Part 2:My 5th book I hope u like it comment suggest's and tell me if I should write more. Thanks for reading :) Should I keep writing???

Full Moon
I thought after the Volturi left, it would get all better, but could I be wrong? Could it get wrose?
After 5 years of truce can it come to a war? But why? How did this happen? I thought everyone was happy!
I guess I can't trust my thoughts any more! In other words THIS SUCKS!!! And I can't fight with them, but
could I fight against them?

Chapter 1
The past 5 years

Wow 5 years and I didn't kell anyone! I can push my shild away from me with little effort. My family is
together will not just not the Cullens and Charlie, but the wolf pack, Clearwaters, and Jacob. And most
of all, the reason why we are all together, was my beautiful Reneesme. She looked like a 15 year old, but
is smarter then most teachers! We were going to start high school soon. This is the first time for her in
public school; Edward and I have been home schooling her.
But first we have to move from Froks,WA.. It's sad
because I'm going to miss Charlie and Nessie, yes everyone calls her that now, has grown close to him. And Jacob!
We, the Cullens even Nessie too, are wanting him to stay for he can protect La Push and Billy. He doesn't want
to leave Nessie, I understand, but he can visit we would even pay the plane tickets. We will figure out that
soon! But Nessie will she be okay going to public school? Even with use there?
Well the good thing is I have been
writing! The first time I saw Edward, the first kiss, the second kiss (yes when I fainted), my top ten nights
mostly. And to get out anger I opened my 'Jacob drawer' and just to my journal! I'm not letting anyone read it!
I talked about my whole wedding night well what I remember from those dim memories.
Even when Jacob got mad about
having a 'real' hunnymoon, but if I didn't he would have never have imprinted! I wrote about how he wanted me to have
his kids with out pain and Edward is the one with the idea, but once Edward heard Nessie's thoughts it was hard not
to love her back! I wrote how Nessie's face looked with my human and vampaire eyes. And I wrote how close everyones

Chapter 2

My little cottage furnisher is under white sheets and we had a few boxes mostly clothes and my books. A few of Nessie's
things also.
I was looking outside my window feeling a tearless cry wanting to come. I sat every still, something I got from
Edward, witch means there was something on my mind. I head two people come in, but to lost in my thoughts to know
who. Then I felt Edward and Nessie hug me then Edward said. "Sweetie, go get your bags and go to the main house please."
"Yes, Dad." She replied. I had to smile alittle I loved when she calls him 'Dad'. Then he kissed her forhead. Once
she was out of the house and hearing distance Edward spoke.
"Do you want me to cheer you up?" He asked and I knew what he was going to do. Before I could answer he was kissing me
the way I love. I felt better then someone cleared her throat like something like 'haha I caught you' I looked up if
it was posable my cheeks would have been on fire.
"I thought I asked you to go to the main house?" Edward asked I could hear alittle of embarrassment in his voice.
"I came to see if you guys were coming because they're ready to leave, but don't worry you guys were in a middle of
something. I will tell them, no rushing." You can hear the sarcasam. I just rolled my eyes and got up with a few
boxes then headed to the door with Edward on my heels, but I didn't hear the thired pare of feet behind me. So
I stoped turned to Edward and then said "Nessie?"
He looked back then struged "I will go get her stay here please." I said with a qrick peck on his cheek and I ran to
the cottage. When I got there Nessie's back was to me holding something small kind of thing that looked kinda like my
journal, but I packed it already, I think.
She put that thing in her backpack/carry on. YAY! We are fling first class (this would be my second time, but
Nessie's first).We are moving to a place near Crescent City, California. It has sun but mostly cold and sunless. Kind
of like another Froks.
"Are you ready sweetie? Or do you want US to go tell the family not to rush you?" I said while she laughed.
"Let's go!" She sounded happy. "Is Jack coming with us today?" Halfhopeful and it sounded like half not wanting him to.
"Yes," I replied "why ask?"
"Well," she started "Umm... Well I want him too, I really do, but what if he doesn't wanna come back here? To Froks?"
"I don't know. We'll see" Because I also belived he wouldn't leave.

