Other than Bella, Edward, & Jacob... Who is your favorite character and why??

I'm new to this site and I'm not sure if this has been talked about yet. But I still wanna know lol!

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Besides the main characters.... I would say Alice and Jasper! His quietness and shyness is just all too cute. He's always so reserved! I find him very attractiv heheheheehehe! And  there's no need to explain Alice!  She is so sweet and upbeat and always see's the righter in things ! And how could we forget her seeing the future ?!?!?
I would have to say Alice cuz she's like a dream sister or Leah cuz she was always on jacobs side (in breKing dawn) and is always there for seth

Mine would have to be Alice because she would make a great friend/sister or Esme, it would have been nice to see both of them a bit more in the films, I don't like Esme's hair in Eclipse though it looks to dark!!

Rosalie would be nice once yo got to know her, does everyone not really like her because of the way she treats Bella????

Jasper & Emmett are gorgeous, Carlisle would make a great dad, although he does look too young!!

I like Carlisle and alice other than the three main characters.

Besides Alice, Im team Rosalie. I absolutely love how she holds her own. She's gorgeous and may come off as a snob but is really a good person. TEAM ROSALIE! :)
That's a tough one, I actually love all the Cullens because of their unique personailties, I mean, Carlisle would b the best father ever even though he's young(and very attractive may I say), Esme is the most caring mother I've ever seen/read, Emmett is definitely the funniest and the most care free character of all, and that's what makes him appealing(besides his good looks u know xD), Jasper, Jasper is just an amazing brother and husband, he's caring, protective, shy, and handsome:) Alice, well Alice is hard to put in words, all I can say is that if I had a sister that was half as awesome as she is, I would have the perfect life xD. Rosalie, well rosalie isn't my favorite character per se in the first books, she comes out like a snob and very selfish, but she definitely earns my respect in breaking dawn, and who can forget Renesmee, If I had a daughter or niece like her, that would be a dream come true:D
Other than the Cullens, Seth Clearwater, he's so funny and quirky and upbeat, and he likes hanging around vampires so that makes it even better; Kate from the Denali clan is cool too, she decides not only to attend Bella and Edward's wedding in the beginning of BD wither family, but also decides to help Bella master her power. Zafrina is cool too, not only because she helps Bella with her power but also develops a bond with Nessie that's sweet. Carmen, Carmen's cool too. And Benjamin, he made me not only laugh but smile with his independent mind.
So there u go:D

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