The whole week at school Jake was falling asleep. I was constantly having to wake him up. At lunch he ate almost the whole cafeteria because he was burning it all off a night. He had gone to the office two times already for going to sleep and if he went a third time he would be suspended for a month. I was determined to keep him awake until the end of school. We had five minutes left in American history and it looked like Jake could drop dead any second. His hand was the only thing that was holding his head up and it was starting to fall. his eyes were also sliding close. While Mr. Smith had his back to the class I reached across the isle and hit him in the back of the head. He jerked his head up and started coping down the notes he had missed. The bell rang and we both relaxed. We went t our lockers then walked out to my car. I had been taking Jake to and from school since he had started hunting the vampire. I was to worried that he would fall asleep while driving. It also gave him some extra time to sleep. When both got in my car he reached over and squeezed my hand. “ Haley what would I do with out you?” he kissed my hand. “ I don’t know but you would probably already be expelled.” he chuckled then I started the car and he fell strait to sleep.
We pulled up to his house and I woke him up. “ were here.” I said. “ hey do you mind if I come here tomorrow you can sleep if you want I could hang out with Leah.” “ ya sure I don’t care but I wont be sleeping. Sam is making us get up at six and start tracking and we wont be back till late.” ugh I wasn’t Sam’s biggest fan right now. I knew he wanted the best for the boys and La Push, but they needed their sleep. I knew all the others were tired to. I kissed Jake goodbye than drove back to my house. I was thinking about what has been going on this week. The only good thing that happened was that my ankle healed and I didn’t have to use my crutches any more. If Jake kept this up then something was going to happen to him and I cant have that happen.
The next morning I took a quick shower, grabbed a banana then drove over to Leah’s. “ Hey Leah.” I said when she met outside. “Hey Haley what’s up?” “ o I just couldn’t stay in the house today.” I told her. “ same here. If you didn’t come then I would have gone insane.” she led me into the house where she and Seth were watching TV. “Hey why aren’t yall tracking with them?” I asked. “ they are afraid that we will get hurt. They said that because we haven’t been wolves for that long then we wont know how to track. Blah blah blah.” Seth said looking annoyed. Leah and I walked out to the beach and talked for a while. “ so are they all as tired as Jake is?” I asked when there was a silence. Leah nodded her head. “ ya some of them have been kicked out of school because they are sleeping so much. And some just aren’t going to school because they need to sleep.” I sighed and we sat there in silence. “Leah!” we heard someone call. Leah jumped up and started walking that way. “ its my mom. Ill be right back.” she said then started running back to her house. I sat on the log we were sitting on and stared off into the ocean. Then something to the left caught my eye. I looked over to the cliffs that weren’t that far away from me and gasped. It was Jake in wolf form and he was fighting the vampire.
He was losing terribly and the vampire was pushing to the edge of the cliff. Jake fell off and tumbled to the ledge below him. “ Jake!” I screamed. I stared running to the cliff. He wasn’t moving, usually he would get back up and fight. Jake was strong, but now he laid there still. Lifeless. I ran into the woods and onto the road and followed he path up to the cliff that Jake was on.
When I got there he was much worse. His whole body has cut up and I thought that his arm was broken. Tears poured down my eyes. “ Jake can you hear me? Jake speak to me. Please.” I was shaking now. Where was everybody else? Why weren’t they helping him? “ some one help me!” I screamed but nothing came. There was only the crashing of the waves and the sound of me crying.

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omg my god. NOOOOOO!
jake! he better survive!
cant wait for the next one :)


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