Ok so this is a fanfic I've been writing.
It's from Renesmee's POV and it's pretty much about her love for Jaob and what lengths she goes to to be with him.
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How do you know if you really love someone? How do you know if it’s just a crush or something more, when you had never had a crush on anyone? When the only ones you knew you loved were your family. How does one work these things out? Would you be able to leave your family to go in search of someone even if you didn’t know if you loved them or not?

Chapter One- Evaporated.

I groaned and rolled over burying my face in my pillow when I heard the quiet creak of my bedroom door being opened.
“Rise and shine sleepy head,” Alice sang as she flung open my wardrobe and started searching through all my clothes.
“Go away” I muttered grabbing another pillow and shoving it over my head.
“Those colors really don’t match,” she said to herself. “Shame though. Would be fine if this was a lighter blue. Hm. Maybe Rose might have something.” I tuned out from Alice’s extremely irritating chatter and tried to fall back asleep.
I really don’t see how she can be so bright and bubbly all the time.
Sure I was excited and all. It was my first day of school after all.
For four years Grandma-and Grandpa Cullen when he was home- had home schooled me, but then Rose had a bit of… well I suppose you could call it an accident. And this accident had very inconveniently happened in the middle of the main street of the last town we had lived in.
This is how it happened. Rose, Grandma and I had been out grocery shopping. We were in the supermarket when Rose realized she had left her purse in the car, so she went out to get it.
It didn’t help that she was already in a bad mood for some reason and then when she realized she had left her purse at home she got even more pissed. She slammed the car door shut a little too hard causing it to buckle in on itself and all the widows to shatter. There were about five people who witnessed this, -including her English teacher Mr. Craig- but in only a couple of hours almost the whole town had heard about Rosalie Hale’s supposed super human strength.
We were gone in two days.
Everyone had decided I knew enough to be able to start school now-and I had stopped growing-, so mum, dad, aunt Ali, aunt Rose, uncle Em, uncle Jazz and I had enrolled at the local high school three weeks ago when we had arrived at the small town of Fairbanks Alaska.
Today was first day of term two as well as my first day at a proper school.
Up until this morning I had been really excited and had annoyed the s*** out of everyone by declaring my excitement to all of my family over and over. Last night it took me forever to get to sleep and now I was really wishing I had gone to bed earlier to allow myself more time to fall asleep, because I really wasn’t used to getting up this early.
“Getupgetupgetup,” Alice said wrenching the pillows away from my head and flinging them to the other side of my room when I made a grab for them.
“Go away,” I muttered again, “I’m sleeping.”
“We already let you sleep in Ness and now it’s time to get up. And hurry up you only have half an hour to get ready.”
“I don’t care if I’m late,” I sighed. It felt as though my excitement had evaporated.
“Sorry Nessie.”
“I didn’t want it to come down to this but I suppose I have no choice.”
“What?” I asked confused.
“This,” she flung my doona back and pounced on me, pinning my arms under me, and smothered my face with kisses.
“Ugh,” I mumbled trying to get my arms free.
She got off me and looked at me expectantly,” Come on then,” she said suddenly serious.
“Fine,” I yawned dragging myself out of my incredibly warm and comfortable queen sized bed.
“Get dressed,” she said dropping a pair of dark blue skinny leg jeans and black high heel boots that reached just bellow my knees.
“I’ll be back,” Alice said -doing an almost prefect imitation of Arnold Schwarzenegger- and ran out of my room as I reached into my top draw for clean underwear and socks.
Alice came back in as I was doing up my bra with a light blue blouse in hand. She sat it on my bed with the other things and walked back out.
I finished getting dressed then clomped unhappily down the stairs. God it was frustrating being so graceful. No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t not be graceful. Emmett even said sometimes I was more graceful than Alice, -I think he was joking- that’s hard to believe though. Alice is always prancing about everywhere like a… oh I don’t know. Like a something that’s really graceful.
“Good morning sweet hear,” mum said catching me up in her up in her stone mebrace when I reached the bottom of the stairs and kissing me lightly on the head.
“Hey honey,” dad said coming over and wrapping his long arms around both of us.
“Morning mum, dad.”
“You hungry Ness?” Rosalie called from the kitchen.
“Yeah kinda,” I pulled out of the hug and headed off toward the kitchen.
“Yes thanks.”
“How’s it going brat?” Emmett asked ruffling my hair as I walked past. “Don’t look as excited anymore.”
