was repeating our conversations over and over until they started to feel like hallucinations.
I had to think about the conversations I had had with him when I first returned to La Push. I had to think about the good things to keep my mind off the bad, at least until Leah got back and was able to help distract me again.
I leant back into long damp grass and stared up into the dark cloudless night.
It felt as though everything was crumbling away beneath me. The ground was crumbling beneath my feet and I was falling into the dark abyss of despair and loneliness. All the stars in the night sky were exploding and fading into nothingness til’ there was nothing but darkness.
Just darkness. I was a part of the darkness. I had ceased to exist and all that was left of me was darkness. Nothing.
All there was was darkness and a voice. A voice that was as familiar to me as my own. The last thing this voice had said to me was now playing through my head like a broken record. Every time it played again it etched itself deeper into my mind.
I love Hayden. I love Hayden. I love Hayden. I love Hayden. I love Hayden. I love Hayden. I love Hayden. I love Hayden. I love Hayden. I love Hayden. I love Hayden. I love Hayden.
After a while the words melted together.
And then they melted into each other more.
Ilahayne. Ilahayne. Ilahayne. Ilahayne. Ihala. Ihala. Ihala. Ihala. Ihala. Ihala. Ihala. Ihala. Ihala. Ihala. Ihala. Ihala.
It was like some monotonous chant and even though it made no sense I still understood its meaning.
The chant filled every square centimetre of the darkness. Every invisible crack and crevice. But then suddenly it wasn’t surrounding me; the source of the chant was somewhere ahead, although it was no longer a chant and now made sense.
The three words were only spoken once softly but they bounced off the walls coming closer and getting louder instead of quieter like echoes normally did.
The words continued to get closer and louder until they filled the darkness again.
The words reached me and they were being screamed.
They somehow found their way back inside my head and were bouncing around slicing into my flesh leaving raw wounds every place they touched.
I could feel something warm running down my body, which was strange seeing as I couldn’t feel my body. I was just a part of the darkness. Nothing.
There was nothing now but those three razor sharp words and the darkness.
”STOP!” I managed to scream. It did no good; the other voice was still screaming those words at me and my small insignificant voice was lost.
Maybe I had just imagined saying that. I mean if I no longer existed then how could I speak? The dark couldn’t speak. Could it?
”STOP!” I screamed again and to my surprise the other voice stopped.
The silence was deafening. Terrifying. I was trapped alone in the silent dark.
But I wasn’t completely alone and it wasn’t completely silent or dark.
I watched as the bright white light got closer.
Maybe I was dead. Could the dark die? No. Course not.
Then I noticed the two idle figures standing in each other’s arm in the centre of the light.
It was me. Me and him.
He kissed my hair gently and whispered, “I love you.”
When he kissed my hair again and it caught on fire, bright red tendrils dancing in the non-existent wind.
Neither of us were fazed as the fire licked at out faces, our shoulders, our whole bodies. We just clung to each other like it was the last day on earth and we would never be able to touch again after this moment.
He ran his hands through my fiery hair and I rested my head on his chest turning my face slightly to the side.
It wasn’t my face! It wasn’t fire! It wasn’t even me!
It was her and I was nothing.
”I love you,” he whispered again.
”NO!” I screamed in anger.
But the dark can’t scream. The dark can’t speak. The dark is nothing.
wow. This is absolutely amazing. honest to God, one of the best stories on here. I cant wait for more :D
pleeasssssseeeee post more.i am addicted to this story..i love it:D u rock alice.lol....
Ok so at least you guys like thi chapter. I have this story posted on fanfiction.net and the rcouple reviews I got on this chapter weren't so good. lol anyway I will try and get the next chapter out asap.
Oh and Fang 100 odd admirers?? Don't you think your exagerating a bit? And I'm not as great as you. Your amazing. <3
FANG! Don't say that. I am not better than you! And if it makes you happy then we are only as god as each other wait I spose that would make me pretty good if I'm as good as you :)
Anyways I dont have 100 odd admirers but I do love all that read me story xo <3 especially you miss aimee bennett!! :) xo <3333




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