Ok so this is a fanfic I've been writing.
It's from Renesmee's POV and it's pretty much about her love for Jaob and what lengths she goes to to be with him.
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How do you know if you really love someone? How do you know if it’s just a crush or something more, when you had never had a crush on anyone? When the only ones you knew you loved were your family. How does one work these things out? Would you be able to leave your family to go in search of someone even if you didn’t know if you loved them or not?

Chapter One- Evaporated.

I groaned and rolled over burying my face in my pillow when I heard the quiet creak of my bedroom door being opened.
“Rise and shine sleepy head,” Alice sang as she flung open my wardrobe and started searching through all my clothes.
“Go away” I muttered grabbing another pillow and shoving it over my head.
“Those colors really don’t match,” she said to herself. “Shame though. Would be fine if this was a lighter blue. Hm. Maybe Rose might have something.” I tuned out from Alice’s extremely irritating chatter and tried to fall back asleep.
I really don’t see how she can be so bright and bubbly all the time.
Sure I was excited and all. It was my first day of school after all.
For four years Grandma-and Grandpa Cullen when he was home- had home schooled me, but then Rose had a bit of… well I suppose you could call it an accident. And this accident had very inconveniently happened in the middle of the main street of the last town we had lived in.
This is how it happened. Rose, Grandma and I had been out grocery shopping. We were in the supermarket when Rose realized she had left her purse in the car, so she went out to get it.
It didn’t help that she was already in a bad mood for some reason and then when she realized she had left her purse at home she got even more pissed. She slammed the car door shut a little too hard causing it to buckle in on itself and all the widows to shatter. There were about five people who witnessed this, -including her English teacher Mr. Craig- but in only a couple of hours almost the whole town had heard about Rosalie Hale’s supposed super human strength.
We were gone in two days.
Everyone had decided I knew enough to be able to start school now-and I had stopped growing-, so mum, dad, aunt Ali, aunt Rose, uncle Em, uncle Jazz and I had enrolled at the local high school three weeks ago when we had arrived at the small town of Fairbanks Alaska.
Today was first day of term two as well as my first day at a proper school.
Up until this morning I had been really excited and had annoyed the s*** out of everyone by declaring my excitement to all of my family over and over. Last night it took me forever to get to sleep and now I was really wishing I had gone to bed earlier to allow myself more time to fall asleep, because I really wasn’t used to getting up this early.
“Getupgetupgetup,” Alice said wrenching the pillows away from my head and flinging them to the other side of my room when I made a grab for them.
“Go away,” I muttered again, “I’m sleeping.”
“We already let you sleep in Ness and now it’s time to get up. And hurry up you only have half an hour to get ready.”
“I don’t care if I’m late,” I sighed. It felt as though my excitement had evaporated.
“Sorry Nessie.”
“I didn’t want it to come down to this but I suppose I have no choice.”
“What?” I asked confused.
“This,” she flung my doona back and pounced on me, pinning my arms under me, and smothered my face with kisses.
“Ugh,” I mumbled trying to get my arms free.
She got off me and looked at me expectantly,” Come on then,” she said suddenly serious.
“Fine,” I yawned dragging myself out of my incredibly warm and comfortable queen sized bed.
“Get dressed,” she said dropping a pair of dark blue skinny leg jeans and black high heel boots that reached just bellow my knees.
“I’ll be back,” Alice said -doing an almost prefect imitation of Arnold Schwarzenegger- and ran out of my room as I reached into my top draw for clean underwear and socks.
Alice came back in as I was doing up my bra with a light blue blouse in hand. She sat it on my bed with the other things and walked back out.
I finished getting dressed then clomped unhappily down the stairs. God it was frustrating being so graceful. No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t not be graceful. Emmett even said sometimes I was more graceful than Alice, -I think he was joking- that’s hard to believe though. Alice is always prancing about everywhere like a… oh I don’t know. Like a something that’s really graceful.
“Good morning sweet hear,” mum said catching me up in her up in her stone mebrace when I reached the bottom of the stairs and kissing me lightly on the head.
“Hey honey,” dad said coming over and wrapping his long arms around both of us.
“Morning mum, dad.”
“You hungry Ness?” Rosalie called from the kitchen.
“Yeah kinda,” I pulled out of the hug and headed off toward the kitchen.
“Yes thanks.”
“How’s it going brat?” Emmett asked ruffling my hair as I walked past. “Don’t look as excited anymore.”
“I’m not,” I muttered fixing my hair.
“And why’s that?”
“It’s too early,” I yawned again.
He chuckled. ”Not really.”
“Easy for you to say,” I grumbled pulling up a seat at the kitchen table.
“Smile,” Grandma chirped. A blinding flash followed.
“Grandma pl-“
“Esme,” She corrected. “Grandma makes me feel old.”
“You are old,” Emmett laughed.
“Watch it,” she joked,” if your not careful you’ll end up living outside.”
“Esme please no photo’s,” I grinned.
“One more.” I smiled and she snapped another photo.
I was supposed to call grandma and grandpa by their first names, and my aunts and uncles wanted me to cut out the aunt and uncle part from their names. I was also working on calling mum and dad by their first names because it would sound weird to other people if I called them mum and dad at school.