“I’m not,” I muttered fixing my hair.
“And why’s that?”
“It’s too early,” I yawned again.
He chuckled. ”Not really.”
“Easy for you to say,” I grumbled pulling up a seat at the kitchen table.
“Smile,” Grandma chirped. A blinding flash followed.
“Grandma pl-“
“Esme,” She corrected. “Grandma makes me feel old.”
“You are old,” Emmett laughed.
“Watch it,” she joked,” if your not careful you’ll end up living outside.”
“Esme please no photo’s,” I grinned.
“One more.” I smiled and she snapped another photo.
I was supposed to call grandma and grandpa by their first names, and my aunts and uncles wanted me to cut out the aunt and uncle part from their names. I was also working on calling mum and dad by their first names because it would sound weird to other people if I called them mum and dad at school.

“Hurry up lil sis,” Emmett grinned. He was leaning up against da… Edward’s new Volvo. This one was dark blue.
He had had to get a new one after I accidentally wrapped his old silver Volvo around a tree. It wasn’t technically my fault though it was Emmett’s. After all he was the one who practically forced me race him-even if I kinda wanted to-.
Well I was in Edwards Volvo, he was going to take his jeep but I told him I wouldn’t race if he did, so he took Rosalie’s BMW instead.
Everything was cool until Emmett decided to make it more exciting by trying to push me off the road and out of his way; he put a massive dent in the passenger side of Rosalie’s door and knocked me off the road straight into the path of an oncoming tree. I had to mangle the car further to get myself out, and if I were human I would have been killed, but as it was I didn’t have a scratch on me.
Emmett thought it was hilarious until we got home. Rose all but bit his head off when she saw the dent. She was crabbier than Edward even though his car was well and truly dead. Emmett took most of the blame, which was fine with me.
“Don’t forget your jacket,” mum said just behind me and interrupting my thoughts.
“Aw mum,” I groaned. “It’s not even cold though.”
“Renesmee please.”
“Whatever,” I snatched my jacket from her and slid into the backseat of Edward’s car.
Our story as usual was that Dr. Cullen his wife and adopted children had moved o town for a fresh start. Rosalie and Japer remained the Hale twins, mum was Isabella Masen and Alice, Emmett, Edward and I were the Cullen siblings.
It was strange. In a way my parents were my brother and sister and my grandparents were my parents.

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love ur story. Renesmee better beat that girls ass!!! lol
more more plz
Chapter fourteen- distractions

The voice was back but it wasn’t screaming words anymore it was just screaming.
The darkness was closing in extinguishing the one point of light with the two figures at the centre of it.
”Ness!” The voice broke through the darkness startling me. “Ness. Wake up. It’s ok. It’s ok.” I knew that voice but I just couldn’t put my finger on it. “Come on. Wake up. Open your eyes.”
That’s who it was. But what was Leah doing here in the darkness.
“Its just a nightmare,” she insisted. “Open your eyes.”
My eyes flew open and the screaming stopped. I gasped and started sobbing long hard sobs that shook my whole body.
”Whoa Ness, it’s ok,” she soothed, hugging me.
”I’m sorry,” I whimpered into her shoulder. “I’m so sorry.”
”Why? You can’t help having nightmares honey.”
“Yeah,” I whispered, still trying to get away from the pictures in my head. “I didn’t mean to fall asleep either, sorry.”
”Please stop saying sorry.”
”Okay, sor-“ I stopped myself before I could finish, a smile breaking through my stone lips.
Leah laughed and mussed my hair.
”How long was I out for?” I asked a little guiltily.
”Well I came back outside about ten minutes ago and you were sound asleep. I was just lying next to you looking up at the stars when you started screaming, scared me to death. Especially when I couldn’t wake you. I was shaking you really hard but you just kept screaming,” she shuddered at the memory.
I opened my mouth to apologise for scaring her but she shot me a warning look and my mouth snapped shut. She knew me too well.
”You wanna talk about it?” She asked softly.
I shook my head.
”Okay then, lets go inside. It’s late and I’m kinda tired.”
I got slowly to my feet and followed Leah inside to her bedroom.
I didn’t tell her I wouldn’t be able to go back to sleep. I couldn’t face what I feared waited for me as soon as my eyes closed.
I had been lying on the mattress on Leah’s bedroom floor for at least three hours and I wasn’t sure how much longer I would be able to keep my eyes open.
