Part 2 of my whole 5th Twilight book so far. If you've read some of it in other forums, here is even more. Read and comment please!

Here is the second part of my 5th Twilight book. If you haven't read the first part, then make sure that you read that part first. There will be a link at the end of my book that is to the first part. One more thing. I need a name for my book, and I've been throwing some ideas around in my head, and I've decided that I really would like naming it Sudden Thunder. What do you guys think? Tell me if you like it, and if you don't, then another name that would be a good name for it. Thank you guys! Here's my book:

After what felt like a few minutes of tracing the design repeatedly, I realized that Charlie would be here soon, and I still hadn’t gotten all of the answers from Alice. And I really needed the answers.
“Bella, do you know what happened to you now?” Alice asked me.
“Something… punctured my skin… and…” I was still too dazed to answer intelligently.
“Yes. Good. Now, Bella, think about what we are. Vampire skin is impenetrable. Nothing could’ve hurt you, except for that one exception which-”
“Werewolf teeth.”
I choked out the words.
“It was… Sam?” I questioned. I thought back to what Alice said about Sam getting “defensive”.
Alice nodded. “He lost control. He saw you on Leah and reacted to that quickly. It all happened in seconds.”
I was closing my fists so tightly that they were even paler than the rest of my body.
“Where’s Jacob?” I asked Alice through clenched teeth.
She was trying to calm me. “Bella, relax. It wasn’t Jacob’s fault. You have to remember, he did warn you not to go down there.”
I couldn’t listen to reason now. I swung my legs over the side of the bed, not caring if I could walk without falling or not yet. As I stood, I realized that I had regained my full strength again, and that walking wouldn’t be a problem. I quickly walked out the door and continued down the stairs until I reached the living room.
I heard the soft patter of Alice’s footsteps behind me. But that didn’t slow me down. I walked right past Edward and Emmett, trying to get to the door before one of them stopped me.
Edward stopped moving the couch and stared at me, mystified.
I was almost to the door when he saw Alice walking down the stairs trying to stop me.
“Alice, where’s she going?” Edward asked her frantically.
“She’s going to find Jacob.” She told him in a rush.
I finally reached the door. I threw it open, walking angrily toward Jacob’s house.
But Edward was too fast for me.
He quickly stepped in front of me, holding my shoulders back with his cold hands. When he touched the bite mark on my right shoulder, it felt like my whole body froze for one second and then melted in the sun. But as soon as he dropped his hand from that shoulder, that feeling went away, and the spot where he touched tingled the tiniest bit.
Edward’s expression looked tired and worried. He must have known that Alice told me what happened.
I hadn’t noticed before now, but his eyes were pitch black. I had completely forgotten about hunting with everything else going on. My eyes must have looked the same.
“Bella, you have to listen to me. Jacob is just as capable of… hurting you as Sam is. I can’t let them do that to you again.” Edward told me. Even after I became a vampire, he was still just as protective of me.
I couldn’t fight with him. I loved him too much. But I couldn’t just let Jacob get away with this.
I bit my lip. How could I explain all of this to Edward?
“I’ll be careful. But I have to talk to Jacob about this. Maybe Sam isn’t as controlled and trustworthy as he appears to be.” I told Edward.
He was trying to calm me again. “I’m sure Jacob knows that. And as much as I despise him, I have to admit that he truly does care about you.”
“If he cares about me so much then why didn’t he go after me? He knew what could’ve happened – and it did – but he didn’t do anything about it. He would’ve put aside whatever else he was doing to stop me.”
Edward was silent. He didn’t have an answer.
“That’s what I need to talk to him about.” I said in a stern voice, turning away.
“Bella, I’m not going to try to stop you.” Edward said, coming up behind me and walking next to me. “But I am coming with you.”
I decided to let that be enough. With Edward right beside me, we walked toward a certain werewolf’s house that had some explaining to do.

Link to the first part:

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i totally agree with Alice Cullen.. awesome job!
Omg so awesome!!!!!!
I love your story!
For some reason I thought the strory was headed in a different direction, like maybe in some weird magical way Bella was turned back into a human by the bite mark? No, It is so what i exspected.
I must confess, not with enthusiasm as the other readers have but still with honesty .. i enjoyed it.. was a great read and can tell you put much thought into it.. but at the very end there (which obviously i can tell is not the end) .. it started to lose flavour... Edward doesn't stop her? she's just been attacked by the werewolves and he.. doesn't stop her? lets consider this from what we know in the first 4 books... umm... yea.. he'd stop her and rip their heads off himself ;)

other then that.. fabulous read i enjoyed it and look forward to the rest!
Great Job

Now you jus have to write the rest lol xx
Wow :O
Please write more soon
and keep me updated. :D x
this is really good keep it up
the name fits really good
brillant! let me wen u doing it again. thanks! oh btw keep up the gud work!
omygoodNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He did NOT. What happend? And whats bella going to do to Jacob? OMYGOD YOU ABSOLUTLY MUST KEEP WRITING I NEED MORE ITS THAT GOOD
your story is amazing though as seekingbecca said i thought that Bella would turned back as human again by the bite :P lol my imagination is flowing xD
oh! i forgot to say that i like the name 'Sudden Thunter' :))
OME!! Your amazing just kep wroting and maybe it could get published. And I also agree with a Alice Cullen and Joy.

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