“Hurry up lil sis,” Emmett grinned. He was leaning up against da… Edward’s new Volvo. This one was dark blue.
He had had to get a new one after I accidentally wrapped his old silver Volvo around a tree. It wasn’t technically my fault though it was Emmett’s. After all he was the one who practically forced me race him-even if I kinda wanted to-.
Well I was in Edwards Volvo, he was going to take his jeep but I told him I wouldn’t race if he did, so he took Rosalie’s BMW instead.
Everything was cool until Emmett decided to make it more exciting by trying to push me off the road and out of his way; he put a massive dent in the passenger side of Rosalie’s door and knocked me off the road straight into the path of an oncoming tree. I had to mangle the car further to get myself out, and if I were human I would have been killed, but as it was I didn’t have a scratch on me.
Emmett thought it was hilarious until we got home. Rose all but bit his head off when she saw the dent. She was crabbier than Edward even though his car was well and truly dead. Emmett took most of the blame, which was fine with me.
“Don’t forget your jacket,” mum said just behind me and interrupting my thoughts.
“Aw mum,” I groaned. “It’s not even cold though.”
“Renesmee please.”
“Whatever,” I snatched my jacket from her and slid into the backseat of Edward’s car.
Our story as usual was that Dr. Cullen his wife and adopted children had moved o town for a fresh start. Rosalie and Japer remained the Hale twins, mum was Isabella Masen and Alice, Emmett, Edward and I were the Cullen siblings.
It was strange. In a way my parents were my brother and sister and my grandparents were my parents.

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i can breath again lol i thought hey were actually gonna have sex... i cant wait for more
Please Please Please Please keep writing ;P
Chapter twenty two- triangle of hell