I needed to do something; lying here doing nothing wasn’t helping.
I got up quietly and darted through the half open door.
”Watch it,” someone hissed.
I spun round to find Seth just behind me.
”Sorry,” I said quietly, not wanting to wake Leah or Sue.
”S’okay,” he whispered, pushing past me on his way to the front door.
”Where you going?”
”Jacob found an unfamiliar vampire scent just near the treaty line,” he explained, still whispering.
“Oh,” was my genius answer.
”We’ve been scouting the area. Half of us went out earlier when Jake”-every time Seth said his name I felt a deep aching in my chest and I was unwillingly dragged back to my nightmare-“first found it. The other half of us is just bout to head out.”
This was perfect, and if he was in the first group then he wouldn’t be in the second group. Would he? Perhaps I should just check.
”See ya,” Seth said, reaching for the doorknob.
”Wait.” He froze. “Who’s going with you?”
”Well… Jacob,”- that aching again-“Quil, Paul and Jared were in the first so that leaves me, Sam, Embry, Collin and Brady.”
”What about Leah?”
”She hasn’t been feeling that well lately so Sam said to let her rest.” As he said this his eyes shifted nervously to the ground.
I knew he was lying; probably making excuses because he didn’t want his protective big sister there. I didn’t really want to wake Leah when she was sleeping so peacefully so I didn’t mention it, much to his visible relief.
”Um…you mind if I come?” Going hunting for a mystery vampire with a bunch of immature teenage werewolves was sure to get my mind off its present unwanted thoughts.
”Sure, I spose. If you want to.”
”Awesome,” I said suddenly enthusiastic.
”Come on then,” Seth said slightly impatiently.
I followed him out into the cool night air hanging back slightly to give him a chance to undress and phase in privacy before I took off into the forest after the sandy furred wolf.
Chapter fifteen- encounter

How could someone just disappear? It was like she was there one second then gone the next. Scent and all. Just gone. Poof. Like magic.
We’d been running for about two hours when I first saw her.
The six of us were spread out in a line with about twenty metres between us. I had been on the end but right now I wasn’t a part of the line.
When I had first seen the dirty black haired vampire I’d taken off after her without a second thought.
I circled the rock she’d been perched on a few times so I could associate myself with her scent. But there was no scent.
I climbed up onto the rock but still nothing.
I jumped down and started running in the direction I’d seen her go. Still no trace though, and as the trees multiplied and became thicker and closer together I realised I probably wouldn’t find her. Especially with no trail to follow.
How could someone make their scent disappear? Unless… no. I couldn’t have imagined her. My mind couldn’t conjure up something that detailed. I wasn’t that creative.
”Where are you?” I asked quietly, mainly to myself.
”Right here,” came the whispered reply.
I jumped and spun round to face the direction the high musical voice had come from.
But just like the scent that wasn’t there, neither was she.
”God,” I muttered. “I’m going insane!” How could I honestly imagine all that? First the female vampire sitting on the rock watching us and now her talking to me.
”Maybe you are,” the voice said sounding slightly amused.
I turned to but quickly stopped when I realised where the words had come from.
I looked up slowly to find the black haired vampire perched nimbly on a tree branch smiling down at me her long wavy black hair falling around her face.
”Cat got your tongue?” She asked as she sprang down from her branch landing delicately in front of me.
I wasn’t sure if she was safe or not. Her eyes were pitch black so I couldn’t determine her diet, I could only tell that she was incredibly thirsty so it was a bad place for me to be no matter what type of blood she chose to quench her thirst on.
I didn’t really even know if she was a vampire. Sure she looked and acted like one but I couldn’t smell her to be sure that she was.
”What are you and who are you?” She asked, curious.
I took a deep breath. “What are you?”
”I asked you first.”
”Do you think I care?” I demanded. I was scared out of my mind but I had to try to remain calm and keep my heart beating at a normal pace so she wouldn’t know how scared I was.
I watched a menacing smirk come across her face as she repeated her question. “What are you?” Suddenly I felt the need to tell her every last detail about myself right down to the fact that I don’t like butter with peanut butter.
”My name is Renesmee Carlie Cullen and I’m a hybrid…” Did she want to know more? I was dying to tell her about my family, about my friends, about my jerk of a boyfriend Luke and about my feelings for Jake.
I ignored the aching and concentrated on the vampire.
”A hybrid?”
”Interesting,” she mumbled. “Human mother vampire father?”