Chapter 3
First Class

We were on the plane. Rose and Em in front of me and Edward. Carlisle and Esme were behind us with Alice and Jaz across
from us with Nessie and Jake behind them.
Nessie had her head bent over, but I couldn't really tell 'cause Jake and his big body was in the way. What was she doing?
Reading? Reading what?
I was about to ask Edward so I turned my body to look at him, but he was playing with my hair with a thoughtful look on his
face. He was deep in thought! And it looked like he was thinking of me. If I could I would have blushed. Once he cought my
eye he did his heart-breaking crocked smile that I loved!
7 years together, human and non-human, and I was still madly in love with him and he was madly in love me. And he was mine;
every's girl dream.
I wanted to kiss him but more then a peck! If I kiss him people will start to stare even my daughter! So I had to wait just

an hour or so right?
A male attended started coming around to see if we would like drinks and ect.. He go to Rose his eyes grew big! Edward
laughed low only my family would be able to hear. All my family had a smile on their face. Then Nessie looked at me
alittle confused then she smiled a beautiful smile! She went back to that book? I hate not noing thigs. Finaly the man was

about to ask if they would like something I saw
Emmett going in for a kiss. The guy moved away from them and headed to my set.
Edward pulled me closer on him. Ugh I wish he wouldn't because I want to kiss him more now. He put his left hand on mine

tangled our hands together just inches away from my neck.
The man reached us by then. This eyes grew again not as wide when he looked at Rose but his eyes grew. I was happy someone
looking at me like that after he just looked at Rose.
"Would you-" he asked
"No, thank you" Edward said before the man can even finish.
I looked at Edward "Edward, just let him ask," I turned back to the man "Now what where you going to ask?" Trying to 'dazzle'

him like Edward did to me so many times. I just wanted to try and see his face.
I must have done a good job. Emmett laughed when the man missed a couple of heart beats.
"Um,er," was all he can say, so I just told him "No, thank you."
He walked away silent. Edward looked at me then said "And I dazzle people?" he laughed
Emmett and Rose turned to us "My lil sis has skells" Emmett laughed with Edward.
Rosalie winked and smiled at me.
He turned to Alice, but she was on Jaspers lap giggling and whispering in his ear (stuff like 'I love you' ect.) and Jasper

was smiling big. I guess the man just gave up and left.
A few minutes later a lady came around asking if anyone wanted a pillow. It was night? I thought we were just going to

California? Well I don't care look who's arms I'm in!
The woman saw Emmett and her jaw almost him the floor. "Uh, um, er, would you like a pillow?"
"No, thank you," Emmett said then she taped his shoulder. He knew what she wanted, he opened his arm for she can lay on him.
"I'm very comfy here." He said with a smile. She looked at Rose and sighed in envy.
"No, thank you."Rose said with a cold, hard voice.
She turned to Jasper shocked. Alice shaked her head to her.
Then she headed to Edward and me. She saw him. Her eyes popping and her jaw fell to the floor, not almost, but on the floor.
Edward smiled maybe because he saw my face for of hate.
"Would you, um-. would you like a..." She couldn't even finish a sentence.
"A pillow?" I asked wanted her to at least finshed a sentence.
"Yes, a pillow, would you like one?" She finally said.
"I wouldn't like one," I said looking at Edwards face upside down "but," I said then kissed his chin "would you, Babe?"
Edward smiled even wider. "No, thank you." He said then kissed me. I saw her look alittle disapointed.
"Babe?" He asked after she left "That's a new one!"
"She thinks fast! Good one Bella!" Esme said from behind me.
I turned and smiled at my mother-in-law.
"Nessie," I called. She looked up as if she was cought, alittle scared and shocked.
"Are you okay?" I asked. This is her frist flight I wanted to be sure. She sighed in...relief?
"Yes." She answered. Then mouthed "I love you, Mom!"
And I couldn't help, but smile.
About an hour later the pilet said we were landing and it was "Sunny, SUnny, Sunny!" The man said happily.
About all my family sighed even Nessie because she got more sparkely every day. She's not as much as the rest of us but you

can tell.
I grab my carry on bag filled with 9 sweaters. And Alice had the glasses and gloves for the girls. The guys just have to keep

their hands hidden.
I passed the sweaters around every one sighed when I gave it to them. Before I got to Nessie she put that thing she was

reading in her bag. Who knows whats she's reading?
"Mom do I have to put this on?" She asked when I gave her the sweater.
Nodded my head and mouthed "sorry".
Walking off the plane alot of people stoped and looked at us. Some were sad that all of us was taken.

Chapter 4
New home.