Jake POV

How could I be so stupid? How could I give into my hormones? It wasn’t for love that I’d been about to expose all of who I was to Hayden. It wasn’t for love that I had nearly made love with Hayden. Or was it?
It was hard to work out how I felt towards Hayden when I had feelings as strong as what I felt towards Renesmee to compare to.
I ran hard and fast letting the heat rip through my whole body as I changed into my wolf form. My jeans ripped into shreds as my legs grew but I didn’t care. I just had to get away from everyone. I needed so badly to be alone to think.
I ran without thinking where I was going until I came to a beach.
Oh! It was the exact same beach where I’d said those things to Renesmee the day she came back. The same beach that we’d been on when she had tried to kiss me.
I flopped down onto the sand and rested my head on my large front paws.
What have I done? I just seem to be making everything worse. I kept wrecking peoples lives. Breaking their hearts.
It was another love triangle except this time I was the one forced to choose.
I was Bella –no laughing!- and Renesmee was my Edward. Ugh okay not sure if I like this comparison.
Anyway I’m Bella, Ness is Edward and Hayden is me.
I loved both Ness and Hayden but I couldn’t have them both.
It was like… I walked into a pet shop and saw two adorable dogs… Maybe not dogs because it was weird that I would be buying a pet dog and slightly insulting towards them.
Okay so I walk into a jewellers and see two beautiful necklaces… well seeing as I don’t even wear jewellery.
Fine then. I find two cars that I want but I only have enough money to buy one so I have to decide which I would rather ride around in… that came out wrong. Ugh! Why can’t I word this correctly? I can’t think properly!
Right, so I loved them both but I could only have one of them. It would be selfish of me not to mention that it would hurt them both greatly if I tried to hang onto the both of them. I had to set one free. Possibly make that one hate me but it was the best I could do.
Fortunately my decision wasn’t difficult.
Poor Hayden had no chance and I think she was starting to work that out now.
I really think if I hadn’t imprinted when I saw Renesmee peering over Blondie’s shoulder I still wouldn’t have been able to kill her like I planned. Every time I looked at her I fell in love all over again and every time I saw her smile it felt as though I’d died and gone to heaven.
Suddenly I was conscious of someone else in my head.
Jake, Leah thought softly.
What? I snarled at her annoyed.
I didn’t give her a chance to elaborate I was already on my feet racing through the trees, everything else forgotten for now.
I felt like I was running in slow motion. Like in nightmares when you try to make your legs move faster but the harder you try the slower they seem to move.
What happened? I demanded as I forced myself forward.
I’m not sure, she admitted. I’m going back to her now.
Okay I’m nearly there.
Leah phased back and I was alone again. The only noise was my heavy paws thudding against the damp ground and my rapid breathing.
After what felt like an hour I finally reached the Clearwaters’.
I phased back to human form without stopping and leapt up the steps in one bound, bursting through the door and running down the hallway to Leah’s bedroom where Ness was.
I didn’t care who saw me naked.
”What’s wrong?” I asked as I reached Leah’s room and found Leah, Rachel, Paul, Seth, Sam, Emily, Sue and Billy –Charlie must have gone home- all crowded around the bed.
”It looks like she’s waking up,” Rachel answered.
I pushed through the thick cluster of people to find Ness yawning, her eyes screwed tightly shut.
”Ness?” I whispered brushing a damp strand of hair from her forehead.
Her eyelids fluttered slightly and her head turned towards me.
”Ness?” I said again.
Her eyes inched open and she blinked a couple of times before her eyes zeroed in on me.
Suddenly her eyes flew wide open, she scanned the people around her, her head moving in quick jerks.
”It’s okay,” I soothed holding my hand up, palm facing Ness.
She stared at my hand, eyes widening again until they looked like they were about to pop out of her head.
I turned my hand to see what was wrong with it and she made a strange squeaking noise before backing quickly away from everyone.
”What’s wrong with her?” Rachel asked confused.
Ness shook her head as if trying to shake something off, and blinked again screwing her eyes shut once more.
ah! whats happening... love it!
what is wrong with her?????? X)))
MORE!!!! What Happened to Her???!!
Chapter twenty three- waking up