I nodded.
I didn’t want to open my mouth because it felt like my whole short life would come spilling out of my mouth in a tsunami of words.
I knew now she wasn’t to be trusted but I didn’t know why and I didn’t know why I felt like trusting her even though I didn’t want to.
”Well I’m sorry then.”
”Huh?” I asked confused.
”I’m sorry… for your mother.”
”My mother?” How did she know my mother?
”She’s dead.” She said it in a way that you would tell someone that the sea was wet and that if you mix topping with milk you get a milkshake. She made it sound like it was obvious and that I should have already known.
But I hadn’t already known.
I realised my mouth was hanging open and I had to work hard to try and get my muscles to work so I could close it.
”How? When? Why?” The words tumbled out before I could stop them.
How could my mother be dead? And how could this stupid, black haired, dirty, ugly, forcative, stupid, black UGH!
I sunk slowly to the ground and tried to keep the tears from falling.
”During birth,” she said it in that voice that said it was obvious again.
Birth? When she had me? No… But… Was Bella not my mother then? Was she just some random vampire dad picked up to pose as my mum so I would still have a mother?
No that’s not possible. I remember slightly when I was born. I remember looking into my mothers bony blood covered face. I remember her holding me in her weak arms, how safe I felt. I remember the look of love that she wore. She had continued to love me even when she’d realised I was slowly murdering her.
I shuddered at the thought of what I had done to my own mother.
”My mothers still alive,” I told her, getting to my feet and holding my head high. “She didn’t die when I was born. She nearly did… but dad saved her. He turned her into a vampire. She’s still alive right now.” This I wasn’t so sure about seeing as I hadn’t seen her for about a week.
”How is that possible?”
”She was dying and dad turned her into a vampire,” it was my turn to speak in the voice that said it was obvious. “The venom healed her and changed her like it does.”
”I never believed the stories until I saw you, but now that I do believe and I think about every story of cases like this that I’ve ever heard. Well… the mother always dies.”
”Well not this time.”
”No. Not this time,” she agreed.
Suddenly the thoughtful, confused look was gone and her face lit up like a Childs on Christmas morning. She was grinning at something over my shoulder and as I turned to see what it was I heard voices.
”Where are we going?” A female voice giggled. The words were slightly slurred.
”Just a little bit further,” a deep voice replied. This voice had a sharp edge to it that only a vampire could posses. It was beautiful yet menacing at the same time and I wondered how the girl –drunk or not- didn’t notice how terrifying he sounded.
I could hear two pairs of feet stumbling along and one pair gliding soundlessly. So that meant two humans and a vampire.
I really didn’t want to stick around to see the owner of the second voice.
I turned round to get my butt out of there but as I spun round I caught the eye of the black haired vampire.
As soon as our eyes met my body froze. I couldn’t move I couldn’t do anything but stare into her deep dark eyes. As we stared at each other I felt the key to the chest that contained my nightmare slowly turning. The darkness seeping out the gaps. I pushed the lid shut again and locked the chest with what little amount of will I had, continuing to stare motionless at her as the group of three came closer.
The black haired vampire breathed a sigh of relief. “You took your time.”
”I got somewhat distracted Mona,” the sharp menacing voice replied from about twenty metres away. When he spoke to her his voice had a softer edge to it. Like putting a protective case over your razor so you don’t cut yourself.
”It’s okay,” Mona assured him. “So where’d you find these two?”
I had to get out of here! Those two drunk people were their breakfast and if they were still hungry after –which I knew they would be- they’d go for seconds.
Seconds being me.
”Someone’s birthday I think. These two were totally clueless, wandering around alone like lost sheep so I grabbed them. Just the usual.”
”I see.”
”And what have you here my dear?” The other vampire hadn’t even acknowledged my presence until now- which was totally fine with me- where as Mona hadn’t taken her eyes away from mine and I was still held against my will under her gaze.
”A hybrid Stephen.”
”Really? A hybrid?”
”Wow,” Stephen said. “I always wondered what hybrid blood would taste like.”
”You mean you believed the stories?”
”Of course.”
”Well we shall save her for later,” Stephen, said pleased. “A little treat for afterwards. Dessert”
”Very well.”
Suddenly Mona’s gaze intensified and I felt myself getting light-headed. My vision blurred and the world started rocking. I felt my legs collapse from underneath me and as I started to fall I caught site of the most beautiful face I had ever seen.