We rented SUV seating 8 people. All the 'kids' were in. Emmett drove with Rose next to him. Nessie, Edward and me sat in the

next row of sets. With Alice, Jasper and Jacob in the back. Carilse and Esme rented a smaller 2 seater for them.
There was a lot of talks going on. Me and Edward were silent, just holding hands. I was in the middle so I was next to Nessie

and Edward.
It looked like Nessie was trying to short things out in her mind, but I didn't ask. If she needed my help she would have

When we got to the house it was a three story like the old house but much longer! This house had fewer windows, but still as

Everyone started getting out their stuff from the truck and went in to the house.
WOW! This is beautiful!
"Mom? We're going to stay here?" Hope was in Nessie's voice.
"Yup." I replied.
"And there's a dog house out back!" Rose said. "Our pet will love that!"
Jacob rolled his eyes then said "Then were's your bat cave Blonde?"
"Shut up!" Nessie said before Rose could even say anything. That was a first, she used to all ways play along. Now she doesn't

even want to get close to him. Why was that? I will talk to her later.
"Nessie do you want to follow us? Your room is right next to ours." Edward said, with a smile, what she was thinking he was

getting a kick out of it.
"Sure, Dad." she said.
We walked up stairs past a few rooms till we were at the second to the last room.
"This is my room!" her eyes wide with hope. "Oh my gosh! This is awesome! Thanks Dad! Thanks Mom!" She huged us then ran

inside her room. Her room was every '15-year-old' girl would love. There was a wall of books, music and movies, a king size

bed with a net, a touch screen laptop (like at the other house) on the bed, a desk for homework, a large flat sceen tv and a

small couch. ALOT of pink!
"Though that door is your closet." Edward said.
"And what about this door?" Nessie asked.
"Take a look!" Edward said just as exiced
"Ahhh!!!" Nessie yelled, I was by her in that same moment.
It was a bathroom, Nessie still has human needs, there was a big tub and a shower, a long counter with a pink chair, kind of

like Alice's at the old house.
"Mom can I do your hair?" She asked happy now.
"In a little while." I promised. Happy this is just what she wanted.
"Would you like me to help you unpack?" I asked
"No. I will." Jacob said before Nessie answered
Edward put his arm around me and said "Lets go see our room."
He pulled me to the next room. When we walked in I was stund!
The bed was big! With two side tables. On the right side there was a desk. There was all tipes of books on the other side.
"For your writing!" He said pointing to the desk
"Let me guess," I said then I turned and pointed to the double doors. "Thats the closet?"
He smiled wide. "No. That is" he said pointing to another set of double doors. I didn't see thoughs at first. Then whats

behind the other doors?
"Then whats?" I asked, he told me to fallow him.
He put his hand on the door then asked "Are you ready?"
I felt kind of scared, but I just nodded.
He opened the door. The walls were glass, there was a grand piano in the middle, and one of the walls was full of music.

There was a glass door to heading out to a forest; it was so colorful.
"Wow" was all I could say.
"Lets unpack your books and I will play you a song."
We walked back to the main part to the room when we heard "Stop!" Nessie yelled. Me and Edward ran to her room. We got there

at the same time Rose got there and the rest of the family was coming.
Nessie ran to us and hind behind me and Edward. "What happen?!" I asked getting mad.
"I don't know I was going to kiss her-" He said
"What!" I was getting mad. He was going to kiss her?!
"On the cheek! To say bye; I was going to see the forest, but then she freaked!" Jacob said.
"You shouldn't kiss her if she doesn't ask you to! Just leave!" I was upset now.
Jacob left with out saying anything else I guess not wanting a fight.

Chapter 5

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NOOOOOOOO!!!!! You need to wright more!!!!!!!!!!!!!
More more plsss!

Kathy said:
NOOOOOOOO!!!!! You need to wright more!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Write more!!!!
omg! this is awesome!!!! write more! pleeeeaaassse :D
Please write more that was fantastic!
this amazingly good writing!!! but it kinda sucks because i started my book and one of the first things that happens is Ness reveals that Jacob kissed her. i really like this though and i want to know what ness was reading. plz write more.
when will more be posted??!!
plz write more =3
I Lyk It Is Gud But BORING!!!!
JOKES i LUV it Keep writing ur doin gud :) <3
you cant just do that write more PRONTO im hanging off a cliff here!
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