Renesmee POV

I wanted to open my eyes but I couldn’t. My eyelids felt like they were made of lead.
”Ness?” An unfamiliar voice said.
Ness? I knew that word but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.
I felt like I knew that voice too.
Something hot touched my face lightly which seemed to give me enough strength to open my eyes a millimetre before they closed again of their own will.
”Ness?” The voice said again.
I knew what that was… It was somehow familiar.
Wait! That was my name!
It was like the hot thing that had touched me had melted the lead which had dripped from my eyes making them light again so I was able to open them.
My vision was blurry and unfocused but I could see well enough to make out the strange mutant things crowded around me.
My eyes flew wide open and I blinked. I was awake now but I wished I wasn’t.
There were about nine… things standing around the double bed with the deep purple doona I was lying on. They had a human shape except all their features were out of place and distorted; eyes too close together or too far apart, noses too big/small, lumpy skin.
”It’s okay,” one of them said. He was large with dark brown skin, giant nose, tiny pinprick eyes and a gaping mouth.
He held his hand out toward me and I stared at the strange eleven-fingered abomination.
The thing turned its hand in a quick jerky movement getting ready to strike me and I yelped and jumped backwards.
All the other mutants moved closer and leaned slightly towards me, a look of what appeared to be worry on their hideous faces.
What were they?
”What’s wrong with her?” Another of them said. I think this one was a girl due to the slightly higher pitched voice and bumps on its chest.
I blinked and suddenly the nine things were people. The most beautiful people I had ever seen.
I couldn’t quite see properly though. It was like there was something covering my eyes like a thin piece of cloth.
I shook my head trying to dislodge it and screwed my eyes shut again.
What was going on? Who were they? Where was I?
I didn’t want to open my eyes in case the mutants were back but I felt vulnerable with them shut.
My eyes inched open and I gasped when I recognised the person closest to me, the one who had spoken my name.
”Jake?” I asked my voice rasping.
Ouch! My throat was so sore!
”Ness,” Jake sighed with relief sitting down next to me and wrapping his big arms around me tightly. “I’m so glad you’re awake!”
”What happened?” I whispered as Rachel handed me a glass of water. I would have preferred blood but water was better than nothing.
”We we’re hoping you could tell us,” Jacob said pulling out of the hug but keeping a protective arm around me.
I shook my head confused.
The last thing I remembered was… the dream. The one in which I had woken screaming. No wait that’s not the last thing. Running… I was running with the pack and I saw… something… on a rock… I followed the thing on the rock and… a tree… something up the tree… a person. A vampire… what was…? Fiona? No it was an… m? Yeah m. M…. Mo… a… moa? No. Mon… a… Mona! Yeah that was it! But there was someone else… a male. I think… beautiful… S… Steph… en. Stephen. And more… two… a male and a female… humans. Mona and Stephen were planning on drinking from them… and the next thing I remembered after that was waking up here to see a bunch of mutants crowded round me.
”Mutants?” Leah asked offended.
Was I just talking aloud?
”Is that how you think of us?”
”It was weird,” I explained. “When I opened my eyes everyone looked strange, mutated. But after awhile you became… extraordinarily beautiful-“
”Why thank you,” Paul chuckled.
”But,” I continued ignoring Paul, “then you all just went back to normal. Not that you’re not extraordinarily beautiful as it is.”
”That’s weird,” Jake said. “Why do you think that is?”
”Oh come on that’s not important right now,” Rachel said slightly peeved. “What is important is what brought on this whole sleeping beauty thing?”
All eyes were on me.
I shrugged. “I don’t really know… I… well Stephen brought two drunk people back from a party and…” I was replaying the conversation Mona and Stephen had had.