Then my eyes slid shut and I once again drifted into the darkness.
AH!! i loved it! more more more =)
oh my gosh does she die!!! she cant oh my gosh this story is amazzzzzzzing!!!!!!!!!! ;)
Chapter sixteen- unforgivable

Jacob POV

I was such an a******. I can’t believe I honestly said those things to Ness and I wouldn’t blame her if she never forgave me.
The truth was it terrified me to know how she felt about me.
I wasn’t right for her. Vampires and werewolves couldn’t be together as one.
She couldn’t love me, it wasn’t right.
And I couldn’t love her- well not like I did. But I did love her like that and I hated myself for it.
I wanted her to have a good life. To fall in love with one of her own kind. I figured if I stayed away from her long enough she would stop loving me. Oh how stupid I was to think that.
I still to this day believe that if the Cullen’s had not come back Bella would have gotten over Edward. But they had come back and I’d moved onto Bella’s daughter. How sick was that. “If I can’t have you Bella I will take your daughter.” I wish she had killed me when she had found out I’d imprinted on her Renesmee. At least it would have saved Ness from having to have her heart broken by a total jerk.
I shouldn’t have come here but when I heard something had happened I couldn’t not come. Plus I knew from experience that you couldn’t just stop loving someone no matter what they did or said so I gave up on the whole trying to make her stop loving me.
Renesmee would most likely still love me if I killed her parents. Hell she’d probably still love me if I killed her whole family and then tried to kill her. But I suppose it would be the same if she did that to me.
”Jake,” Ness moaned quietly.
”Ssh,” I soothed brushing a strand of hair from her damp forehead.
She tossed slightly in her sleep and mumbled something I didn’t quite catch.
She’d been like this for nearly a week and I’d been sitting here holding her clammy hand for almost as long.
When Sam had told me what had happened he said that Ness had gone with the other half of the pack scouting and she’d disappeared. They retraced their steps and found her scent, followed it and found her lying motionless on the ground next to two pale bloodless bodies. The air was thick with that same scent Ness and I had followed the first night she was back in La Push and the same scent I’d found near the boundary line that had prolonged the search that had left Ness like this.
After following the trail which led to a large backyard party Seth changed back into his human form and carried Ness back to his house. He felt it was his fault it had happened because he’d been the one to say she could come.
It was nearly a day before I found out anything was wrong and I only found out because I phased and caught Colin and Brady discussing it. Before they could clear it from their minds I’d already worked out something was wrong with Ness.
At first we’d thought she was in a coma but she kept mumbling things and tossing and turning so we figured she was just asleep. But why wouldn’t she wake up?
I reached out to stroke her face just as Rachel and Leah entered the room.
”I told you not to touch her,” Rachel said, swatting my hand away. “She’s running a fever and your temperature isn’t helping one bit.”
I folded my hands in my lap and watched Rachel as she dabbed at Ness’ face with a damp cloth.
”How is she?” Leah asked me.
”Same as before,” I replied tonelessly.
I never could quite understand how Leah liked Nessie so much when she absolutely hated the rest of the Cullens. She’d hated Ness more than anyone at first then one day I’d found them lying on the sand at the beach talking and laughing like old friends.
”She’ll be alright,” Rachel assured me, gently squeezing my shoulder.
I nodded even though I didn’t believe it. No matter how hard I tried to believe she would be all right I couldn’t and it killed me. I was so close to hunting down the Cullens to see if they knew what was wrong with Ness.
Rachel placed her hand gently on Ness’ cheek, a look of sadness briefly crossed her face but just as quickly as it had come it was gone again, her usual happy, bubbly expression back in place. She looked happy, she looked like she knew that Ness was going to be fine and I would have believed her if I couldn’t see the look in her eyes, see that the sadness that had just crossed her face had moved to her eyes. It was like Rachel had put a mask on that was painted in bright happy colours with a massive smile. The bright happy mask covered everything but her sombre eyes.
”I have to go,” Rachel said. She crossed the room and as she passed me I stood up, reached out and pulled her into a tight hug. She wrapped her skinny arms around me and buried her face in my chest.
”She’ll be fine,” she repeated only this time it sounded like she was trying to convince herself.
”I love you Rach,” I whispered into her hair.
”Love you too Jake.” She pulled back and I let my arms drop to my side She smiled and walked out of the room.
”Please Jake,” Ness whispered.
I sank back down into my chair burying my face in my hands.
