You know the part in breaking Dawn. (The book) when Edward delivers Renesmee and he turns to Jacob and says "take her" or something along the lines of that... Was it Edward that said 'throw her out the window?' Or was that Jacob. Please dont make fun of me I'm honestly confused and would like a truthful and honest answer. :)

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it was Jacob tht told Edward to "throw it out the window"

It was Jacob who said that !!!!!

it was jacob lol itrs ok i had to read that part again when i read it

That's the exact same part I had to re-read haha. No one's making fun.

After I re-read it I kept thinking, it has to be Jacob that says that because Edward wouldn't say such a thing! LOL

Yes Jacob was definatly actin like an ass by sayin tht lol

Hahahah.That's Jacob.

That part was kind of funny. :))

Definitely immature stupid Jacob. By that point Edward's feelings toward "the fetus" had changed after hearing Renesmee's thoughts when she was still in the womb. He had come to love her. Plus it would have hurt Bella & Edward wouldn't have done that.
jacob said that .not edward...edward changed his opinion about the baby since he heard her thoughts about bella that she loves her and dont want to hurt her...

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