there is a website that says that the new moon movie is going to be changes and be different to the book slightly which we all knew was going to happen a the changes involved:

laurent putting up a fight before being killed by the wolf pack (big fight scene)
bella seeing edward instead of hearing his voice

but i never thought that they would cut out the marriage proposal i nearly fainted when i found out coz i thought that would be the best bit coz it wraps up the story

there excuse is that the marriage proposal is only official in eclipse and is just a suggestion in newmoon

what do you think

plz comment and say how you feel when you found out
p.s i am new to this site and dont know how it works so no critisism plzand i added the newmoon wallpaper for you peeps that are obsesed like me lol

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I don't know how much of that is to be believed. His proposal is pretty key to the entire saga. I think they've probably switched it up a bit but it's still there. I guess we'll see on 11/20/09.
I have not heard that before your post but Taylor Lautner says that the movie is stays very close to the book, more than twilight did. this is in and entertainment weekly (i belive) interview.
I think there will be plenty going on in New Moon without the proposal (which i don't class as the proper proposal anyway). It will make a better, more dramatic scene when Edward does it properly - on one knee, with a beautiful ring. It will give us something more to look forward too in Eclipse, and I don't think its vital they have it in New Moon. I don't think any of us are going to be disappointed come Nov 09 !! lets all just look forward to New Moon and not stress/worry over things we have no control over.
The marriage proposal is the main part of eclipse not new moon. And it will be included in that film I would bet. And new moon and rest of sagas are and will be very close to the book as that what Stephanie wants to be.
The proposal has to be in New Moon as it's important to have as it leads into early Eclipse.

The proposal is the condition that Edward gives her after they return after the vote at the Cullens' house.

It also shows he's willing to give her what she wants even if he doesn't want to turn her & end her life.

It shows another depth of how much he loves her.

It's very important to include in this movie and if it's left out or not put in at all, what will this do to Eclipse?

If they are staying more closely to the book like every one of the cast members have been saying, how can they stay close to the book and exclude one of the most important scenes towards the end that leads to Eclipse?

I hope that the rumors are wrong and that we will see the proposal in New Moon.
I can't belive it!!!!!!! I agree that the proposal thing would be the best thing in the movie......
Theyb should just keep everything in the book the same in the movie, It sucks when they change everything and take out the best parts!!!!!!!
I am hoping that they will make it perfect in the Eclipse movie
Nikki said:
Not to Worry, Summit WILL add it in Eclipse, they have to because it is a vital part of Breaking Dawn, so no worries!
i hope the put the proposal in in eclipse, they had better how can we have breaking dawn without a proposal!!!!! i hope they do not ruin the movies by not sticking to the books!!!!
I can't wait to see eclipse now!!

Edward proposal is SOOO romanticc!!
i just read a diffreent thing and it said that the proposale scene is in the movie!!!
ok well i'm getting confused, becuz i read some where that the scene is not cut out from the movie n now i read this. Maybe they are trying to confuse us becuz one minute the scene is in and the next its out. We will just have to stay anxious and excited until Nov 20th. That proposal is a key part of the story its how he got her to calm down n not going running to Carlise to change her. It has to be in the movie. you cant jus bring up in Eclipse like that.
From what I've read the proposal is in the movie. I can't remember where I read it but they were doing an interview with the Director he said that that scene will be there but maybe a lttle bit better...........

Faith said:
i just read a diffreent thing and it said that the proposale scene is in the movie!!!

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