Leah pulled a chair up next to mine but didn’t say anything.
We sat there in silence for god knows how long. Neither of us felt the need to say anything and I was thankful for that, I needed time to think.
In the end Ness was the one to break the silence.
”I’m sorry mum.” She moaned. “I had to.” She sighed rolled onto her side and went back to her soft breathing.
”Does her family really not know where she is?” Leah asked quietly.
I shook my head then shrugged. “She says they don’t.”
”You would never let me go if I told you,” Ness wailed as if in answer to Leah’s question.
I placed my finger lightly between her eyebrows smoothing out the slight frown that had formed there.
”She really loves you Jake,” Leah said.
”I know,” I said leaning back and burying my face in my hands again. “But why?
”Why does anyone love you? Why do I love you? I may not ever show it but I do love you Jake. You feel more like a brother to me than any of the others- except Seth of course. No matter how much I annoy you you still accept me and put up with me better than all the others combined. Your so easy to get along with, your nice, your funny, your… kinda cute”-Leah just said I was cute? Well kinda cute but still -“So why wouldn’t she love you? Also what did you expect? I mean you’ve always been there for her so can’t you blame her for falling head over heels for you? Don’t punish her Jacob. We can’t choose who we love.”
Wow. Leah had never said so much to me at once. And she’d told me she loved me. I already knew that- all the pack was like a family to each other- but to have her admit this to my- to my face- was something entirely different.
”Er… thanks Leah,” I muttered awkwardly.
“I’d say no problem anytime but I’m not planning on giving a speech like that again so I wont bother.”
”Na it’s fine. I wasn’t even expecting that much. I have to say it wasn’t half bad.”
”Pretty good eh,” she smiled.
”Yeah not bad,” I smiled back.
I watched her lips droop at the corners and she sighed.
”What’s wrong?” I asked, my smile also fading away.
”I’m just worried about Ness,” she admitted. “Maybe we should call her family.”
”I already considered that but we have no way of finding their number.”
”Spose.” She leaned back in her chair and stared up at the ceiling.
It seemed the conversation was over so I leaned back in my chair and propped my feet up on the edge of the bed and closed my eyes.
what happened to ness?
oh my gosh i love your story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)
Chapter seventeen-interrogation

Rosalie POV

Alice and I had been so relieved when Esme had called to say that they were staying with the Denali’s for a while so they wouldn’t be back for at least another week. We’d thought that would give us some time to find Nessie and bring her back but they were due home today and we were no closer to finding her than we had been a week and a bit ago when we first realised she was missing. We’d called her friends but none of them knew where she was. We’d called her but she hadn’t answered her mobile once.
”An hour,” Alice said gravely.
”What do we do?” I moaned into the cushion. I was sprawled out on one of the large cream sofas with my face buried in the cushions.
”I suppose we just wait and take whatever Bella throws at us.”
”That would be good. If she throws things at us I mean. Because Esme would go off at Bella and that would distract her from being mad at us so then we can make our getaway.”
”I didn’t mean that literally Rose.”
”Besides she’d probably just start throwing things at Esme if that happened.”
”You think so?”
”I don’t know. I can’t see anything- not clearly anyway.”
”Why not?”
”We haven’t made up our minds about what were going to say or do.”
”I’ll try hard to make up my mind then.”
Alice smiled at me.
Maybe when we hear them coming we can yell out in our minds to Edward and ask him to restrain Bella when they got inside the house. Then we could get Emmett and Jasper to protect us in case Edward gave into his wives angry pleas to let her go
“Not bad,” Alice chuckled as she saw my plan put into action.
”Effective?” I asked.
“I see Emmett putting Bella through the floor,” she laughed.
“Oh. Okay… maybe not then.”
”Right,” she said. “Lets think again about where she might be.”
”One of her friends houses?”
”We’ve already called all of them and its clear none of them know where she is.”
”Tanya’s family?”
”That’s where the others are and if Ness was there they would have told us.”
She gave me an incredulous look. “She’s terrified of them.”
”Well who else?”
”Er… Charlie?” She suggested.
”You tell me.”
”Um…” I floundered around inside my head looking for a explanation to Alice’s suggestion. “Er… maybe she missed him.”
”She didn’t have to run away if she wanted to see him.”
”Maybe she didn’t think we’d let her see him.”
“You tell me,” I quoted.
”I don’t know. Hmm… Jacob?”
