The Other Day I Was Sitting Thinking About The Whole Vampire Venom Thing In Twilight....Now Why Is It That When Bella N Edward Kissed She Didnt Turn Into A Vampire....You KNow With Saliva....Then I Thought Maybe There Isnt Enough Venom In His Saliva To Change Her.

The Next Day Tho It Occurred To Me That Kissing Wouldnt But Surely When They Had Sex (which we all know was unprotected! :P ) Didnt It Turn Her????

My Boyfriend Came Up With The Idea That Maybe The Venom Only Comes Out When He Bites The Way A Snake Does( Unsurprisingly we have snakes so it wasnt a strech for him lol) Well When he Said That I Thought Of Course That Must be It!


I Was Just About To Fall Asleep Lastnight And A Bit Of Breaking Dawn Came To Me....Its Jacobs Part Of The Book he Is Watching Edward Biting Bella In Places Over Her Arms And Wrists And It Says " I realized what he was doing. Where his tongue washed the venom over her skin, it sealed shut. holding the poison and the blood inside her body."

Which Says To Me The Venom Is In All of His Bodily Fluids....What Do You Guys Think??

Normally I Would Just Leave It Along But For Some Reason its Really Gettin To Me Lol Just Wanna Hear Everyones Thoughts :D

Thankz For Reading!

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The venom only works (as starts the changing process) when it gets in the bloodstream. Edward first gives her an injection with his venom and then bites her several times. Also explained in the books is the healing power of the venom. So Edward gets it in her bloodstream by biting her and then licks the wounds so they heal, or seales shut as said in the book.

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