Other than Bella, Edward, & Jacob... Who is your favorite character and why??

I'm new to this site and I'm not sure if this has been talked about yet. But I still wanna know lol!

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Mine is Alice, regardless of what she has gone through with not remembering her human life and finding Jasper, she stays positive. She loves her family and always looks after them with her talent and I would love to have a best friend like her. (:
Other than the 3 main characters of this extrordinary story I have to say Alice , I  mean she is soo cool and like a sister that bella never had ,i would love to have a freind/sister like that :)
Allis because she's very honest , carring an loving. Love Jasper also.
Umm I'd have to go with emmet cuz hes hot (but no hotter then Edward ) and cuz he's funny and sarcastic I luv it!!






i love alice , emmett ..i want to have a brother and a sister like them :)
Umm... I would have to say Alice cause she is always calm.... Kinda like me
i like alice, alec and seth :D they are awesome and pretty good looking too! ADORABLE :)
Mine is Jasper not only is he good looking but caring and he adores Alice so is one lucky girl/vampire. He would also be protective .
Besides the main characters.... I would say Alice and Jasper! His quietness and shyness is just all too cute. He's always so reserved! I find him very attractiv heheheheehehe! And  there's no need to explain Alice!  She is so sweet and upbeat and always see's the righter in things ! And how could we forget her seeing the future ?!?!?

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