”And what have you here my dear?” Stephen had asked looking at me for the first time.
”A hybrid Stephen,” Mona replied.
”Really? A hybrid?”
”Wow. I always wondered what hybrid blood would taste like.”
”You mean you believed the stories?”
”Of course.”
”Well we shall save her for later,” Stephen had said happily. “A little treat for afterwards. Dessert”
”Very well.”
And then Mona had looked at me and I started feeling light headed and started losing my balance. I collapsed and that’s when I saw Stephen’s face for the first time. Utterly beautiful, like the looks that had come after mutation when I woke up.
”Stephen said that they should save me for later,” I said aloud. “And then Mona looked at me and I fainted.”
”Wow,” Paul joked, “she must have been ugly to make you faint just at the sight of her.”
Rachel elbowed him in the ribs and he gave her a look as if to say, “what did I do?”
”What do you mean she looked at you and you fainted?” Jacob’s father asked.
”I don’t know… the look was really,” I floundered around inside my head for the right word to describe it. “Intense.” I said eventually.
”So you just fainted because the bloodsucker gave you an intense look?” Paul asked disbelievingly.
”That’s what I said,” I answered annoyed.
”Why?” Sue asked.
”I don’t know! I will inform you when I work it out myself!” I snapped.
”Sorry,” Sue muttered. “I just thought you might…”
“No. I’m sorry,” I apologised. “I’m just tired –for some strange reason-and confused… I just need some alone time.”
”Of course,” Emily said smiling at me kindly. She kissed me on the cheek and took Sam’s hand and led him out of the room.
Leah hugged me before leaving and Rachel did the same grabbing Paul on her way out, Billy gave me one of his big smiles and left, Sue close behind.
”I’m glad your okay,” Seth said quietly once they were gone.
”Me too,” I smiled.
”Well… I will go then,” he said.
I grabbed his wrist and pulled him in for a hug.
”It’s not your fault,” I whispered in his ear. I wasn’t that good at reading people but I could tell that Seth was blaming himself for what happened to me, whatever that was.
He just nodded and kissed me lightly on the cheek before turning and walking from the room.
It was just Jacob and I now.
”I’m sorry,” we both said at the same time.
I paused to let him speak but he did the same.
”I-“ we both started to speak again.
He smiled and brushed his fingers across his lips in a zipping motion.
I smiled back and said, “I’m sorry for everything I did. It was stupid and I only just realise that now. I let my feelings take hold of me and didn’t stop to think what would happen afterwards, what the consequences would be. It was stupid and I’d thought I’d lost you for that mistake. Please forgive me.”
”Ness I have nothing to forgive you for. I acted stupid; I didn’t need to be such a jerk about it. Plus I was kind of glad you kissed me.”
He was?
“You were?” I asked confused
”Yes. It made me see things more clearly and help me decide what to do about my girlfriend-“
”It’s okay you don’t have to worry,” I said quickly before he could say something about how I had to know that he had a girlfriend now and that he loved her. Just anything in general that would hurt. “I’ve realised I was stupid and I realise you have a girlfriend and I’m sorry for what I did so that’s why I decided to put my love for you aside, to rein it in-“ he opened his mouth to interrupt but I held my finger over his lips to quiet him-“I know, I know I’m like a sister to you. That’s why I decided your better as a brother for me. I think that’s all you were meant to be and now I am able to accept that.”
He looked shocked and a little hurt. “Are… are you sure?”
NO! I wanted to scream. I love you Jake! I just don’t want to lose you! I wanted to cry and tell him he would always be more than a brother but I knew that would just make it hard again. So I firmly said, “yes.”
MORE!!!!!! Please Hurry . <3
oh my gosh!!!!!!! they belong together!! :PP please hurry with the next chapter, this story is amazing!!!!
NO!! he cant give in like that
That was very good!
Chapter twenty four- sweet revenge and bitter regret

