there is a website that says that the new moon movie is going to be changes and be different to the book slightly which we all knew was going to happen a the changes involved:

laurent putting up a fight before being killed by the wolf pack (big fight scene)
bella seeing edward instead of hearing his voice

but i never thought that they would cut out the marriage proposal i nearly fainted when i found out coz i thought that would be the best bit coz it wraps up the story

there excuse is that the marriage proposal is only official in eclipse and is just a suggestion in newmoon

what do you think

plz comment and say how you feel when you found out
p.s i am new to this site and dont know how it works so no critisism plzand i added the newmoon wallpaper for you peeps that are obsesed like me lol

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If anyone should try to make a movie about the Twilight series, they should do it BY THE BOOK. I wouldn't care if it was just a suggestion IT'S PART OF THE BOOK. To get all of the feel of the book is to put the book on screen with all the plots and no editorials. They'd better put the proposal in.
oh my god i absalotly love the proposal part in new moon it would be devastaing to cut it out
No but he's giving Bella his condition for turning her into a vampire - marrying him.

Julianna Zavatti said:
he doesnt ask her to marry him in new moon
The marriage proposal is in Eclipse. In New Moon it is only a condition of immortality. The traditional proposal is in Eclipse.

I'm good with that.

I would rather see that missing than some other part.

Not likely to be a fav response I'm sure.
The proposal has to be in NEW MOON because its the set up for the start of Eclipse when bella is talking to her dad in the start of the book she is thinking abought it so how can thay not put it in.
id loe to see the proposal scene in new moon as its one of my fave scenes but i do think if they just had it in eclipse it would make it a lot more special and thats when its offcial:)

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