That suggestion hit me like a slap in the face.
”No!” I said.
”And why wouldn’t she be with him?”
“No!” I repeated.
There was in way my girl would have run off to see the dog!
”You know how she feels about him.”
”Alice! She isn’t there!”
”You do remember that game of truth or dare we all played a while ago don’t you?”
”Yes but it was just a coincidence she looked at that stupid, cheap, ugly bracelet!”
”And it was just a coincidence that she was always thinking about him and having arguments with herself about whether she was in love with him or not?”
”You don’t know those things.”
”Yes I do.”
”Edward told me.”
”Well he was lying.”
“Why would he lie about that?” Alice asked.
“He just… she just isn’t in La Push.”
“Rose. Stop it ok. You know she loves him and there’s nothing you or I can do about it.”
“Yeah thanks Alice, there goes my last bit of hope. Round and round as it gets sucked down the drain. Bye bye my dear hope! So long!”
“You should be happy for her Rosalie!” She yelled angrily at me.
“How can I be happy for her?”
”She’s found someone to love and if you really loved her then it wouldn’t matter who-“
“What,” I corrected.
“It was,” she continued like she hadn’t heard my interruption, “all that should matter is that she’s happy.”
“I am happy that she’s happy.”
“Fine! Okay! Whatever! I don’t care!” I yelled at her.
“That’s real nice Rose.”
”Whatever Alice! I don’t care what you think! I couldn’t care less-“
“Love you too darling sister,” she said sarcastically.
“Shut up! All I care about right now is finding Renesmee-“
“Fighting isn’t helping us find her.”
”Well just stop then!”
”I’m not doing anything so therefore I have nothing to stop doing.”
”Yeah totally!”
“Well for starters how about you stop screaming at me.”
“I’m not screaming at you!”
”Yeah totally!” she mocked.
“Fine,” I said lowering my voice. “You got a point, I shall stop.”
“Thankyou,” Alice said sweetly. “Now how will we go about finding Ness?”
“We go to La Push.”
“That’s where she is.”
“Oh is she? I thought you said she wasn’t there.”
I glared at her.
“Oh right. No fighting. My bad.”
“So lets go!” I got up and headed for the door.
I paused. “What?”
“Shouldn’t we at least call? I mean what if she isn’t there? We’ll just be wasting time.”
”Well do you have the Black’s number?”
”Well there goes that idea.”
“We could call Charlie.”
”If Renesmee is in La Push then Charlie may have seen her if he went to visit Billy.”
”Good idea.”
Alice darted off to get the phone and I sat back down on the couch.
“Don’t ask if he’s seen Ness,” I told her as she came back in, phone in hand and dialling Charlies number.
“But we don’t know where she is,” Alice said holding the phone up to her ear as the dial tone started.
“We don’t want him to know that.”
She nodded in agreement just as Charlie answered the phone.
“Hello?” Came his muffled voice.
“Hey Charlie, it’s Alice.”
“Oh. Alice hon, how are you?”
“I’m good thanks Charlie. Yourself?”
”Not bad, just dying from a lack of decent food,” he laughed.
“We will have to come visit you soon.”
“I’d love that. Little Nessie too?”
A look of worry crossed Alice’s face and I’d bet anything mine mirrored it.
“While we’re talking about Ness, have you talked to her lately?” She said it casually so he wouldn’t suspect anything.
“No. Why? Should I have?”
“Just wondering,” she said dismissively. “So how’s Billy?”
We both knew that asking him a question like that would get him to forget about the previous subject almost instantly, and maybe we might learn something useful.
“He’s good.” Or maybe we wouldn’t.
“That’s good. And Jacob?”
There was still hope for information.
“I haven’t actually seen him much lately. Well… I saw him a few days ago. Actually I went to visit Billy and Jacob was sitting in the lounge room arguing with Rachel about something. I heard Nessie’s name mentioned a few times but that’s really all I caught because not long after I got there Jake left. I said hi to him and he just grumbled something and slammed the door. He looked really down about something.”
”Probably just hormones,” Alice said although I knew she was thinking the same thing as me. The mutt had been thinking about Ness. We had no way of knowing if he just been missing her or if she was there and something had happened.
“Yeah probably something like that,” Charlie agreed.
“Hey I have to go now Charlie. It was nice talking to you.”
“You too hon, seya.”
”Bye,” Alice said and hung up.
do you have more then 17 chpters let me know k
loved it!




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