Renesmee POV
I heard the whistle of air as the bomb sailed through the air toward me, I neatly dodged it just as it collided with a tree and showered its contents all over anyone standing too close.
”Jesus Ness stay still so I can hit you,” Paul called out to me.
”Not a chance,” I answered dodging another water bomb that came from Seth.
”Watch it Seth, we’re on the same team remember.”
”Sorry Ness I was aiming for Jake and you can’t really blame me for nearly hitting you when he’s trying to hide behind you.”
I spun round and found Jake standing just behind me. I raised and eyebrow, a smirk coming across my face as he started whistling and trying to look innocent.
I watched as another water bomb flew towards us, I leapt up neatly plucking it from the air and bringing it down on Jake’s head.
”Teach you to try and hide behind me Mr,” I laughed.
”It is soooo hot,” Hayden moaned coming to distract Jake from me.
”I can help with that,” I said grabbing the bucket of water out of Jared’s hands as he walked past.
”Don’t you-“ Hayden began.
I turned the bucket upside down over her head. The water splashed over her pretty little head and ran down her pretty little face.
The look on her face made me feel kind of good in a bad way.
”Better?” I asked sweetly.
”You are so dead!” she hissed.
”Not unless you can catch me,” I sang as I scrambled up a nearby tree, stealing the water pistol Jared had just found to replace his stolen bucket of water, on my way up the tree.
”Jesus Christ Renesmee! Stop stealing my things!” He called after me annoyed.
”Sorry Jared.”
Now I just had to wait.
”Can I borrow that?” I heard Hayden say. “Thanks.”
I heard her grunt as she tried pulling herself up onto the first branch of my tree, I leaned back resting against the trunk of the tree with my legs stretched out along a thick branch. I’d be waiting a while so I might as well get comfy; where I was sitting was at least thirty metres off the ground and Hayden was having trouble getting one metre of the ground.
I needed water bombs.
I quickly jumped from the tree, propelling myself off branches as they flew up towards me. Lucky the tree was thick so Hayden wouldn’t see me evacuating it.
My feet hit the ground and I sprinted over to the tap on the side of the Clearwater’s house where Seth was filling up water bombs. I grabbed the red bucket he was putting them in and ran back up to my branch.
Hayden had made it about ten metres up now and was swearing because she broke her fingernail.
”Aw did poor lil Hay break her fingernail?” I asked in a baby voice.
”Shut up Cullen!”
”I’ll make it easier for you,” I said. “I shall come down two branches.” I jumped down two branches and settled myself back down.
Was it a mistake to give up? Leah had told me that when I woke up from my random sleep Jake had been planning on telling me how he really felt but I’d told him I was going to accept him as a brother before he got a chance. Did that mean that if I had kept my mouth shut I’d have him right now?
”Why thanks,” she said sarcastically. “Much better.”
”No problem, anytime.”
Hayden swore and started shaking her foot about.
”I have a word of advice. Don’t let go of the tree or you will fall,” I told her.
”Na s*** Sherlock,” she hissed.
”Whatever, just trying to give you some helpful tips.”
”Leave me alone,” she muttered.
”I don’t think you really do want me to leave you alone,” I teased.
“Yeah? What makes you think that?”
”Because if you wanted me to leave you alone so badly you wouldn’t have chased me up a tree.”
”Whatever.” She continued climbing in silence.
What did she honestly think she was going to do if she managed to reach me without falling out of the tree and killing herself? She did realise that she had no chance of beating me in our war didn’t she. Well I didn’t even know. Maybe Jake did love her more than he loved me-
I had to stop thinking like this!
I climbed down slowly –water bombs and pistol still in hand- and landed on a branch just as Hayden reached up to pull herself up onto it.
She grunted as she heaved her body up then gave a little squeal of surprise when she saw me. “Jesus!”
”No it’s just me,” I assured her before swinging myself back up a few branches.
Time for some fun.
I grabbed the biggest water bomb I could find out of the bucket and let it drop straight down over the side of my branch.
Hayden didn’t see it until a second before it hit her, breaking on top of her bright red hair. She screamed and leapt backwards to try to avoid getting hit and to make matters worse for her she was now falling.
I tipped the water bomb bucket upside down so all the water and water bombs fell out and rained down on Hayden as she fell then settled back down on the branch and waited for her to hit something and go splat everywhere.
I would like to say I did do that –whoa that’s a really horrible thought! - but I didn’t, instead I leapt down and caught her just before she hit a rather large and hard looking branch.
”I told you what would happen if you let go but did you listen? No. Your just lucky I’m so fast and strong and willing to save your life, which by the way is what I just did.”
”Whatever,” she muttered as I set her on her feet on the ground. She mumbled something else unintelligible and stormed off after everyone else.
”Ungrateful!” I mumbled.
Wow! I just did a good deed by saving the life of the person I hate most in the world.
”You coming Ness?” Jake called. I looked up and my heart skipped a beat when I saw his smile.
I nodded not trusting myself to speak. No boy had ever made me feel this way; made me want to cry just because he smiled at me. No boy had ever broken my heart like Jacob had either.
”What were you two doing?” He asked putting a large brown arm around Hayden and I. I saw Hayden scowl and smiled inwardly. “Looks like you were having a bit of a war,” he said noting how wet Hayden was.
You have no idea, I thought.
”She threw water bombs at me,” Hayden pouted.
”Aw poor Hay,” Jake said in a baby voice. “You got awl wet did you?”
She glared at him and he turned his face away from her smirking.
Jake reached froward to move a branch out of our way as we headed into the forest.
”Let me,” Hayden said happily as she raced forward and held it back as Jake passed she stood still tapping her foot waiting for me to pass and just as I was about to she stepped out of the way and continued walking letting the branch snap back to hit me.
I instantly ducked as the branch sliced through the air where my head had been then sprang back to hit Hayden hard in the back of the head. She let out a cry of pain as the branch launched her through the air to land face first in the dirt.
I shoved my fist in my mouth to keep from laughing as Jake hurried over to her.
”You okay?” Jake asked worried as she groaned and rolled over onto her back.
Hayden opened her eyes –which had been screwed shut- and when she saw the smirk on my face she sat up slowly.
Ugh! Why couldn’t she just go throw herself off a cliff? Make everyone happy.
”I’m fine,” she said trying to be tough and not show the pain she clearly felt.
”Okay,” Jake said straightening up and walking off.
I grinned as I walked past her but I don’t think she saw it because she was looking longingly after Jake.

“Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it’s super me!” Paul yelled as he threw himself off the edge of the cliff.
”More like super freak,” Leah muttered.
”Here here,” I said holding my hand up for high five. She smiled remembering our old ‘thing’.
”I missed having someone there to ‘here here’ about everything I was saying,” she laughed.
”I swear it’s sunnier here than it is in Fairbanks,” I said marvelling at my shiny skin. My skin didn’t full on SPARKLE when I was in the sun like the rest of my family it just had a faint shiny sort of glitter. “I missed the sun,” I added.
”Mmm, it’s nice.”
”Jakey please,” Hayden whined.
”Ugh shut up!” Leah muttered.
”No Hay it’s too dangerous,” Jake said.
Hayden was once again trying to be tough; she wanted to go cliff diving now.
I watched in silence as Jared, Sam and Quil all leapt off the cliff.
”I’m gonna try,” I said.
”What?” Leah asked.
”I’m going cliff diving.” I stood up and pulled the white sun dress that I’d borrowed from Leah over my head so I was standing there in the black and white spotty bikini –also Leah’s.
I couldn’t help but notice how well I filled out in the top. It was sure to impress Jake. And I didn’t want to be vain but I had a hell of a lot better body than Hayden.
Jake neared the edge of the cliff and I smiled down at Leah who winked and mouthed, “you go girl.”
As Jake jumped out into thin air I ran after him grabbing onto him in the second when you jump and it feels like your just hanging in the air before you start falling.
Jake laughed and wrapped his arms around me as we fell.
Just as our feet sliced neatly through the water there was a scream and I looked up just in time to see something red falling towards us.
Stupid idiot! Never listens.
Jake had clearly realised what had happened because he let go of me straight away and kicked for the surface.
I grabbed onto a rock to hold myself in place underwater as the waves crashed above me and I squinted through the bubbles. Hayden’s back smacked into the surface of the water and she started sinking, the waves trying to drag her closer to the rocks, which she’d jumped too close to in the first place.
Her limbs thrashed around madly as she tried desperately to find the surface of the water.
I could see every little detail underwater even the thin stream of blood washing quickly away in the waves as her head bashed against a rock.
I surfaced just as Jake dove under and grabbed Hayden dragging her towards the shore. The rest of the pack had either already jumped in to help or were still falling.
Hayden’s head flopped loosely as Jake carried her up the beach in his arms, the rest of the pack following.
I dove under as Jake turned to look back out over the water. Looking for me.
Was this my fault? I’d wished she would die. Was my wish coming true?
sorry I know it takes me a long time o get chapters out sometimes but you need to understand that I can't get on the computer as often as I'd like. If I had my way I'd have a chapter out atleast every day but life doesn't always go the way you want it. I continue to try my hardest to get chapters out ASAP and I apologise that it takes so long most of the time.
Thankyou all fro continuing to read my story though. It means the world to me.

Thankyou love you all

oh and merry christmas and a happy new year! :)





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